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My New Famous Friend!!

I have mentioned a few times a new friend who has come into my life since I began blogging. The circumstances surrounding how she suddenly appeared and who she is, left me in very little doubt that we were drawn together through the law of attraction. In fact, I would say she is a major reason why I now believe in it 100%. For a while now, I had asked the universe to send me someone who I could talk to about what I’d been going through the past 18 months. Someone who understood this pathway, was either going through the same spiritual enlightenment or was already experienced in this way of living. But I hadn’t met anyone who really understood what I was going through.  Then, just a few weeks into blogging, I received a direct message on Twitter from a girl I recognised very well indeed…………..


10 years earlier, I was a very different person to the one I am today. Full of social anxiety, I spent most of my days indoors playing video games or DJ-ing. I also spent a hell of a lot of time watching TV. One of my favourite shows was the singing contest The X Factor. This is where people from across the UK take part in auditions and are whittled down by a panel of industry insiders (including Simon Cowell) until just one is left standing – voted by the public as the winner and going on to gain a professional recording contract. I would watch every weekend religiously and even would go online afterwards to chat about the show in minute detail with other people who also had nothing better to do with their time than speculate on which parts were obviously rigged and ague over why their favourite was clearly the best and if you didn’t feel that way you had no clue about singing!

My personal favourite was a young girl from near Manchester – a shy, down-to-earth lass with a velvety jazz tone, named Laura White.

Now, I always had a favourite every year but I’ll admit, I wasn’t watching to urge them on to victory. I was mostly in it to laugh at the appallingly bad, deluded ones who were tempted onto stage by the lure of fame and fortune, only to be shot down in front of the nation. However, this particular year was more memorable because Miss White went out early in the live shows (where the final handful of contestants sing live on TV) when she was a massive favourite with the bookies to win. She didn’t get the votes and ended up in the bottom two contestants. But the judges then have the final say who stays out of the two – and they controversially didn’t choose Laura. This caused an absolute uproar from the viewers! Not only were accusations of voter fraud being bandied about (people complained of not being able to get through to vote for Laura) but there was genuine anger that clearly one of the best singers had been thrown out way too early. Even I felt a nasty taste in the mouth and I normally didn’t give a shit – I quite liked the crappy ones staying in and upsetting things! But Laura was and still remains, the only contestant I ever felt was good enough that I wanted to actually spend money on phoning in a vote.

It reached a peak when a politician brought up the subject of Laura being possibly unfairly evicted, in PARLIAMENT! Its fair to say that during that furore, Laura was possibly THE most famous person in the entire United Kingdom!



I stopped watching the show a few years ago (finally copping on to the fact that it IS actually rigged and stage managed to a large extent) but when the debate came up, I would always say that Laura White was my favourite singer from every series. And that’s what makes it so surreal that it was her who messaged me, having heard nothing about her for a decade, on Twitter!  She had just read a post of mine  and decided to tell me she was moved by what I wrote. Bear in mind, no one had bothered to do that with any of my posts, never mind someone in the public eye.

Turns out she was still singing, very much in the thick of the industry, had released albums and was a song writer whose work had been sung by big names such as Rita Ora and nominated for  a Grammy.

Which made it all the more unusual that she would bother to message me! I had to ask her if it was THE Laura White or someone on her marketing team!

To be honest, I would have been happy with just a retweet and blog endorsement but to my surprise, we got into a long conversation and were still talking  a week later! I’m so proud to be able to say that she is a friend of mine now. I’ve met her in person and it was a rather surreal experience, meeting someone you’ve only ever seen on a TV show. There is something very special about her. Upon meeting, I soon realised just what it was. And this is the reason why I believe this was not a coincidence and that we were drawn together by the law of attraction – Laura GETS IT. She is the person I had been asking the universe for. It turns out that she has been living that spiritual pathway her ENTIRE LIFE.



At the age of 7, she had a voice speak to her whilst in the school playground, which told her she would become a well known singer. If that’s not freaky enough, at the time, Laura didn’t even know she could sing!

It’s my belief that she has yet to accomplish all that she will as a singer.  The X Factor was just a stepping stone in her journey. But of all the people who could have messaged me, the fact that it was someone in the limelight, who I already respected, the one person I ever voted for on one of my favourite shows and someone who is totally living her entire life the way I am trying to – from the heart. Going for her dreams. Doing what she loves. Never giving up. I realised that Laura is the only person I’ve ever known who has never lost that childlike state we all have knocked out of us by life.

Anxiety killed it for me. Parents, life experiences, trauma and societal expectations also knock us off the authentic pathway, the one where we are supposed to live our dreams and have fun and treat life as a joyous game. Where we don’t lose sight of our positivity and treat others how we wish to be treated. Laura is one of the minority in society who have never lost that. It’s why she doesn’t really need meditation or yoga or any serious self development and introspection to crush limiting beliefs and find her true self. She’s already there.

She’s always known who she is and has never let society or individuals feed her ego with negativity. She still has that childlike wonder and excitement for the world and that’s one of the many things I love about her.



What she’s done for me, is given me a true friend for the first time in many, many years. I think I only really ever had two true, close friends my whole life. For various reasons, they aren’t around any more. So that’s been a huge thing for me, as I have also been asking the universe for that. It might sound a bit like I’m starstruck but it wouldn’t matter to me if she was a singer or not because it’s her personality that I have clicked with. And besides, although Laura is a huge star in the making, in every way, she is also WAY too down to earth to induce being starstruck! This is a girl who watches Coronation Street, whose fave food is chicken covered breadcrumb sticks from TGI Friday’s and is more at home reading books on spirituality and listening to jazz on an old record player, than the high life of the London party scene! I feel as comfortable taking the piss out of her as I would anyone I’ve ever met (and I frequently do!).

We have grown close in a very short space of time and although we haven’t spent much time together, we both agree that it feels as if we’ve always known each other.

My message for you is this; it only takes one person to make a huge difference in your life. If no one ever read this blog again, it wouldn’t matter one iota because it brought Laura into my life and that’s already way more than I expected. So if you want to go for something new, don’t hold back; start that blog, join that class, change that career, travel to that country – it’s the people you will meet on the way that will enrich your life. When you start doing what you love, the universe has a funny way of bringing what you want to your doorstep…..



  1. healthqueensite says:

    Ooooh yes I remember Laura White, what an amazing singer! Will have to look her up again 🙂

    1. Buy The Painted Door, you won’t be disappointed!!

  2. Anton says:

    Spectacular singer, everyone should check her out, “The Painted Door” is a top album. Wish she was my friend!! 😀

    1. Agreed Anton! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. Amazing story Tim 🙂 I think everyone comes to us for a reason and sounds like you’ve both made a big impact on each others lives.

    1. Well she has on mine, not sure if I have on hers! Glad you enjoyed the story, thanks for your comment 🙂

  4. Darren P. says:

    Alright Tim, X Factor just started again this weekend. I guarantee they don’t have any singers as good as Laura White though!

    1. I saw that it had but I won’t be watching – not these days! And you’re right Darren – no one will touch Laura 😉 Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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