Gain all the expert help and guidance you need to manifest a life of service, freedom and abundance as a lightworker in under 6 months, with my rapid transformation LIGHTWORKER MENTORSHIP…..



Empaths, Healers, Psychics, Yogis, Artists, Coaches, Vegans!

It’s time to stop hiding, escape the matrix and enter New Earth…..

Do you feel overwhelmed, indecisive or stuck about what to do in life?

Do you fear failure or criticism if you went 100% towards your true calling?

Are you frustrated on how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest your dream career?

Imagine this…….it is 2021.

The pandemic is a distant memory as you wake up with a smile every single day, knowing you will ONLY do what you love.

You have total clarity on what you want, have found your personal power to go for it, and feel absolute freedom, using your gifts to serve humanity.




New Earth is here. The Age of Aquarius is dawning. The world is awakening.

Lockdown is slowly coming to an end. Did you use this opportunity wisely? Or are you gonna slip back into old ways?

It’s still not too late to make those changes your soul is yearning for and take advantage of this period of stillness.

The universe is calling you to serve and live your soul purpose in FULL ABUNDANCE. Not as a hobby, side-project or freebie.

Us empaths have had a rough journey for a reason – we have a higher purpose than most. Don’t let all that struggle go unrewarded.

New Earth is about lovers, creators, healers – we NEED YOU and your unique gifts.

It is no coincidence you are here now – you have been drawn to me and my message energetically – that’s the Law of Attraction in action!



From Anxiety to Bali!

My name is Tim and I’m just a normal guy from England. For over 30 years, I never had any belief in anything remotely spiritual. Yet somehow, I ended up teaching people how to create their reality using their mind and a universal law! Let me take you back to 2016 and the day I first discovered the Law of Attraction…… At the time, I was living a pretty miserable life. I hadn’t had a “proper” job for 10 years. This was due to severe post-traumatic anxiety following a random physical assault. I was savagely beaten down a flight of stairs and remember thinking, as I lay in a heap at the bottom, that if I didn’t  reach out for the door handle in front of me and wrench it open, this could be the end of my life…… as you can tell, I managed to grab it and escape. But the next 10 years almost led to me ending it myself anyway……. The shaking, the racing heart, that horrible constant “wired” feeling, the fear of groups of men,  eventually dissipated after a few years…..but the worry about my career and financial situation soared. I was a teacher before the assault. But I couldn’t face being in front of a class anymore. My confidence was shot and I just wanted to hide away. Medication only made me lethargic and I felt dead inside. My only hope for money was to find some way of working from a laptop at home. I taught myself how to trade financial markets…..badly. As the debt began to pile up, I had to move back with my parents. It was humiliating, embarrassing. I couldn’t be around other people and I didn’t have the money to socialise anyway. That meant I had no friends and spent days and weeks at a time where I barely left the house. Debt continued to spiral and with it, my anxiety. I felt hopeless and worse than that, a complete failure, a burden to my family and began to panic as I continued to fall into a black-hole that I could see no way out of……


Then came that day 4 years ago, when I discovered a book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This was the catalyst for a huge awakening which quickly led me to the Law of Attraction. Finally I had hope. Even though I didn’t believe it fully, I wanted to with all my heart. So I dived into learning and experimenting. I went through a very heavy, yet exciting period of inner work and healing. I began looking into online money making schemes with renewed vigour. I dabbled in several things; Amazon selling, dropshipping, ecommerce, affiliate marketing, MLM, cryptocurrency……but I either lost money or gave up quickly. Something didn’t feel right. I eventually realised……I wasn’t moving towards what my heart wanted. But what my heart wanted seemed pointless. From the age of 6, I knew I wanted to be a writer. But I had so many limiting beliefs around that, it was scary!

“I’m too old to get started in that industry”

“I don’t have relevant qualifications”

“I’m not good enough

“Only a tiny percentage make decent money”

“The chances of making it are slim”

“It’s not realistic or safe enough”

In my mind, it was far easier to make a ton of money first, for security, THEN try my hand at writing. Part of me thought I should just be a recruiter for a “healthy” juice product or set up a web-store for some cheap consumer tat from China. But the Law of Attraction stated I can have anything I want…… Fast forward ONE year and I had my first major manifestation: living for 10 months at a stunning yoga resort (see video below) on a tropical island with a mentor of mine, doing what I love, surrounded by beautiful souls, creating a book for the resort! Yet I had NEVER been paid for any writing work before, NEVER done any yoga and NEVER intended to manifest such an incredible opportunity!  

So what happened in-between? Simple: I got into alignment.

I took ACTION. I started writing. Blogging. And the Law of Attraction did the rest. From my parent’s spare room, no job, no money, no friends, no life, I got on a flight to South East Asia…..and I haven’t left since! I now call Bali, The Island of the Gods, my home.
It may sound as though this came easy but it didn’t. I had to take risks. I barely had enough to get on the plane to Thailand. I didn’t sleep for 4 days when I arrived, due to intense anxiety! I was thrown way out of my comfort zone on countless occasions, living in a foreign country, no family for support. But I just knew from an intuitive, gut feeling, I had to do this. I scraped together the flight money through loans and when the urge came to give up and fly home, I pushed through. Because I understood that everything I wanted was outside of my comfort zone – if it was inside, I’d already have it! So when something feels scary, I do it. If it doesn’t scare you a little, then it probably isn’t worth bothering with!

I always quote the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius:

“Risk is the currency of the Gods!”

timothy phoenix in Balitimothy phoenix ubud cafe

The bigger risk was actually to do nothing. To stay in that comfort zone, in a mediocre life and end up looking back with painful regret as I hit old age.

I knew I had something inside me. Something special that could help the world in some small way. I desperately wanted to be braver, to try something big. So when the offer of help from a mentor came, it was a case of “If not now, when?”

Something magical happens when you take inspired, decisive action. The pieces of the puzzle all started to slot into place effortlessly.

While out in Asia (and with a second period of deep healing and growing), I discovered my life purpose: that I am a lightworker, here to raise the consciousness of the planet. I do that through my writing but also I found a way to be a teacher once more – a Law of Attraction mentor! I discovered the full extent of my gifts, my purpose, and was able to create a life of abundance and freedom around them. I didn’t just manifest a career but also love, money, healing – even my Soul Tribe! As a mentor, I soon realised it was my calling to help other lightworkers, empaths and conscious people (my tribe who I discovered at the yoga resort), to do exactly the same. So here I am, fellow lightworker: at your service! christine-interview-timothy-phoenix


…is at the heart of literally EVERYTHING in your life. Even the fear being spread is all rooted in Law of Attraction – what you focus on EXPANDS. But if you can fully understand this law (and 99% of people DON’T) then you can power through ANYTHING.

One of THE major things I learned about the LOA was something most people get drastically wrong. And it is this:

“We don’t attract what we WANT…….we attract what we ARE.”

This is the cornerstone of my mentorship and why most people fail with LOA. For the major manifestations, it is not enough to just visualise what you want. You have to BECOME it. You can sit around on cushions meditating all day but we live in a 3D  reality and we have to interact with it in the physical at some point! We have to take ACTION. That is why it can take months or years before people get that dream career, lifestyle or love. And this is what my mentoring is all about – getting you to become the person you need to be in order to attract your desire.

You have 2 choices:


Do what I did; 3+ years of hard work and growth every single day, struggling to become the man I needed to be in order to manifest a heart-centred life, by myself


Learn from someone who has been there and done it and can take YEARS off the process


Whatever your gift (tarot card reader, energy healer, wellness coach, ayurvedic teacher, light-language channeler, musician, ecstatic dance DJ, tantric expert, astrologist, crystal seller, painter) it needn’t take years when you truly understand how energy really works.



This mentorship is perfect for you if:
  1. You want to make changes in life to do something more fulfilling, to be of service to humanity, but don’t know where to start or don’t know your life purpose
  2.  You already know your gift/talent but it’s either a side project, a hobby or you give it away for free and want to make a living from it so you can live the life of abundance you truly deserve

My mentorship is more than needless techniques for manifesting.  It is about total LIFE TRANSFORMATION. After working with me I guarantee you will:

  • Have your unique gift as a CAREER, not just a side-hussle
  • Finally have hope that you can make good money from your passion
  • See great manifestations in ALL areas of your life (health, relationships, love, money)
  • Gain clarity on what you want from life so you can easily move towards it
  • Discover your personal power so you are unafraid to go for what you want
  • Get unstuck and unblocked so you can manifest your dream career
  • Feel lighter and a sense of total freedom
  • Have a mindset so strong you will be UNFUCKWITHABLE!
  • Completely transform into your greatest version
  • Discover the power to be, do and have anything you desire


1 A FREE, authentic piece of Moldavite Crystal (or Herkimer Diamond if you prefer), which we will work with to aid in rapid transformation. 2 A free copy of my book The Law of Attraction Bullshit-Free Guide 3 A scheduled 60-90 minute (however long it takes, I won’t be clock-watching!) Whatsapp voice call every week 4 A daily plan – actionable steps for you to take, individually tailored for you 5 Me as your new Moldabuddy!! Someone who has been there and got the t-shirt and knows how to get you from A to B as quickly and easily as possible. Access via email and Whatsapp at any time (unlike most mentors).  


1 CLARITYI intuitively work out the root cause of all your major blocks and help you gain clarity on what you want from life in ALL areas (love, health, environment, not just career) and a clear plan to work towards it.

2 HEALINGI help heal you of trapped trauma, energetic blocks and limiting beliefs so you become a clearer channel for the LOA to work through you. I do this on two levels: conscious and subconscious level work.

3 MANIFESTINGI share everything I know about the Law of Attraction so it becomes a LIFESTYLE – not just something you dabble in every now and then. You will then be able to manifest the situations, people and circumstances required to create your dream life.

4 ACTION TAKINGI help you to take INSPIRED ACTION towards building a life around your gifts, with my special signature A.C.O.R.N Method  (see below)

5 RAPID TRANSFORMATIONI give you Moldavite Crystal to compress timelines, help healing and get you to that life of freedom faster. And remember, this won;t just affect your career – this about TOTAL LIFE TRANSFORMATION.

6 EXPERTISEI guide and support you through the whole journey of ups and downs by giving you DAILY ACCESS to my knowledge and experience of going from the matrix to a life as a lightworker.

7 RESULTS I guarantee to take months if not YEARS off your journey to a life of FULL abundance as a lightworker. In fact, if you are not working in your dream career after 6 months of mentoring, I will offer you more mentoring ABSOLUTELY FREE (see details below)!!

The A.C.O.R.N Method™

Alignment – clarity of purpose, vision building, living from the heart Connection – to source energy and other people, to create manifestation Opportunity – the ability to spot it when it manifests Risk – the courage to get out your comfort zone and go for those opportunities Never give up! – the motivation and mental strength to keep going through tough times   The correct application of the above through my coaching, will lead to you taking INSPIRED ACTION. This is missing from so many Law of Attraction teachings and what will make you grow into a strong, tall oak tree capable of taking on ANY CHALLENGE!

What do I do?

I help light-workers get UNSTUCK and UNBLOCKED so they have clarity on what they want in life, the personal power to go for it and my expert knowledge of Law of Attraction to manifest it. I have a strong, intuitive ability which enables me to quickly get to the root of people’s problems with ZERO bullshit or sugar coating! When I first meet you, I will know instantly if you can achieve your dream. So if I take you on, you can be 100% certain we will get there. No question. ⁠


What makes me different from other “spiritual” coaches?

No nonsense, no rituals, no fluff, no woo-woo, no dogma, no pretentiousness, no “holding space” for weeks – just straight talk and fast action! I don’t believe in spending all day in dream states or 5D. I’m not interested in eye gazing and “Namaste” and kum-by-ah round the campfire, sitting in lotus for hours. I’m interested in getting you an incredible life as fast as possible. I also have 3 years of documenting my own life on my blog, so you see REAL results. I also use Moldavite Crystal……..



I use the most powerful crystal in the world as a tool to speed up, intensify and increase manifestation and transformation.

Moldavite is an enhancer. It works with YOUR energy to bring up anything that needs resolving so you can move forward to a better life. Moldavite is the most effective tool I know to heal rapidly, so you become a clearer channel for the LOA to work with.

No crystal can change your life by itself – at the end of the day, it is YOU who will make the decisions when opportunities knock. However, with Moldavite and someone with proven experience of life transformation working with you, I truly believe you cannot fail.

Moldavite is no joke. It will rock your world, if you are ready for it. If you are stuck in a rut or a comfort zone and KNOW something needs to change – that YOU need to change – then you are ready for this mysterious forest-green, translucent gemstone to enter your world.

Moldavite can be so effective at rooting out and bringing up your shit, that change can be swift and overwhelming – as can the physical sensations which occur. Going through that alone can be difficult. But I will be your Moldabuddy – there for you every step of the way!!

And don’t forget, I will help you pick out a FREE PIECE OF MOLDAVITE for us to work with (up to a value of $100)!!





This is your chance to invest in your future, in yourself and TOTALLY TRANSFORM YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. 6 months working with me will give you all the time you need to turn your life around into something which at the moment, you are only dreaming about. Think about the amount of time and/or money you have already wasted by procrastinating or trying to do everything yourself only to get overwhelmed? Potentially missing out on 50, 60, 70 even 100 THOUSAND POUNDS OF INCOME DOING WHAT YOU LOVE over the past year? Think about the consequences of further inaction……another frustrating year of going nowhere? More years of 9-5 drudgery? This is an incredible opportunity for you to invest in life transformation and a new reality. Imagine waking up every morning and the first thing which hits you is the fact that you will ONLY do what you love, all day!! Feel the joy that will fill your heart when other people thank you (and actually want to PAY YOU) for helping them, healing them, transforming them. Soak in the immense gratitude you will have for your life and how everything you went through, all that pain and suffering, was WORTH IT – because it enabled you to find your life purpose AND turn it into a heart-based business. Picture the FREEDOM you now have to travel whenever you dictate (not some boss or company). To give charitably whenever you want. To spend more valuable time with your kids, soul mate or friends. Visualise how peaceful life is when you don’t have to stress about the rent or your work colleagues or the economy. Because you’ve taken back your power. You’ve made a stand. You call the shots now, lightworker!


If you are not working as a lightworker after 6 months of mentoring with me, I will give you a 100% guarantee that you will be IF you continue to work with me. So I will offer you FREE mentoring right up to the day you become a paid lightworker!! That’s how confident I am that I can help anyone achieve the results they want in their career. And I will not work with anyone who I don’t have 100% belief in. Intuitively, I know almost instantly if someone can achieve this. So it’s a no lose situation. After 6 months, you will either have your dream career OR you will be able to continue to work with me for as long as it takes till you do have that dream career – FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE!! And also know that this is a LIFE TRANSFORMATION programme. An intensive, 6 month training that will change every part of your life. When you sort out your career and purpose, your relationships will improve, your confidence, your finances, your health…’ll attract your soul tribe and soul mate if that’s what you’re looking for! So you’re not just getting an incredible career, you’re getting an INCREDIBLE LIFE. Think about what that is worth to you. No matter what, you will never have to pay more than the initial sum and you will get paid to do what you love every single day GUARANTEED, no matter how long it takes!! The only caveat to the guarantee is this: you must follow what I ask of you. If you refuse or don’t put the effort in, then the guarantee does not stand. I know what I’m doing and I am 100% certain you will manifest what you desire – all you have to do is listen and take action.


I do have a limit on the number of people I will coach – I only work with 6 people during any 6 month period. So once I have 6 clients, that’s it until 2021!

Remember: There will never be a better time than now, during this lockdown, to begin positioning yourself for the future. The world is never gonna be the same…..and that’s a GOOD THING. But only if you spot the opportunity. Now is not the time to contract (which is what most people do and why most people fail to manifest their dreams), now is the time to EXPAND. All successful entrepreneurs and investors do this – offense, not defence!

Remember your options:


Years of hard work and growth, going it alone, up dead ends and down wrong paths, stop-starting, learning through trial and error about how to find your purpose, how to build a business, how to manifest properly, how to heal, how to gain self-worth and confidence….


Learn from someone who has been there and done it and can take YEARS off the process

And here’s the important third option:


Stay where you are now. Procrastinating. Stuck. Overwhelmed. Fed up. In your comfort zone. Except you won’t stay there. It will gradually get WORSE. I’ve been there. The longer you put it off, the more the universe will throw at you. “Tower moments” will become more frequent and more disruptive. YOUR LIFE will slip by and panic will set in. I only tell you this because I know all that to be true – I put off the inevitable for 10 YEARS.

However, this mentorship is NOT for you if:
  • You don’t want to live the life of your dreams as a lightworker, being paid for doing what you love, THIS YEAR
  • You are not willing to push yourself and take decisive action towards your dreams, so you can manifest a new career by 2021
  • You would rather not take instruction from someone who has been there and done it and prefer to go it alone and take the long road to success
  • You are not willing to invest in yourself, your dreams or your future career
To discover how I can help transform your life and if I think we are a good fit to work together, book a DISCOVERY CALL today. This call will be set for up to 45 minutes, though can go longer if needed and we both have time.




timothy-phoenix-helenALICIA M.

Did you have any reservations about investing? No – my intuition was very strong that Tim could help me so I just knew it was the right thing to do. He spoke my language in everything he was saying. What was life like before? I was totally stuck, confused and fed up. I didn’t know what to do or where to go in life. My relationship was in trouble, I hated my job even though it paid well and there was so much negativity in my life from other people. I knew something was wrong and I wanted a better life but didn’t know where to start. What’s changed since the mentorship with Tim? Things started changing within the very first week! I ended a stagnant relationship and that was the start of some amazing manifestations. I had the best few weeks I’d had for years, as money came to me out of the blue, old friends I’d not seen in years popped up and I travelled for the first time in ages. There were difficult moments after that and without Tim, I probably would have given up and slipped back into old habits. But he helped me persevere and now I have moved away from my admin job for a major corporation in London, into a field I wished for since I was a kid – natural beauty. It feels way more ethical and I’m actually helping people now, rather than pushing paper around! What’s your best advice for others? If your intuition is saying to go for it then listen! Do not let your head get in the way.  

timothy-phoenix-jonnyGREG G.

Did you have any reservations about investing? No. I had met Tim a year before in Thailand and got to know him then. He really inspired me with his story and so when I heard he became a mentor, I reached out because I knew he could help me. What was life like before? Things were OK, I had a good life travelling around the world for several years and a well-paid job as a designer. But I had become tired of the constant moving around and wasn’t enjoying the backpacker lifestyle anymore. I didn’t know what to do next though. I felt I needed guidance about my career path because it wasn’t fulfilling me. What’s changed since the mentorship with Tim? I feel much more clarity about everything. He helped me see things that were holding me back which I didn’t even think were a problem. He even suggested to look into being a health and wellness coach – and something clicked! I am now fully qualified and love my new life. I have healed relationships with my family which were holding me back in all areas of life and most importantly, I healed the relationship with myself – the lack of self-worth and confidence. I was not expecting any of that when I first came to Tim! I have also moved continents – from Australia to Europe! I have created a brand new life in beautiful Portugal. What’s your best advice for others? This mentorship is not just about Law of Attraction techniques, it’s about transformation and healing. Tim looks at every aspect of your life, not just your career because he understands it is all connected. If you come to him ready to challenge and work on yourself, you can trust that Tim will get you where you want to be.

timothy-phoenix-aliciaNATALI K.

Did you have any reservations about investing? Yes at first. Obviously there’s the money side but I felt that the investment was more than worth it if it got me the results I wanted. Most of my fears evaporated after I checked out Tim’s Instagram and YouTube videos. It’s clear to see he is honest and has a rare quality these days – authenticity. But I always understand it is only me who can create what I want at the end of the day – you just need the right person who you resonate with to guide and support. What was life like before? Not good! I was a nurse and although I would say I loved my job, Tim knew better! He saw through the bullshit and called me out on it and much more. I was living a lie, convincing myself I was happy, wearing a mask so that friends and family would not see me as a burden. But deep down, I was burnt out, depressed and far from living my best life. I knew I had something to give to Gaia but I didn’t know what exactly or how. I used my intuitive and psychic abilities to give readings for a pittance and often for free – wasting my time and energy. I just knew I was meant for more, a higher calling, but had no idea where to start with that What’s changed since the mentorship with Tim? I feel like a new woman…..seriously! I am now using my intuitive and psychic abilities to make an actual full time living! Tim not only helped build my confidence and manifesting ability, he knows how to go about creating a career working online and gives massive help with setting all that up. I have reclaimed my power and no longer feel guilty about charging for my gifts. I miss many aspects of nursing but my god, I’m so glad I left! I have my life back and my sanity back. My family and friends have noticed the huge shift in me, commenting on how I’ve changed……but I told them I haven’t changed at all. Because they are now seeing the REAL me, that was always there but hiding under a forest of anxiety, guilt and low self-esteem. With my psychic readings, tarot and coaching business, I have multiple income streams which I never believed were even possible. What’s your best advice for others? I would ask anyone reading, what is the alternative? Carry on doing what you’ve always done? Stay stuck in your old life? Keep waiting for something to happen? How much time have you wasted doing that? How much money have you missed out on? You need to get out of your comfort zone to manifest the life you want. It’s not what you want to hear but it’s the truth! Tim will be the first to tell you that no one NEEDS a coach or mentor……but every successful person seems to have one. There must be something in it…….


Did you have any reservations about investing? YES!! I was super-scared!! I had no money left to invest, I was in debt actually. But my intuition was telling me that I had to do this and everything would work out. I had followed Tim for a long time on YouTube, watching his Law of Attraction videos and seeing his transformation. I resonated with him so much, I just knew in my gut I needed to work with him. So even though I didn’t have the money and wasn’t even working at the time, I found a way to borrow what I needed. Even then, I nearly backed out and I felt a little sick when I paid!! But it was the best decision I’ve ever made. What was life like before? I was struggling to pay the bills, my income was sporadic and even though I love what I do, I couldn’t get enough work to live the kind of lifestyle I wanted. I was fed up of the anxiety, the sleepless nights, the horrible sick feeling whenever another bill would land or another financial problem would come up. I was also unhappy with where I was living and had been lonely for a long time. I had my kids and I was following my passion but something was missing. I just didn’t know how to move forward and get out of this quicksand. What’s changed since the mentorship with Tim? Everything! Tim basically gave me a new perspective on life. He saw things that I had no idea I was doing (such as negative thought patterns) and would honestly blow my mind with some of the concepts and ways of looking at things he had. Very quickly, I was manifesting money and gifts from kind people and I was getting work as an artist from sources which I had NEVER done before! It was like he switched on an abundance tap and it all started to flow!! I’m not saying it was easy, oh no!! A lot of past stuff came up for me to deal with and I had some rough days. But I’m now in a position where I’m booked up for months in advance. I’ve manifested a new, bigger, better paying agency! And it’s even rubbing off on my kids because they have started manifesting opportunities and money too!! The cherry on the cake was me finally selling my house after almost a year of trying – and I got way more than I was initially asking for!! What’s your best advice for others? First, there’s no shame in getting financial help to invest. If I hadn’t done it, I would not be where I am today. Don’t wait until you have the money, find a way to pay for it because until you invest in yourself, you won’t grow. I have recouped what I paid several times over already through work I’ve manifested. Second, go with your gut feeling. If it feels right, don’t overthink it (like I did!). Third, DO IT!!


Did you have any reservations about investing? I didn’t really have the money to be honest so I felt it was a massive risk to take on a mentor. But I had to look at my options. I had already tried going it alone, doing all the Law of Attraction work, the visualising, the vision boards, the meditations, all the different techniques, reading countless books. I was running my yoga teaching business as a side-hussle alongside my 9 to 5. But I wasn’t really getting anywhere and I desperately wanted to leave a job I hated. It seemed like such a huge mountain to climb and I was already burnt out from going it alone. The choice was simple in the end: keep doing what I was doing and possibly stay stuck for years or get help and start moving forward fast. For me it was a bigger risk not to work with Tim than to continue the way I was. Time is precious you can’t get it back but you can always make more money. What was life like before? Where do I start?! I was a complete mess. Constant anxiety, a nervous wreck. I was always tired and run down. The stress of running a new business alongside my job was literally killing me. Everyone around me was telling me to ditch the yoga, that it wasn’t paying the bills and taking up too much time, that the marketplace was too crowded, that everyone was a yoga teacher these days so I wouldn’t make it etc. I was ready to give up on my dreams. What’s changed since the mentorship with Tim? Tim gave me the confidence to see my true worth and was an absolute rock for me over the 6 months. He always challenged and pushed me to dream bigger and go for more and that gave me the belief I could do anything. When I started, I was literally giving away yoga for free. I will never do that again!! I’m now able to see how I can’t truly help others unless I help myself and take care of myself first. So I quit my day job, put my prices up and began manifesting the correct way (without all the bullcrap “techniques” they teach you on the internet!). My yoga business has grown exponentially and I’ve shoved all the naysayers words back down their throats!! Very satisfying!! But more than this, it has affected every part of my life. The negatrons have been cleared out. I have met an amazing new love partner. My health is back to its best – and I’ve been sleeping like a baby, long and deep for the first time in years. This is so much more than just career work. This mentorship changes who you are as a person and this impacts your relationships, wealth, health, all areas. Your entire view of what manifestation is and what it entails will be transformed. What’s your best advice for others? You are not paying for coaching, you are INVESTING IN YOURSELF. There is nothing more valuable than that. You are worth it.

***Disclaimer*** Please note that I’m not a councilor or therapist and am not qualified to give that kind of professional help. I take no responsibility for any issues arising from the steps you take from my guidance – ultimately, you must take full responsibility for your actions as an adult (I will not mentor anyone under the age of 18). All advice is given in the strictest of confidentiality and anything discussed will remain between myself and the client.