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Psychic Teal Swan Reveals How She is Able to Read People’s Future

Ever wondered how a psychic/seer can read people’s future? Some of you may know Teal Swan, she’s a bit of a YouTube sensation (incredible life story!) and describes herself as a “spiritual catalyst”. She’s also a seer. This is my fave video of hers.

This blew my mind when I saw it a year ago, so much that I decided to see a psychic for the first time. As I have written a lot about my experience going to a seer/psychic and how what was predicted has mostly come true, I felt it would be interesting to show exactly how this person was able to know so much about my future.

Teal begins talking about the idea that there is no future because time doesn’t exist (only as an arbitrary, man-made construct), then moves onto the Law of Attraction and an explanation of who we are and why we are here, before around 9 mins in, a fascinating explanation of how psychics/seers work.


Teal basically says we all have free will;

“fate” doesn’t exist as we can change our life-path at any time. But some people are far more likely to go down a particular path than others. After my visit with a psychic, I totally agree that the “future” (bearing in mind that time doesn’t exist!) already exists in many potentialities BUT we can choose which pathway if we are conscious enough.

Teal says herself in the video, that she finds it much harder to correctly predict the future of someone who is into self-development and has become more enlightened and conscious (as I hope I have!) because they are much more likely to develop further and therefore the number of potentialities for their future will be far greater.

In other words, someone who is constantly learning and developing is less likely to have a life which runs on rails, down a very predictable path. And let’s face it, most people are set in their ways, never change much and repeat the same patterns day in, day out.

My biggest take-away from this;

The reason certain people with extra-sensory abilities can read our future is not because they see things which have yet to happen. It’s because everything that can potentially happen to a person in their life is in the NOW – there is no future! They see all the potentialities because they all exist in the present moment.

Basically, your life can go in ANY direction, if you choose it to. Every single possible thing that can happen, that potentiality already exists in the now. A psychic can see that. However, the likelihood of you becoming a certain potentiality (e.g. The leader of your country!) is so small, that the seer won’t choose that as your upcoming life. Instead, they pick from the most likely outcomes based on your life so far.

This is the way I read it, anyway!

So what does this mean on a practical level? It means we have FREE WILL; the power to become WHATEVER WE WANT! We are creators and have full control over what happens because ANYTHING is possible. Every version of your life that you can conceive of is ALREADY created. We just have to choose what we want and take action till we get it.

One for the deep divers!


  1. mia vas says:

    Really enlightening video Timothy, definitley a deep dive! Has got me thinking on a whole other level about life!! Thank you 🙂

    1. No, no, thank YOU Mia! Great to hear I’ve got you to think about our world in a new light!

  2. Edin Blanc says:

    I like Teal Swan, she makes some interesting videos, I remember this as one of her best.

    1. Hello again Edin! It’s definitely my fave of hers. I do find her a little too serious for my tastes but I try to look past that as she gives a lot of value.

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