All the copy for my own website (headlines, taglines and marketing for every page) was written by myself, as you might expect! But here are a few examples of my recent web / marketing copy at Vikasa Signature Yoga Vacation Page. I revamped Vikasa Yoga Retreat’s copy here, editing the original and creating the key concept of a “REAL vacation” and the headline “Take a Deep Breath from Life.” 

I have further copy which will be added soon for their Yin Yoga Teacher Training in November. I came up with the lead concept of “Relax. Release. Restore.” and built around this idea, making sure text was scannable (vital in today’s web copy but something missing in most of Vikasa’s). Here’s a sample:


Learn the Incredible Healing Power of Yin Yoga with our First Ever 100 Hour Teacher Training (November 11th – 22nd 2019)

The world moves and changes at such a fast pace that we find ourselves chasing for answers, peace, health and happiness, externally.

During this Yin Yoga training, we will provide the time and spaceyou need to look within; to get to know your body and yourself.

You will learn to relax body and mind, to release trapped emotions and stress, and to restore health and happiness – and restore the REAL you.

  • Do you want to develop your Yin Yoga or meditation practice?
  • Would you like to learn how to slow down the pace of life and encourage more mindfulness?
  • Perhaps you’d like to deepen your self-awareness and concentration?

If the answer to any of the above is “Yes!” then this brand new VIKASA course is for you.

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