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    Law of Attraction Interview #28: George

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    Interview #26: Koya Webb

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    Yoga for Anxiety with Eva Maxine

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    Yoga Retreat Thailand: My Experience (Part 1)

    Photo of yoga session with Brett Moran in main yoga sala at Vikasa Yoga Retreat.  Photography by Andrae Love – Instagram @iamandraelove

    And so my new life (created using the Law of Attraction, oh yes my friends!) has begun!

    I’ve moved to Thailand and am now beginning my dream life, doing work I love, travelling to exotic locations and spending time with beautiful people who are also on the same journey of awakening and inspiring others to raise their consciousness and improve their lives.

    Yep, all that woo-woo garbage!

    During my very first week on my tropical island paradise, I took part in a yoga and transformational retreat, hosted by my mentor, YouTube and Instagram star and now housemate (yep, you heard right!) Brett Moran from Brett Moran TV!

    It was my first experience of anything like this but I was looking forward to it tremendously. Yes, 2-3 years ago, I would have laughed at this kind of spiritual, head in the clouds, airy-fairy nonsense, but as I’ve awakened, I now realise that this kind of thing can change lives and yes indeed, the world.

    No bullshit.

    But I have to say, it didn’t quite go as I’d planned………….