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the triple phoenix method





The Phoenix Lightworker Programme is a 6 month self love journey where you rise from the flames to become the lightworker you came to Earth to be.

It is 1 to 1 intensive coaching where you will step into your divine masculine and feminine to manifest a thriving soul-business.

Each module in the programme represents a step of my Triple Phoenix Method….

  1. Becoming Unfuckwithable
  2. Turbo-Charging Your Manifesting
  3. 3D Healing
  4. 5D Healing

Before we try to manifest anything major like a business, you need to set up a solid foundation so you’re grounded, balanced and unfuckwithable – making you a clearer channel for the Law of Attraction & turbo-charging your manifesting!

  • Clear your environment of all negative energies using easy to implement strategies
  • Set healthy practices which don’t require you to become some “perfect,” spiritual master
  • Remove blocks with simple techniques that don’t require you to become an enlightened guru
  • Use special therapies that can release lifelong blocks extremely quickly and effectively
SOAR LIKE A PHOENIX (Manifestation)
  1. Discovering Your Life Purpose
  2. Becoming Soul-Aligned
  3. Becoming a Master Manifester
  4. Taking Inspired Action

We dive more into the wonderful 5D world of creating reality using universal energy. No more struggling with bullshit Law of Attraction techniques and myths. As you rediscover who you really are, what you really want, and how to get it (no more procrastination or overwhelm!), you will become soul-aligned – and really soar like a phoenix!!

  • Discover your authentic self, soul purpose and soul-business using simple, quick steps
  • Build a big vision for your life in ALL areas and fully step into your divine masculine/feminine power!
  • Make the Law of Attraction a lifestyle so you energetically become the person who already has that thriving soul-business – become a master manifester!
  • Learn how to take inspired action, the crucial, often overlooked final stage of manifestation; crush imposter syndrome, indecision & limiting beliefs and discover your divine masculine/feminine
  1. Building Your Lightworker Brand & Tribe
  2. Creating Your Lightworker Offer
  3. Promoting Your Lightworker Business
  4. Becoming Financially Free

It’s not enough to just do the 5D Law of Attraction stuff. We have to take ACTION in the 3D – which means rolling up our sleeves and planting our feet firmly on planet Earth! But you can do this without having a personality transplant to become some sleazy marketer, annoying entrepreneur or “love n light,” fake-spiritual – you’ll be an authentic, divine feminine/masculine soulpreneur!

  • Build your new soul-business in a simple, non-salesy, ethical manner, even if you’re an introvert
  • Create your first income stream without fancy qualifications, tons of cash or business experience
  • Use social media to build confidence and attract your tribe, without burning out constantly creating content or revealing all your private life
  • Follow guides without needing to be a tech-wizard, which will take your soul-business to an abundant level of freedom using advertising – and escape the matrix forever!

I have added 11 special TIM TALK videos throughout the course, where I pop up with valuable insights into why you might be feeling a certain way and how to overcome it. So I’m always giving you extra motivation, tips, reality checks, the old arm around the shoulder and even a kick up the arse when required!

The main reason people fail with online courses is because when things get a little tough, they give up too soon. That’s why one to one coaching is so effective – you have someone to keep you accountable.

My aim is to give you an experience that is as close to actually having me coach you one to one as possible. This massively increases the chances of you completing the course and going on to wake up with a smile on your face every day!


To complete the whole programme you need to collect 12 crystals by completing special tasks dotted throughout the course.

Each task helps keep track of your progress & is designed to help you take inspired action towards your dreams and building you new soul-business.

Complete all 12 tasks to gain citrine, moonstone, lapis lazuli, carnelian, moldavite, pyrite, tiger’s eye, rose quartz, clear quartz, tourmaline, amethyst & golden topaz (not real ones, don’t get too excited!!)



The Phoenix Lightworker Programme Online Course is backed up by my 100% guarantee that if you’re not satisfied with the programme for whatever reason after checking it out, I will give you back your investment, no questions asked.

So you have nothing to lose by investing. You have 7 days to see if this is for you – just drop me an email within that first week if it isn’t. I am 100% certain YOU WILL SUCCEED unless you give up. I am confident you will start to see shifts in your life very quickly if you give it a try and now you have no reason not to!

For the Divine Feminine/Masculine 1 to 1 Coaching, my guarantee is that you will have set up your soul-business within 6 months. No rolling weekly or monthly payments that can go on for ages. Just one payment amount, for one result.


I’m also gonna throw in a very special bonus course that you won’t find anywhere else! It’s something I’ve been working with for several years and fully understand just how powerful it is for manifesting. And that is Moldavite.

I have used this crystal/tektite with my coaching clients and every single one of them reports huge shifts in their life. However, without the right knowledge and guidance, it can be very overwhelming and tricky to work with. So I put together a guide for those of you who want to delve into the mysterious world of this 15 million year old  natural glass!

This is a perfect compliment to The Phoenix Lightworker Programme and can potentially speed up the whole process of you gaining your soul-business.


How to Create an Online Course to Bring You Financial Freedom

Building an online course was the key to creating a passive income that got me to 10K months, so you don’t want to miss out on this! You will discover how I built The Phoenix Lightworker Programme.

All bonuses only available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY for FREE with the programme, so take advantage asap!!


How to Create a Video Training / Webinar that Makes Great Sales

This incredibly valuable bonus can help your business skyrocket to enormous levels of abundance. You will discover exactly how I make my own video trainings which give free help to my followers whilst also helping me hit 10K months!

All bonuses only available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY for FREE with the programme, so take advantage asap!!


With The Phoenix Lightworker Programme you are getting everything I learned about manifesting on my 5 year journey from post-traumatic anxiety and debt to Bali and 10K months, plus everything I taught my 1 to 1 clients over the past couple of years. Here’s what some of them had to say about that:






5 Life Changing Things Clients Feel on the Journey:


This is often accompanied by a few tears. Because they finally feel like they are not alone. That they have someone to help them and take some of the heavy weight of burden off their back. Those tears are joyful relief – because they know this is the beginning of the end of their life of struggle.


They begin to feel a sense of finally waking up things that had been dormant for years. These include a reconnection with their physical body, being able to FEEL comfortable inside it, healthier and vibrant. They unlock creativity which many didn’t even think existed, as they feel unrestricted and childlike for the first time. I describe these new feelings as ALIVENESS.


As they gain a newfound wonder at the magnificence of the universe, they start to talk more in terms of witnessing magic. The shift comes because they not only understand better how universal energies work, they are actually SEEING it play out every single day with incredible synchronicities and manifestations that leave them in awe at what is possible.


Women start to really feel into their feminine side as their self love increases. As they rid themselves of guilt and shame, they are now freer to slip into the grace, receptivity, softness, wildness, creativity, intuition and openness that characterises the divine feminine. Men start to feel more solid, strong, secure, a leader, and as they stop hiding in fear of their masculinity, they learn how to tame their dark power and channel it for the good of humanity. Both feel comfortable, playful in their sexual energy.


As they step into their authentic power, they become more balanced and grounded. Know exactly what they want. Are more decisive. Take more inspired action from a place of confidence. Cos they’re no longer stuck or triggered by others. I call this unfuckwithable!


The first 3 months will be spent working through the 3 steps of the Triple Phoenix Method, so you become balanced and grounded, know what you want, your life purpose and how to manifest it, and actually have your own business set up and ready to take on clients.

The final 3 months will be where you learn to harness your divine masculine or feminine energy so you can manifest the epic clients you deserve. 

I’ve learned personally the only way to GUARANTEE a THRIVING, SUSTAINABLE business is to reclaim your masculinity or femininity.

Only when we are deeply embodying those divine energies can we magnetise all the abundance, wealth and aligned clients we desire.

Phoenix Lightworker Programme Online Course


One-time Payment
  • Instant access to +30 hours of content over 3 modules (3 entire courses in 1!!)
  • Manifesting with Moldavite Crystal (Bonus Course)
  • How to Create an Online Course to Bring You Financial Freedom (Bonus Module)
  • How to Create a Video Training / Webinar that Makes Great Sales (Bonus Module)
  • Easy to Follow Sales Call Script That Makes Selling Simple (Bonus Module)
  • Unlimited updates + support
  • Lifetime access
  • 7 day money back guarantee


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Includes 6 Months Coaching + Phoenix Lightworker Programme Online Course

  • I will hold your hand as you work your way through the Phoenix Lightworker Programme
  • Weekly 60 min coaching call for first 12 weeks, bi-weekly after
  • Daily access to Tim via Telegram
  • Instant access to +30 hours of content
  • Manifesting with Moldavite Crystal (Bonus Course)
  • How to Create an Online Course to Bring You Financial Freedom (Bonus Module)
  • How to Create a Video Training / Webinar that Makes Great Sales (Bonus Module)
  • Easy to Follow Sales Call Script That Makes Selling Simple (Bonus Module)
  • Unlimited updates + support for programme
  • Lifetime access to programme
  • GUARANTEE we will have your soul-business set up within 6 months
The universe has brought you here for a reason, so what is stopping you allowing yourself the success you asked for?

why you must become financially sovereign in 2023!


“I’m still Monique but 10x! I’m on a totally different timeline, instead of one headed for disaster, drama and misery, I’m heading for abundance, adventure and love....BUY THE DAMN PROGRAMME!! What more is there to say really? Don’t overthink this.”

— Monique, United States


“You can feel this course was made with love.”

— Gregg, Scotland

A word from some of the clients I am working with RIGHT NOW (October 2022):

Melissa review

Melissa testimonial

Shannara review

Neil review

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To access the Phoenix Lightworker Programme, you simply log in to my website where you will see all the videos and resources as shown in the tour below.




How much time will I need to devote to this programme?

It really depends where you are in your life and will vary from person to person. This is not meant to be rushed so you complete everything in 90 days. Some will, some won’t and that’s fine either way. It’s about tailoring it to your situation and going at your own pace. That said, you have to make an effort. Aim for a minimum of one hour a day to do the work and you’ll have 30 hours per month – that’s enough time to get a lot done! But better still, go with the attitude that time is irrelevant when it comes to getting you that life you desire. If you knew for certain this programme would get you that dream soul-business, wouldn’t you work on it every spare moment you could find? So take the attitude that IT WILL WORK!

Can I do this programme if I don’t have any clue what I want to do for a business?

YES!! Part of the Manifestation module is helping you discover your life purpose and find a way to work out the best direction to step in for a future career. This course is ESPECIALLY for you!

I have zero experience of running a business, how difficult will this be for someone like me?

You don’t need ANY experience! I had none when I began on this soul-business journey either but when I learned what I’m going to show you in the programme, it all became so much easier. I was unsure if I had what it takes too, so if I can do it, so can you. You 100% have it in you to be a boss, a leader, someone who owns their own business and this course is designed to help show you that.

You might be surprised at how much you end up enjoying it because everything you do will be totally authentic to YOU. And you will definitely be surprised at how much you grow as a person in building your own business – it’s the best thing you can do for your spiritual development. Plus, I do my best to teach it in a very simple way.

How long can I expect till I am working in my dream business?

Again, this is impossible to say as everyone is on different stages in their journey and everyone will complete the programme in different time frames. But I do know clients who have worked less than 90 days with me and gone on to create their dream business within a few months. Think of the course like this: it is not going to GIVE you your dream business on a plate. But it is going to teach you how to fish for your dream business – so you will have all the steps you need to turn your life purpose into a successful business built around YOU. Ultimately, how long it takes is down to you and the universe. But I genuinely believe in divine timing – it will happen when the time is right. But it can’t happen at all if you don’t take steps towards it…..

Will this programme still be beneficial for me if I already know what I want to do but just need help with turning it into a thriving business?

Hell yeah! If your foundation is not solid, you are blocking yourself from manifesting your soul-business regardless of if you have an idea what that is. The Foundation module is crucial for that. The Manifestation module will teach you how to get fully aligned in every area of life and use the Law of Attraction correctly, so you manifest that business idea far easier. The Action module will directly help you turn your idea into a business that thrives, not just survives. This course was made for people like you!