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Did 2020 leave you overwhelmed, indecisive or stuck about what to do in life?

Are you sick and tired of living the stressful 9-5, Matrix existence and believe your life purpose is meant for something greater?

Do you know you want to help people or the planet in some way, but have no idea how to start?

Are you frustrated on how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest your wildest dreams?

Imagine this…….

You have total clarity on what you want, have found your personal power to go for it, and feel absolute freedom, using your gifts to serve humanity.


My NEW PREMIUM coaching programme will help you rise like a phoenix to gain all of that in as soon as 90 Days!

Turn your journey of awakening into a career you love.

Alchemise your pain into your soul purpose.

This is a life transformation programme for empaths, conscious and awakened people who want to turn their soul purpose into a career of service – become a lightworker!

A lightworker is simply anyone who wants to spread love and light by helping others.

The best way to do this is to take back your power and become self employed, building a business based around you and your unique personality, passions, skills and gifts.

Being self employed is the ONLY way you will gain total freedom in terms of what you can achieve, earn and create.

Within 90 DAYS you will:

  • Smash through your limiting beliefs, so you are no longer fearful of doing what you REALLY want to do
  • Remove all negativity from your life, so nothing and no one can hold you back from doing what you love
  • Build better habits and practices so you become disciplined, focused and crush overwhelm, stress and procrastination
  • Understand exactly how the LOA works so you can manifest consistent abundance into your life
  • Know what your life purpose and big vision is so you have the clarity you need to get unstuck
  • Be clear on who you are, your values and your service, so you will attract your ideal clients and customers
  • Understand the next steps you need to take right now, so you are ready to exit the matrix forever
  • Re-discover your personal power and self-esteem so you have the courage to put yourself out there and help others
  • Heal yourself of past trauma so you feel lighter, stronger, unblocked and freer to help others
  • Know how to create an offer, market it and sell it to bring you financial freedom
  • At the end of the course, you will know your exact steps to turn your purpose into a successful career built around YOU

With the Phoenix Lightworker Programme you are getting everything I learned about manifesting on my 5 year journey from ANXIETY & DEBT to 10K MONTHS (Click here to read  the full incredible story!) plus everything I taught to my 1 to 1 coaching clients over the past couple of years. Here’s what some of them had to say about that:

“My intuition was very strong that Tim could help me so I just knew it was the right thing to do. He spoke my language in everything he was saying......I had the best few weeks I’d had for years, as money came to me out of the blue, old friends I’d not seen in years popped up and I travelled for the first time in ages.....I have moved away from my admin job for a major corporation in London, into a field I wished for since I was a kid - natural beauty.”

— Alicia, UK





of QUALITY video content over 3 moduleS


For a fraction of the price of my one to one coaching, I give you all the tools and knowledge I teach to my clients that you need to manifest a career based around your unique gifts in as little as 90 days.

Even if you are totally stuck, overwhelmed, lacking in confidence and have no idea what kind of career you want, the 3 modules will guide you step by step all the way to gaining clarity, power and self-worth with your gifts at the centre of your new life of abundance.

Within the next 90 days, you will be on the road to completely transforming your life to not only do what you love, but BE the person you always wanted to be – the greatest version of yourself.

This is a holistic programme which understands that to manifest your dream career, you need to look at ALL aspects of your life. Each module works on a different dimension of reality: 3D, 4D and 5D, so you get a completely balanced programme.


  1. Clearing Your Environment
  2. Setting Healthy Practices
  3. 3D Conscious Healing
  4. 5D Subconscious Healing

Before we get into trying to manifest anything major like a career, you need to have a solid foundation set up. We do this by seeing what needs to change in your environment and your daily routines, practices and habits.

This is something most people miss out when trying to manifest. Without a strong foundation, people tend to struggle to get much done, even if they have all the tools and info needed to manifest what they want.

A  major part of this month is helping you heal trapped trauma, energetic blocks and limiting beliefs so you become a clearer channel for the LOA to work through you.

The 4th Dimension is the bridge between 3D and 5D. As I combine both conscious and subconscious level work, we hop between both dimensions, which is why I label Foundation as 4D.

This module includes my own guided meditation, visualisation and hypnotherapy session, as well as many practices which will transform your day to day life. I will help you build a daily healthy practices plan which puts everything together to create a solid foundation for your life.

  1. Discovering Your Life Purpose
  2. Vision Building
  3. The Law of Attraction
  4. Taking Inspired Action

We dive more into the wonderful 5D world of creating reality using universal energy. I will transform you into a MASTER MANIFESTER!

I start by helping you gain clarity on what you want from life in ALL areas by helping you discover your life purpose and build a clear vision to work towards. Then we can start to manifest it!

The Law of Attraction is at the heart of literally everything in your life. If you can fully understand this law (and 99% of people DON’T) then you can power through ANYTHING.

This is my specialty and I share everything I know about the Law of Attraction so it becomes a LIFESTYLE – not just something you dabble in every now and then. You will then be able to manifest the situations, people and circumstances required to create your dream life.

Finally, we are going to dive deeper on how to take inspired action and help you bust through issues such as limiting beliefs, taking risk and getting out of your comfort zone.

  1. Creating Your Brand & Tribe
  2. Creating Your Lightworker Offer
  3. Organic Marketing
  4. Paid Ads

“We don’t attract what we WANT…….we attract what we ARE.”

For the major manifestations, it is not enough to just know what you want or the theory around manifesting it. You have to BECOME it. We have to take ACTION in the 3D – which means rolling up our sleeves and planting our feet firmly on planet Earth!

I help you to take INSPIRED ACTION towards building a life around your gifts by sharing with you how I created my own self-employed business based around ME. This includes how to market yourself and build your service, so you can reach your ideal audience and help as many people as possible.

Even if you have no clue about building a business, DON’T WORRY! Once we’re finished you will understand the exact processes required and steps to take so you will be able to create something which will one day set you financially free.


I have added 11 special TIM TALK videos throughout the course, where I pop up with valuable insights into why you might be feeling a certain way and how to overcome it. So I’m always giving you extra motivation, tips, reality checks, the old arm around the shoulder and even a kick up the arse when required!

The main reason people fail with online courses is because when things get a little tough, they give up too soon. That’s why one to one coaching is so effective – you have someone to keep you accountable.

My aim is to give you an experience that is as close to actually having me coach you one to one as possible. Everything inside the programme is 100% the same as what I share with my clients.

Because I’ve coached clients in the same areas, I know at what stages people tend to repeat the same patterns: when the doubts start to creep in, when they feel like giving up, when they feel overwhelmed, when they get complacent and even when they get too high (yes, that does happen!)

So I will explain what you need to do to guide yourself out of tricky stages so you never give up. This massively increases the chances of you completing the course and going on to wake up with a smile on your face every day!


This is all backed up by my 100% guarantee that if you’re not satisfied that you know what your life purpose is and the steps you need to take to move towards creating a business based around you, I will give you a FREE coaching session (worth $$ hundreds) via Whatsapp to iron out any issues.

Just email me with evidence that you’ve been through the whole course and given it at least 90 days. I’m confident that you will have 100% clarity at the end of the course, as long as you’ve put the effort in and followed it correctly. This call will enable me to see where you might need a little extra help, so I can give you the advice you need to rectify that.

So you have nothing to lose by investing. You WILL have the clarity you want on your next career steps GUARANTEED. And as long as you follow them, you will also one day be waking up with a smile on your face because you have your dream career GUARANTEED.

If you invest in this programme, I am 100% certain YOU WILL NOT FAIL unless you give up. And I’m offering you all the support I can with my Tim Talks and this coaching offer, to make sure that won’t happen.


I’m also gonna throw in a very special bonus course that you won’t find anywhere else! No one else will be teaching you about this but it’s something I’ve been working with for several years now and fully understand just how powerful it is for manifesting. And that is Moldavite Crystal.

I have used this crystal with my coaching clients and every single one of them reports huge shifts in their life. I rate it as the number one tool for rapid transformation and manifestation. However, without the right knowledge and guidance, it can be very overwhelming and tricky to work with. So I put together a bonus guide for those of you who want to delve into the mysterious world of this 15 million year old crystal!

This is a perfect compliment to the Phoenix Lightworker Programme and can potentially speed up the whole process of you gaining your dream career.

This very unique course is only available for FREE when you invest in the Phoenix Lightworker Programme in the next few days, so you don’t want to hang about, this really is a one-off that you’re never gonna find anywhere else!


How to Create an Online Course to Bring You Financial Freedom

Building an online course was the key to getting me to 10K months, so you don’t want to miss out on this! You will discover how I built the Phoenix Lightworker Programme. All bonuses only available for a short period for FREE with the programme, so take advantage asap!!


How to Create a Video Training / Webinar that Makes Great Sales

This incredibly valuable bonus can help your business skyrocket to enormous levels of abundance. You will discover exactly how I make my own video trainings which give free help to my followers whilst also helping me hit 10K months!


Easy to Follow Sales Call Script that Makes Selling Simple

An exact copy of the sales call script I use myself when speaking with potential clients for my one to one coaching. It was the game changer for getting my first high paying clients and will work for any business where you need to get on a call to close a sale for a more expensive service (which could well be YOU if you get on my programme!)


I talk you through my signature guided meditation which I use regularly, where you’ll relax, release and manifest all in one session!


I guide you through my own personal visualisation technique which I use every day to manifest incredible things. Less than 20 minutes can transform your life, as it has mine!


I talk you through a special hypnosis session which works on the subconscious mind to reprogram and potentially change your old patterns and behaviours – and your life!


To complete the whole programme you need to collect 12 crystals by completing special tasks dotted throughout the course.


Each task helps keep track of your progress & is designed to get you out of your comfort zone by taking action towards your dreams.


Complete all 12 tasks to gain citrine, moonstone, lapis lazuli, carnelian, moldavite, pyrite, tiger’s eye, rose quartz, clear quartz, tourmaline, amethyst & golden topaz (not real ones, don’t get too excited!!)

“I feel like a new woman…..seriously! I am now using my intuitive and psychic abilities to make an actual full time living! Tim not only helped build my confidence and manifesting ability, he knows how to go about creating a career working online and gives massive help with setting all that up. I have reclaimed my power and no longer feel guilty about charging for my gifts. I miss many aspects of nursing but my god, I’m so glad I left! I have my life back and my sanity back.”

— Natali, Australia

Is this for me?

YES –  if you don’t want your life dictated to by a company, boss or government

YESif you will no longer settle for second best and recognise that you will never get a better opportunity than NOW to become a lightworker – because the world NEEDS YOU more than ever

YES – if you know you were meant for something greater, a higher calling to help the planet, to heal, teach, create or spread love and light to lift other people

NO – if you just want a run of the mill J-O-B

NOif you are happy with a safe, mediocre life, sat in your comfort zone, with your 2 weeks holidays a year and your “Thank Fuck It’s Friday”

NO – if you are looking for a quick fix, or a cheap and easy solution. I only deal in effective, lasting change by getting to the root cause

NOif you are not willing to invest in yourself, your dreams or your future career

“I’m now able to see how I can’t truly help others unless I help myself first....My yoga business has grown exponentially and I’ve shoved all the naysayers words back down their throats!! I have met an amazing new love partner. My health is back to its best....This is so much more than just career work.....Your entire view of what manifestation is and what it entails will be transformed....You are not paying for coaching, you are INVESTING IN YOURSELF. There is nothing more valuable than that. You are worth it.”

— Laura, Canada

What do YOU do, tIM?

I help conscious people get UNSTUCK and UNBLOCKED so they have clarity on what they want in life, the personal power to go for it and my expert knowledge of Law of Attraction to manifest it. I have a strong, intuitive ability which enables me to quickly get to the root of people’s problems with ZERO bullshit or sugar coating!

My mantra is to SIMPLIFY EVERYTHING. Because in my opinion, most humans overcomplicate things. What you will learn is not rocket science, anyone can learn this, no matter what your age or experience in marketing or running a business.

What makes YOU different from other “spiritual” coaches?

No nonsense, no rituals, no fluff, no woo-woo, no dogma, no pretentiousness, no “holding space” for weeks – just straight talk and fast action! I don’t believe in spending all day in dream states or 5D. I’m not interested in eye-gazing and “namaste” and kum-by-ah round the campfire, sitting in lotus for hours. I’m interested in getting you an incredible life as fast as possible. I also have 4 years documenting my own life on my blog, so you can see REAL results.

If you go through my easy to follow process right to the end, you WILL succeed. It is only a matter of time before you have the career of your dreams because you will have all the tools you need to rise like a phoenix from the flames and become the lightworker you were destined to be.


An intensive, premium, 90 day training that will change every part of your life. Your relationships will improve, your confidence, your health…’ll begin to attract your soul tribe, perhaps even your soul mate! So you’re not just getting an incredible career, you’re getting an INCREDIBLE LIFE.

Think about what that is worth to you.

visualizE with me now……….

Feel the joy that will fill your heart when other people thank you (and actually want to PAY YOU) for helping them, healing them, transforming them.

Picture the FREEDOM you now have to travel whenever you dictate (not some boss or company). To give charitably whenever you want. To spend more valuable time with your kids, soul mate or friends.

FEEL how peaceful life is when you don’t have to stress about your work colleagues or the economy. Because you’ve taken back your power.

You call the shots now!

“Very quickly, I was manifesting money and gifts from kind people and I was getting work as an artist from sources which I had NEVER done before! It was like he switched on an abundance tap and it all started to flow!!.....I’m now in a position where I’m booked up for months in advance. And it’s even rubbing off on my kids because they have started manifesting opportunities and money too!!....Don’t wait until you have the money, find a way to pay for it because until you invest in yourself, you won’t grow. I have recouped what I paid several times over already through work I’ve manifested.”

— Tammy, United Sates

This is our time, lightworker!

You CAN live a life of fulfilment and abundance doing what you love and helping others, even during uncertain times.  ESPECIALLY during uncertain times like now. Don’t be the person who looks back on this moment in 5 years and regrets not making a move out of fear.

As lightworkers, starseeds, empaths, conscious people, you are the future of this New Earth. You are here for a divine purpose and it’s time to step up and step into it.

Remember this isn’t just about you.

Others who don’t have your strength and your abilities NEED you. Many people are looking for leaders, for answers, for healers in this time of uncertainty and you have the answers – even if you’re not exactly sure of that right now! There are people waiting for you to show up.

You have something within you that can make a difference, so you owe it to them and to yourself to never give up on your dreams, to pull yourself out of mediocrity and live your true purpose.

We all have a leader within us and now is the time for you to shine. Everything you want is on the other side of that comfort zone……

You just need to stop being so damn stubborn (or indecisive!) and get the help you need!




Years of hard work & growth, going it alone

Up dead ends and down wrong paths, stop-starting, learning through trial and error about how to find your purpose, how to build a business, how to manifest properly, how to heal, how to gain self-worth and confidence….


Learn from someone who has been there and done it and can take YEARS off the process



Stay where you are now

Procrastinating. Stuck. Overwhelmed. Fed up. Looking for cheap, ineffective alternatives. In your comfort zone. Except you won’t stay there. It will gradually get WORSE. I’ve been there. The longer you put it off, the more the universe will throw at you. “Tower moments” will become more frequent and more disruptive. YOUR LIFE will slip by and panic will set in. I only tell you this because I put off the inevitable for 10 YEARS. Don’t make the same mistake.

When you truly invest in something (your time, effort and money), rather than going in half-hearted, you will see far better results. Perhaps it’s time to get serious and try a premium quality training?


If you were to work with me one to one for 90 days, you would be paying over $4000 (US). Even if you have that money, I rarely take on clients so am usually booked up. By packaging my knowledge into an online programme, I am able to help more people AND give you a significant saving in the cost of working with me.

That’s over $4000 you would save over having one to one coaching with me. 

And you will be getting 3 courses in 1, with each module essentially an entire course in itself which I could easily sell as stand-alone products. The FREE Manifesting with Moldavite Course and the 3 bonus modules together are worth AT LEAST $500!!

You can pay by installments of $99 per month. $99 would get you:

  • A low-end smartphone
  • Dinner for 2 at a posh restaurant
  • A spa day
  • A brand name pair of jeans

So you could have one of the above per month, or invest that $99 to transform your life so spending on those things means nothing to you – the choice is simple………….

Moldavite Plan


One-time Payment (BEST VALUE)

All prices in US Dollars.

  • Instant access to +25 hours of content over 3 modules (sold individually, value +$3000)
  • Manifesting with Moldavite Crystal Bonus Course (value +$250)
  • How to Create an Online Course to Bring You Financial Freedom Bonus Module (value +$100)
  • Easy to Follow Sales Call Script that Makes Selling Simple Bonus Module (value +$100)
  • How to Create a Video Training / Webinar that Makes Great Sales Bonus Module (value +$100)
  • Unlimited updates + support
  • Lifetime access
  • FREE coaching call guarantee (value +$200)
Moldavite Installments Plan



Spread the full cost with monthly installments.

  • Instant access to +25 hours of content over 3 modules (sold individually, value +$3000)
  • Manifesting with Moldavite Crystal Bonus Course (value +$250)
  • How to Create an Online Course to Bring You Financial Freedom Bonus Module (value +$100)
  • Easy to Follow Sales Call Script that Makes Selling Simple Bonus Module (value +$100)
  • How to Create a Video Training / Webinar that Makes Great Sales Bonus Module (value +$100)
  • Unlimited updates + support
  • Lifetime access
  • FREE coaching call guarantee (value +$200)



Includes 3 months 1 to 1 Coaching + Phoenix Lightworker Programme

  • Weekly 60 min coaching call
  • Weekly action plan
  • Access to Tim via Whatsapp and email
  • Instant access to +25 hours of content (sold individually, value +$3000)
  • Manifesting with Moldavite Crystal Bonus Course (value +$250)
  • How to Create an Online Course to Bring You Financial Freedom Bonus Module (value +$100)
  • Easy to Follow Sales Call Script that Makes Selling Simple Bonus Module (value +$100)
  • How to Create a Video Training / Webinar that Makes Great Sales Bonus Module (value +$100)
  • Unlimited updates + support for programme
  • Lifetime access to programme
Ready? It's time to rise like a phoenix from the flames!!



“I’m still Monique but 10x! I’m on a totally different timeline, instead of one headed for disaster, drama and misery, I’m heading for abundance, adventure and love....BUY THE DAMN PROGRAMME!! What more is there to say really? Don’t overthink this.”

— Monique, United States


“You can feel this course was made with love.”

— Gregg, Scotland

Click button below to see more client reviews!



Below are 4 videos from inside the Phoenix Lightworker Programme plus a brief tour I recorded so you can see the sections in each module and how it is laid out, so you get a feel for everything. Enjoy!



How much time will I need to devote to this programme?

It really depends where you are in your life and will vary from person to person. This is not meant to be rushed so you complete everything in 90 days. Some of you will, some of you won’t and that’s fine either way. It’s about tailoring it to your situation and going at your own pace. That said, you have to make an effort and that might mean sacrificing other areas of your life. Aim for a minimum of one hour a day to do the work and you’ll have 30 hours per month – that’s enough time to get a lot done! But better still, go with the attitude that time is irrelevant when it comes to life transformation. If you knew for certain this programme would get you where you want to be, wouldn’t you work on it every spare moment you could find? So take the attitude that IT WILL WORK!

Can I do this programme if I don’t have any clue what I want to do for a career?

YES!! Part of the Manifestation module is helping you discover your life purpose and find a way to work out the best direction to step in for a future career.

I have zero experience of marketing or running a business, how difficult will this section be?

Neither did I, but when I learned what I’m going to teach you in the programme, it all became so much easier. If I can learn it, so can you and I do my best to teach it in a very simple way. You might be surprised at how much you end up enjoying marketing yourself and you will definitely be surprised at how much you grow as a person in building your own business.

How long can I expect till I am working in my dream career?

Again, this is impossible to say as everyone is on different stages in their journey and everyone will complete the programme in different time frames. But I do know clients who have worked less than 90 days with me and gone on to create their dream career within a few months. Think of the course like this: it is not going to GIVE you your dream career on a plate. But it is going to teach you how to fish for your dream career – so you will have all the steps you need to turn your life purpose into a successful career built around YOU. Ultimately, how long it takes is down to you and the universe. But I genuinely believe in divine timing – it will happen when the time is right.

Will this programme still be beneficial for me if I already know what I want to do but just need help with turning it into a business?

Hell yeah! The Foundation module is something everyone can benefit from, regardless of where they are in their life. The Manifestation module will teach you how to use LOA correctly, to get what you want. The Action module will directly help you turn it into a business.

I am not sure about going self employed, will this course still be useful for me?

Honestly, this programme is set up for people who want freedom of time, choice and finances – you cannot get any of those in a standard job. If you don’t want those things in life, you can still use this programme to manifest a job with a company but you will not be getting the most out of the programme – or your life. It is common for clients of mine to have this uncertainty though and I always change their mind pretty quickly! It’s mostly due to fear and this is something which the programme will help you overcome, so I recommend coming on board anyway. And if it helps, I had that same fear and look at me now!