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    Is the Law of Attraction Real? How I KNOW it is! (Part 2)

    Me, watching the sunrise at 6am on a tropical Thai island. This is the life I manifested as a regular occurance, using the law of attraction. Photography by Instagram @brettmoran_yoga_travel


    In part one, I discussed my reasons for knowing the law of attraction is real, based on my real life experiences and other people’s who I trust.

    In this part, I want to talk more about the scientific evidence and why I was never someone into the law of attraction in the slightest – so to make that shift in such a short space of time, adds perhaps a little more to my credibility (I like to think!).

    There have been experiments done which prove the power of the mind and intention to change reality, on a very large scale. Experiments done by, yes, REAL scientists! Often from well known, REAL colleges and universities!

    But what I’ve come to realise is this; there is no point trying to convince someone who doesn’t want to be convinced. Whose beliefs are so firmly entrenched in stone, through whatever course or teacher or institution they learned from, that they will never willingly bend to even consider an alternative point of view.

    Lynne McTaggart in her book The Intention Experiment, says that most modern physicists “shrug their shoulders” over the conundrums that quantum physics has presented for a century. She even ascertains that most scientists:

    “Have stopped caring about the troublesome questions posed by quantum physics and left unanswered by its earliest critics.”

    In other words, they don’t want to know!

    They are waiting for something to come along which explains things such as the double-slit experiment i.e. something which they can believe more easily! But the fact is, nothing has come along.

  • Law of Attraction

    Is the Law of Attraction Real? How I KNOW it is! (Part 1)

    Me at work, writing by the infinity pool at my house, overlooking the ocean, Koh Samui, Thailand – all manifested using the law of attraction. Photo by Andrae Love Photography, Instagram @iamandraelove

    A common question I get asked when people mail me is: “Is the Law of Attraction real?” and if so “How do I KNOW, for sure?”

    Couldn’t it just be coincidence – all these incredible things that are coming into your life?

    Couldn’t it just be a result of the hard work and positive action taking and personal growth you have put into your life?

    Well, it’s true – those things do all come into play. I do actually think that what some people label as the law of attraction in action, I would just label as a coincidence and in some cases, confirmation bias. For example, when someone who you were thinking about suddenly phones or texts you.

    That isn’t proof!!

    Most people conveniently forget that they think about probably dozens of people every day. How many of them actually get in touch though? We only remember when it actually happens, never when it doesn’t. I can name at least 5 people I thought about today and not one got in touch (yeah, sad I know!).

    It’s also obvious that the more you take positive action, the more likely you are to draw positive things in to your life. I say “obvious” but actually to most people, it clearly isn’t, otherwise the world would be a much happier place!

  • Law of Attraction

    Bob Proctor: Understanding the Law of Attraction (video)

    Bob Proctor is the man.

    When it comes to the Law of Attraction, NO ONE knows more about it than this guy (wait till you hear how old he is, at the end of the video!)

    Most of his life has been devoted to teaching it. He began by learning about it from the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (although this book doesn’t give it the name “LOA”, it lays out the exact same processes of manifesting which the modern day LOA attempts to explain).

    This is the same book I began my spiritual journey with, of course!

    From here, he turned his life around from a penniless drunk into a millionnaire within a couple of years!

    Since then, he’s devoted his life to working out exactly how he managed this so he could teach it to others.

    Since his 2006 appearance on The Secret, he’s now regarded as the leading expert in the LOA. I listened to a lot of Proctor and read his book You Were Born Rich, during my year of awakening in 2016 and no one exlains the LOA better, in my opinion.

    So here he is, doing exactly that!