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What They Don’t Tell You in “The Secret” (The Secret You Need to Know!)


I’ve done A LOT of Law of Attraction (LOA) research over the past 2 years. I’ve devoted hundreds of hours to this topic, in my quest to fully understand and use it to improve my life.

What I’ve noticed is that people over-complicate it – especially when it comes to the book The Secret.

This is something we humans are wired to do anyway. It’s why we constantly look for patterns when patterns aren’t there. It’s why we analyse things in excruciating detail and dissect them to find answers. Most of the time however, in my opinion, the answer is simple and staring us in the face already!

I think it’s because we get suspicious when something seems too easy.

We think life is tough, that we have to work our butt off to get the good things, so we are conditioned to view anything that gives us what we want easily, with suspicion. Instead, we try to disprove it, look for holes in the theory, find alternative ways which make more sense to us.

This is why you will see people all over the internet giving out “tips” on how to manifest properly or big headlines shouting:

“What they didn’t tell you in The Secret!“.

Here’s the real secret…………..

There is NOTHING they didn’t tell you in the secret!! I know because I’ve read the book and watched the movie twice, and everything you need to manifest whatever you want, is already there!

There is nothing more you need to know.

There is no amazing short cut, no fool-proof strategy, no special tip or tactic that will magically make everything suddenly manifest for you with ease


Here’s one example of what I’m talking about.

Now, I love Aaron Doughty. His YouTube channel is  a massive success, one of the biggest out there in terms of LOA chat. Buuuuutttt……..I do think he overcomplicates things sometimes.

He has got into this thing called Reality Transurfing. You’ll hear him explaining this a lot in more recent videos but if you take the time to listen, you’ll see that actually, he’s not saying anything that hasn’t been talked about within LOA for ages – including The Secret.

It just explains the same old LOA teachings we already know, in what I would consider, a needlessly overcomplicated formula.

Check out this video where he talks about 3 Transurfing concepts. I can sum up this 15 min video in one sentence: do what you love and if you don’t have what you want yet, act as if you already have it, don’t wish for it from a place of lack!

There’s absolutely nothing there that isn’t in The Secret!

This is basic LOA stuff, although many still don’t get it and continue to do the opposite. Not at all saying Aaron’s view isn’t useful (for some people, this will set off a lightbulb that maybe The Secret didn’t) but my point is that this is not groundbreaking, new or some kind of special power up for manifesting.

But people don’t LISTEN properly!

Two people can read or watch the same passage and come away with entirely different viewpoints. This happens with The Secret more than almost anything I can think of (apart from perhaps, politics, which is extremely divisive!).

That is partly because The Secret, in my opinion, doesn’t do a great job of fleshing out some of the more important aspects (such as limiting beliefs which prevent manifestation) and the film I think is a bit too “cartoony”. But I watched it and had no problem understanding the basic message or implementing it.

I recommend watching The Abundance Factor, a movie by a young dude called Riley Dane. Made 10 years after The Secret, it’s a bit more like a documentary and omits the cheesy music and special effects and horrible cartoony acted sequences. You’ll see people like T Harv Ecker and Alexi Panos (who for me, are a bit more accessible than your Abraham Hicks and some of the more “unusual” characters in The Secret) and especially for someone like me who comes from a non spiritual background, they make it a better watch.

What I always aim to do is to keep things simple. If something can’t be explained in a  couple of sentences, without jargon, then it’s useless.


So here is my attempt to explain The Law of Attraction and how to use it:

The Law of Attraction is a spiritual law which states that we create our external reality through our internal thoughts. Like attracts like – so if our dominant thoughts are positive, they will attract more positive things, people and circumstances into our life. But if we spend our days mostly involved in negative thoughts, we will attract more negativity.

Everything in our reality is made of energy (a fact proven by Quantum Physics over 100 years ago). Energy is constantly vibrating at different frequencies. Our thoughts and emotions are also energy and also have a frequency. In order to attract what we want, we need to be vibrating on that same frequency as much as possible.

That means we need to have positive thoughts, which create positive EMOTIONS, which create positive frequencies, which attract more positive things.

In order to have positive emotions, the best thing we can do is to do things we love and bring us joy. This can be ANYTHING! Our only goal should be to do what makes us happy, as this will keep our vibration and frequency high and positive.

This will attract positive people and circumstances into our lives. Those positive people and circumstances will bring opportunities with them. Your job is to then be aware of those opportunities when they arise and take a risk – grab them! The more good opportunities you take, the more good things will come into your life.

That’s it!


If you are having a bad time in life and struggle to feel any joy, you need to FAKE IT.

That’s where affirmations, visualisation and meditation come into play. Do whatever it takes to conjure the FEELING of joy, so it replaces those negative vibes.

The best way to fake it is to act as if you ALREADY HAVE what you want. The law of attraction brings you MORE of what you have, think, feel and do. So if you act as if you already have what you want………

Remember: your only job is to FEEL good. It’s the EMOTION behind the words and thoughts that counts, not the words or thoughts themselves. If you affirm or pray or ask from a place of desperation or frustration, that is a NEGATIVE vibe which will attract negative things.

Emotion comes from the heart, not the head, so always try to manifest through your heart. Your heart always wants what will make you happy. The head is dominated by the ego, so often what you THINK you want, is not what you REALLY want, deep in your heart.

That’s the longer interpretation.


To keep it REALLY simple, I just say this:

Act as if you already have what you want and do this as often as possible. Become the person you want to be NOW.

If you just do this one thing, it is all you need to think about.

It takes care of everything:

It will put you in a high vibration

It will make you feel positive

It will keep negative emotion at bay

It will attract the same high frequencies to you

If this doesn’t work for you, then there are two main reasons:

You aren’t creating the positive emotions behind the actions/words

You aren’t in this vibration for long enough the rest of the day (i.e. you are negative the rest of the time)

This means you will need to do more work! Because it probably means you have limiting beliefs that are controlling your subconscious thoughts and behaviours. I believe this is why most people fail with the law of attraction.

It took me a good year or so of constant work to rid myself of certain limiting beliefs. But some of them dropped away almost INSTANTLY, once I realised I had them and was aware of the damage they were doing. You can’t put a time limit on it. You just have to get to work!

How to get rid of limiting beliefs?

Well that’s gonna need a whole other post, and one I will provide soon. For now though, just don’t fall for all these tips and tactics and negativity around The Secret. Love it or loathe it, it has the basics right.

Don’t over-complicate things!!

Then you’ll have the secret that most people don’t have.


  1. Palminder says:

    Hey Tim, I agree, there are no special added secrets or new techniques for manifesting: just get in alignment with who you are, ask, believe then let it go and you will receive. I like the secret and have followed it for years and it has never failed me.

  2. Hi Palminder, exactly! That said, it took me about a year of research to come to the conclusion that the LOA is actually dead simple! So I’m as guilty as anyone else for looking for special shortcuts and new-fangled techniques.
    Thank you for commenting 🙂

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