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What Happened When I Had a Reiki Energy Healing Session!

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If you were to ask me at what point did I truly start to believe that this existence, this reality, this world,  was something way, WAAAAAY crazier than what we’ve been taught and perceive with our limited five senses, I would say it was when I underwent reiki.

It was a major moment in my spiritual awakening and changed the way I look at the medical profession, forever.

Reiki is a Japanese natural health treatment in which practitioners work with the unseen energy within our body and around it.

Reiki means “universal life energy,” and works on the basis that, as is common right across large parts of Asia,  our world, including our own bodies, are made up of energy and in order to maintain good health, we need to ensure this energy is balanced and harmonious.

It can be used for both physical and emotional healing.

When I booked my appointment, I was specifically looking to get rid of a few annoying injuries I’d picked up from weight training. But I was also hoping to get rid of the last remnants of the anxiety which hadn’t left my body.

Although I now felt fine mentally, I still suffered from high adrenaline levels which although I could live with, were still incredibly annoying some days. I’d had the adrenaline issues for years, although it had declined a lot since the time I was assaulted.

I was getting really desperate with a shoulder injury though.  I had gone months without being able to have a proper gym session. I was losing those gains, bro!!

This was a year ago, way before I went to see a psychic. I was only at the beginning of my spiritual awakening, in fact, I hadn’t even started learning about the law of attraction or quantum physics.

My main reason for going was simply desperation at my never-ending muscle injuries. It seemed like every time I stepped into the gym, another problem would appear. This was my last resort before going to see a doctor, because I knew what they would say anyway:

“Rest up. Massage it. Ice it.”

All the things I’d been doing already that hadn’t worked.



So I turned up at the house of the reiki practitioner one sunny, late-winter afternoon, took my shoes off and entered her living room to the smells of incense and sounds of Eastern mystical vibes.

It was pretty much as you’d expect of woo-woo garbage!

As I lay on the massage table face-up, I was nervous but excited. Acupuncture, which I’d tried  a few weeks earlier, was much more unsettling. Not because of the needles, as you can hardly feel them, but because you are unclothed. Here, all my attire remained and it was all quite comfortable.

My practitioner touched me ever so slightly – just a gentle pressure. No massaging, no movement. After a short time, I began to feel different.

Very different!

It was as though I could feel a shield of energy surrounding my entire body from head to toe. In my mind, the colour orange and also yellow and white, were visible.

It was pleasant, relaxing, not particularly intense but very obvious that something was happening. The practitioner moved around my body, placing her hands gently on each area where I had an injury – knee, shoulder, foot, thigh.

Yes, I was messed up!

She didn’t move her hands or say anything.

After 20 minutes, she then moved away from my body and  stood a few inches from my feet. She was no longer touching me. But was obviously doing something because the sensations became more and more intense.

I felt the outer energy shield start to move inwards. Instead of bright colours, my mind conjured up dark blues, purples and black, as the energy seemed to move inside my body. It never became uncomfortable or scary at any point. I felt as though I was ready to float away but also that my entire being was a river of flowing, vibrating energy.

At the time, I wasn’t aware of the fact that quantum physics has proved we are all made of energy.

I had read about Eastern medicine and the concept of meridian points and energy flow, so wasn’t completely ignorant. But this was the first time I really started to believe that these concepts were real and not some new-age bullshit. After being let down on more than one occasion by traditional Western healthcare, I was ready to try something different.



After the session, I was on a really weird high!

On the one hand, I felt calm and at peace with the world. Submerged in a wonderful, dream-like state.

But I was also rather scatter-brained! I totally lost my bearings when I left the reiki house and was a tad jittery tying up my shoelaces!

Over the next few days, I felt a bit off-key. There were some negative feelings that I couldn’t put my finger on. I started obsessing over one particular thought and for 2-3 days, I couldn’t get it out of my head. Thought I was going a bit crazy!

My practitioner told me:

“You can sometimes get a slight healing crisis, usually a few days after a session. It can manifest in physical symptoms such as a cold, flu, rash, or it can bring out old emotions or mental patterns. It’s part of the clearing process and it’s a bit like when you redecorate the house; you can just give it a quick coat of paint to freshen it up, or you can strip back the paper to the bare plaster and get to the mess underneath. For a while it gets worse as you see what your walls are actually like underneath it all (especially if you live in an old house) but then once it’s all done it’s great!”

Once I relaxed, the nagging thought started to disappear. I found it much easier to sleep and stopped having bad dreams, which was a frequent thing for me. I felt much more positive and open in general and that something had awakened within me.

For the first time in months, I was able to go back to the gym and put full weight on my shoulder. And for the first time in years, I was not suffering from adrenaline surges, coursing around my body.

It really was a bit of a miracle cure!

The sooner people understand that we are all made of energy, the sooner these kind of treatments  will become second nature. So much better than putting yourself through the torture of a sports massage (another thing I tried to shift my injuries – never again!) or having a clueless doctor poke around you.

But even more important than the healing was what reiki gave me in terms of belief. First-hand evidence that our “solid” world is not what we perceive.

This was the catalyst for me to start researching quantum physics, the law of attraction and many other things which have defined my life over the past year. And I’ll be talking about all of those things in future posts, so stay tuned folks!


As for reiki – get involved! It’s not guaranteed to work but the more open you are, the more likely it is to sort out your problem. My practitioner told me that I reacted to it more strongly than most people, so obviously, I am more sensitive to it but I was also very open minded.

When you have a free NHS, like we do in the UK, it can be tempting to not want to spend on any healthcare when you get it for free. But this is your HEALTH we are talking about. If you have money coming in, never skimp on trying alternative treatments.

I know they work as I’ve had hypnotherapy, acupuncture and reiki and all had degrees of success. This world is not what we think, trust me – they understand these types of healing in the East and have used them for centuries. Gotta be something to it if it’s lasted that long, right?


  1. Mischa Black says:

    Heya Tim! I’ve been to reiki a few times. My God, it really is amazing!! Totally helps me out with so many problems I’ve had. I’m even thinking about becoming a reiki practitioner. Mischa Reiki Master Teacher 🙂 🙂 Highly recommend it to everyone!!

    1. Hi Mischa, good to hear from you! Yes, I was considering that too, at the time. My instructor even said she was willing to teach me how to teach reiki, as she thought I’d reacted to the treatment really strongly compared to most people. Must have a gift 😉

  2. Sandy says:

    Thank you for this post Tim! Was thinking about going to reiki and now this definitely is gonna give me the courage to give it a shot. So pleased it made such a difference in your life 🙂

    1. My pleasure 🙂 Definitely go for it, you’ve got nothing to lose (OK maybe £50 or so!). If you ever want any advice about it, feel free to email me using the contact page.

  3. Dana Mildernall says:

    Hey Tim,
    I’ve gotta give this a try, sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing!

    1. My pleasure Dana, definitely go for it! 🙂

  4. Not tried reiki myself but have done acupuncture and accupressure. You’re right, needles don’t hurt at all I didn’t even feel some of them going in! But this sounds like a lot more fun, so I’m gonna give this a try, I’ve always got some sort of muscle pain going on lol

  5. Hi Charlie, I’m not sure I’d describe reiki as fun! But compared to acupuncture, definitely more fun!

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