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    Is the Law of Attraction Real? How I KNOW it is! (Part 1)

    Me at work, writing by the infinity pool at my house, overlooking the ocean, Koh Samui, Thailand – all manifested using the law of attraction. Photo by Andrae Love Photography, Instagram @iamandraelove

    A common question I get asked when people mail me is: “Is the Law of Attraction real?” and if so “How do I KNOW, for sure?”

    Couldn’t it just be coincidence – all these incredible things that are coming into your life?

    Couldn’t it just be a result of the hard work and positive action taking and personal growth you have put into your life?

    Well, it’s true – those things do all come into play. I do actually think that what some people label as the law of attraction in action, I would just label as a coincidence and in some cases, confirmation bias. For example, when someone who you were thinking about suddenly phones or texts you.

    That isn’t proof!!

    Most people conveniently forget that they think about probably dozens of people every day. How many of them actually get in touch though? We only remember when it actually happens, never when it doesn’t. I can name at least 5 people I thought about today and not one got in touch (yeah, sad I know!).

    It’s also obvious that the more you take positive action, the more likely you are to draw positive things in to your life. I say “obvious” but actually to most people, it clearly isn’t, otherwise the world would be a much happier place!