• Law of Attraction

    Bob Proctor: Understanding the Law of Attraction (video)

    Bob Proctor is the man.

    When it comes to the Law of Attraction, NO ONE knows more about it than this guy (wait till you hear how old he is, at the end of the video!)

    Most of his life has been devoted to teaching it. He began by learning about it from the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (although this book doesn’t give it the name “LOA”, it lays out the exact same processes of manifesting which the modern day LOA attempts to explain).

    This is the same book I began my spiritual journey with, of course!

    From here, he turned his life around from a penniless drunk into a millionnaire within a couple of years!

    Since then, he’s devoted his life to working out exactly how he managed this so he could teach it to others.

    Since his 2006 appearance on The Secret, he’s now regarded as the leading expert in the LOA. I listened to a lot of Proctor and read his book You Were Born Rich, during my year of awakening in 2016 and no one exlains the LOA better, in my opinion.

    So here he is, doing exactly that!