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What Happened When a Psychic Read My Future! (Part 2)

woman in forest floating

After 20 minutes with the psychic, I was really shaken up.

I’d heard from my deceased friend and Grandfather, and the she knew things about me that she couldn’t possibly have known beforehand.

And I’ll say this; she was a lovely woman but not the sharpest tool in the box. She was really humble and down to earth and it was obvious from certain things she said and her whole demeanour, that this was no trickster.

She came across as extremely confident in her ability too. Which on the one hand made me believe her but on the other hand, some of the things she was guessing about me were just plain wrong!

For example, she sort of said or rather half-asked, that I had no siblings. Which isn’t true!

I replied “No.”

She came back with;

“You have a brother?”

Again, completely wrong!

“Ah that’s right, a sister,” she commented.

So immediately now, I’m wondering “Does she really know what she’s doing?”

I mean, how can she get such a basic thing wrong? I’d expect even a clever trickster with an ability to read the mind based on physical tells and a grasp of psychology, to be able to guess who my immediate family was.

This wasn’t the only relatively simple fact she didn’t get spot on. I would have expected her to know about what job I did. I had to tell her that.

But I got a good insight into how the process worked when she mentioned the Caribbean. She wasn’t quite sure where that fit in with me, so I told her my father is Jamaican. She replied

“I wondered why I was getting curried goat and peas and rice!”

That did make me smile!

I suppose she could have guessed my heritage from looking at me but as I say, she didn’t appear sharp enough to come out with that assumption above anything else. Nor the reference to Jamaican cuisine!



So by now, I was a little sceptical still about everything and I hadn’t got the answers I was looking for.

The rest of the session was spent with me picking out Angel cards from the deck and her deciphering my future based on them. She seemed to be getting things, I guess visions (she had her eyes closed), from each card and perhaps there was something significant about the order I was pulling them in, as I ended up going through the entire pack.

So she read from every card. Different to a tarot reading I guess.

To summarise, here are the major things she told me about my future, apparently spanning roughly the next year to 18 months (she only reads that far ahead, presumably to keep people coming back, but I’m sure she knew even more):

  • I am going to meet a woman who I’ll eventually get into a relationship with but would be just friends for a while. She claimed this woman was “studying for something” and that she was “professional.”
  • I am going to make some money from a website. She didn’t know anything about it, other than people would contact me through it.
  • I am going to make money from trading but maybe not a large amount for a couple of years
  • I am going to go on holiday (didn’t say where though, just that I’d be planning one around March)
  • I am going to go on another round the world trip
  • I am going to go to Vietnam
  • I am going to be “settled” in June. Though she didn’t explain exactly what “settled” entailed
  • I am going to go paintballing!
  • I am going to be successful



As I left the session and disappeared into the cold December evening, I was deflated. This didn’t end up as epic and unforgettable as I’d expected. This wasn’t the launchpad I wanted to take me into 2017 with renewed confidence and vim.

Everything she told me seemed so general.

A holiday? Well everyone goes on holiday!

However, in my case, I was utterly skint! So I couldn’t see any way that was possibly going to happen. I certainly wasn’t planning one and haven’t had one for years due to anxiety.

I should have been reassured when she said I would be successful but I couldn’t see how that was going to happen if I wasn’t going to make money from trading for a couple of years.

There was no mention of a BMW Z4! No specifics about moving to London. Nothing about getting into music or writing. In fact, none of the things I’d been visualising every day for 6 months even got a mention.

And what was this website? I didn’t have a website and had no intention of building one. I couldn’t think what it would be about or why I’d even bother!

The round the world trip, I didn’t take any notice of. I mean, she already knew I loved travelling so that wasn’t a tough guess.

But Vietnam?

Now that one made me sit up and take notice.  Because this was a country I really wanted to visit. I had even been thinking about it a week or so prior. Visualising being there. But I didn’t expect to be going there for a couple of years.

The psychic pictured the country in her head but couldn’t remember the name of it.

“The one next to Thailand,” she said.

“Vietnam?” I replied quizzically.

“You’ll be going there sooner than you think!”

Vietnam is SO specific that I had to take notice. You don’t just grab Vietnam out of nowhere. Not her, anyway!



My conclusion was that she clearly has some psychic powers.

She knew just enough and was able to pick out enough random stuff that I was convinced this whole thing is real. But there were also enough errors and generalisation to maintain some scepticism.

Maybe she just wasn’t that good at it?

But she seemed in no doubt at all. I was definitely going to meet a woman “Whether you like it or not!” (I said I wasn’t looking as I wasn’t ready for a relationship).

Knowing that I am going to be successful is great, but successful at what?

And what does success mean, in her eyes?

She didn’t know how I was going to get the money for it but I would definitely be going on holiday. And she didn’t know anything about the internet but that’s what she saw – a website!

Overall, I was confused, shaken and pissed off.

Also, I was now worried I’d made a huge mistake and that everything I did and thought from now on, would be taking into consideration with what she said.

Would it affect my trading?

Would it affect my relationships with anyone I met?

Would all my decision making be based on what I’d heard?

Could I change my path if I wanted to?

SHOULD I try to deliberately change my path?

But the very next day, something happened which made me start to re-think things…….


Part 3 coming soon!



  1. Janine Tadarsky says:

    A friend of mine once went to a psychic years ago and everything she said came true! She ended up marrying the exact man that was described to her, among other things. I’ve never been myself as I am to scared to find out! But I might give it a go after what you’ve said. Looking forward to part 3!!

    1. Hi Janine, thanks for your comment! I was scared too but it’s turned out to be a great decision, as you ‘ll find out if you keep reading 😉

  2. Nice post Tim, as usual. Really hard to know how real all this stuff is but I guess only you will know how possible it is for the psychic to know about certain things. I’m certainly open-minded towards it. Might give it a shot myself!!!

    1. Hi Charlie, thank you! Yes, why not give it a go? I have to admit, it did freak me out at first and I think whether you do it depends on what kind of answers you are looking for, if any. But it’s definitely 100% real – take my word for it!

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