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Why “Ask, Believe, Receive” is WRONG!!

So you’ve “tried” this law of attraction malarkey and nothing happened, right? All a loada bollocks innit? But what if you were doing it wrong? I’ve come across many people who seem to do all the right things. They visualise, they have vision boards, they say that they believe it will happen…..”but where is my shit?” Here’s the problem: “Ask , Believe, Receive” is the wrong way to go about it! This is the most common phrase I see related to the law of attraction. It’s handy, short, catchy – hell, it even rhymes for your convenience! But taken at face value, it’s WRONG. And as most people tend to skim the fine print and don’t read the full details they end up thinking all they have to do is ask for something, believe it will come and then wait to receive it. It’s time for some truths folks!



Remember: the LOA is a law of magnetism. It’s a law of reaping what you sow. It’s about vibrations and frequencies. But most of all, it’s about emotions. You have to put out the emotion that relates to the thing that you want. You do that through thinking, imagination, visualisation. Words, affirmations, can help create that emotion too. But if you don’t have the emotion to back up the pictures and words, it will not work.

This is why prayer DOES NOT WORK. People who pray for what they want are usually doing it out of desperation. They are asking for something. And whenever you ask for something, it comes from a place of lack. You want or need something – badly, now, quickly, HELP ME!

That creates a negative emotion and negative emotions create low vibrations on a low frequency and that low frequency (you guessed it!) ATTRACTS the same, low frequency.

So the trick is not to ask for something at all. How do you get what you want if you aren’t asking for what you want, Tim? Well, visualisation is such a good tool for manifesting because it helps you more easily create the emotion behind HAVING what you want. Why? Because you see yourself ALREADY having what you want. When you pray or just ask, you come from a place of lack. When you visualise, you come from a place of abundance – you already have it. Why is this important? Because the universe responds to emotions and gives you more of the emotion you focus on. The strongest emotions come from your heart. That’s a scientific fact by the way! The heart produces electro-magnetic waves, caused by our feelings and emotions. These waves are what create our future. So the more you use your heart (think about things that bring you joy), the more you speak the language of the universe and the more it will return what you desire.



Believing is OK but people often make the mistake of believing they will GET what they want – at some point in the future. This again, implies lack. You don’t have what you want yet. You must believe that you ALREADY HAVE what you want. Now this is hard because when reality shows that you’re still stuck in the same crappy job, in the same awful relationship in the same shitty town, with the same massive debt, it’s hard to believe anything otherwise. You can probably stretch to believing you WILL get what you want, but to believe you HAVE it NOW? Impossible, right? Well no.

The key is to fake it till you make it! Any time you have  a free moment, you have to start day dreaming. Any time you are stuck in traffic, a queue, a waiting room – FAKE IT! When you are in the gym or on the train – FAKE IT! When you are in the shower or cooking dinner – FAKE IT!

Act as though you already have what you want. Talk through conversations with the people who will be in your new life. Pretend you are in the house, city, country you desire. Use your imagination to create the situations and then FEEL the emotion of how good it will be be. Have fun with it! But always make it happening NOW. Present tense. No lack.


Well look, nobody is getting anything if they just sit on their fat arse and wait around doing nothing. The fact is that most people get too impatient and that my friends, is negative vibes, and negative vibes will bring back negative vibes! The key with receiving is not to wait around and to have faith. Get on with life. Forget about it. But most people don’t. They end up blocking reception of their desire as lack, once again, becomes the focus.

Receive should be replaced by ACTION, in my opinion – as long as that action is pushing you towards the joyful feeling of already having what you want. Start becoming the person you want to be – NOW. Live and act and think the way you would do if you had that life you desire NOW.

Sure, you can just wait around and see what happens but as most people who are still learning about the LOA don’t have the patience for that and will inevitably start worrying about whether they have done it right, surely it’s better to start working towards the reality you want? But not from a place of desperation. Do it because you are excited. Enjoy the process. If it’s coming from the heart, you should feel joy. Live in the present moment, don’t hate the now whilst you do what needs to be done to get you away from it. That’s a place of lack.

So what should we replace “Ask, Believe, Receive” with? I haven’t come up with anything catchy! Fake it till you make it, is probably the most appropriate catchphrase! But remember, it’s all about the HEART. You need to feel positive emotions from your heart, as much as possible. Whatever it takes to do that, you need to be doing it. The technique doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you feel it as a strong emotion, not just as a thought from your mind. The best way to do this is to act as though you already have what you want. Your mind, body and the universe will respond positively to that. But don’t ask! Instead, take ACTION.



  1. monica banjo says:

    hey Timmy, terrific blog and so totally correct. I think The Secret makes it sound too easy and like you can get anything just by wishing for it and that’s it. But you have to FEEL it in your heart. Love your blog by the way 🙂


  2. Monnie! Thank you for taking the time to comment and appreciate the kind words 🙂 I do think The Secret does explain you have to take action as well as ask for what you want but definitely there is not much emphasis on the action part.

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