Law of Attraction Life Coaching with Moldavite



Inc. FREE piece of Moldavite Crystal for all MONTHLY plans and FREE copy of my book “The Law of Attraction Bullshit-Free Guide”

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? Your playing small does not serve the world. We are all meant to shine, as children do. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.”


  • Is anxiety keeping you trapped in an endless cycle of fear?
  • Are you fed up of never having enough money, no matter how hard you work?
  • Are you into the Law of Attraction but can’t seem to get it to work consistently?


  • Perhaps you dream of jacking in your soul-destroying, 9-5, rat-race existence, to do what you love?
  • Maybe you want to escape the toxic environment around you, move to a new country, start a new life?
  • Do you wish to find a soul-mate, union with your twin flame, or partner in crime to go on exciting adventures?


The Universal Law of Attraction (which states that like attracts like in terms of energy) can help you with ALL of those things…………..IF you know how to work with it to get it in your favour!

That’s where I come in!


I help get people UNSTUCK and UNBLOCKED so they are clear on what they want in life and exactly how to manifest it.

I have a strong, intuitive ability which enables me to quickly get to the root of people’s problems with ZERO bullshit or sugar coating! ⁠

What do I do?

I share my expert knowledge of the Law of Attraction to help you manifest faster, better, bigger. I provide Moldavite Crystal to help heal and rapidly transform your life. I get to the root cause of your blocks and provide solutions to removing them.

What makes me different from other “spiritual” coaches?

No nonsense, no rituals, no fluff, no woo-woo, no dogma, no pretentiousness, no bullshit, no “holding space” for weeks – just straight talk and real action! I also have 3 years of documenting my own life on my blog, so you see REAL results.

What experience do I have?

I transformed my life from anxiety and feeling suicidal, to living my dream life on tropical islands doing what I love – within 2 years. (Check out my blog or YouTube channel for proof). Scroll down for client testimonials/reviews below.

What programmes do I offer?

Monthly or Weekly Law of Attraction Life Coaching with Moldavite Crystal (see below for full details).


I can help you manifest whatever you want to create your dream life……because that’s exactly what I do every damn day! I LIVE the Law of Attraction. I don’t sit there and tell people how I just think about what I want and it all miraculously appears before me………I am taking specific actionable steps EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Over the past few years, I’ve been experimenting with the Law of Attraction, getting to understand it on a deeper, practical level.

It’s not some rainbows and candyfloss theory – this is real, tangible, quantifiable life and I document my own REAL life and REAL situations on my blog, to show what can be achieved


It has been THE major factor in taking me from:

      • living in my parents spare room sleeping on a single mattress (with springs digging into my body!)
      • jobless
      • penniless
      • friendless
      • anxiety riddled
      • barely leaving the house or talking to anyone for weeks and months at a time


      • living on a tropical island
      • travelling the world in a life of freedom
      • surrounded by beautiful souls & new friends in all corners of the world who support me in my dreams
      • doing the work I love
      • constantly manifesting whatever I want with EASE and incredible speed, the likes of which I could never have imagined!


Most people over-complicate manifesting and life!

My style of coaching is to always keep things simple. I won’t overload you with techniques or needless manifestation tools. I cut straight through the bullshit and look at the underlying issues – your own personal blocks and habits.


That means we have to strip back the layers of conditioning and negativity and mental constructions which aren’t serving us, before most of us can get to the relatively simple act of manifesting.

And I use a very unique tool to help do all that…..Moldavite!

What is Moldavite Crystal?


I use the most powerful crystal in the world as a tool to speed up, intensify and increase manifestation and transformation.

Moldavite is an enhancer. It works with YOUR energy to bring up anything that needs resolving so you can move forward to a better life. Moldavite is the most effective tool I know to heal rapidly, so you become a clearer channel for the LOA to work with.

With Moldavite and someone with proven experience of life transformation working with you, I truly believe you cannot fail.

Do you need to believe in Moldavite to make it work?

The answer is simply – NO! I never believed in crystals. But after buying a ring as an experiment, I could not deny that things started to manifest in my life………and I KNEW there was something to it when I could FEEL the physical sensations it made in my body.

It’s a myth that you need to believe in crystals in order for them to work, just as it’s a myth that the LOA only works if you believe in it. You can be the biggest skeptic in the world and still manifest – I was and I did!


The Power of Moldavite

Once you FEEL the power of Moldavite surging through your arm, pulsing in your hand, opening up your heart…’ll never go back. I don’t promise an easy ride but I do promise a wild one – full of stories, transformation and incredible manifestation.

Moldavite is no joke. It will rock your world, if you are ready for it. If you are stuck in a rut or a comfort zone and KNOW something needs to change – that YOU need to change – then you are ready for this mysterious forest-green, translucent gemstone to enter your world.

Moldavite can be so effective at rooting out and bringing up your shit, that change can be swift and overwhelming – as can the physical sensations which occur. Going through that alone can be difficult. But I will be your Moldabuddy – there for you every step of the way!!



Here’s what you’ll get with Law of Attraction Life Coaching with Moldavite:

1. A FREE, authentic piece of Moldavite Crystal (up to $100 value inc. postage), which we will work with to aid in rapid transformation and manifestation (MONTHLY packages only).

2. A FREE copy of my book The Law of Attraction Bullshit-Free Guide

3.  A scheduled 60-90 minute (however long it takes, I won’t be clock-watching!) Whatsapp voice or Zoom video call each week.

4. A daily plan for the week after the call. These will be actionable steps for you to take, individually tailored for you. I don’t do “one size fits all” coaching.

5. Access to me via email and Whatsapp at any time.  I will always respond as promptly as I can and you should never have to wait longer than 24 hours

6. The tools to HEAL your past traumas, limiting beliefs, subconscious patterns and trapped energetic blocks which are preventing you from manifesting to your highest capacity.

7. My personal meditations, manifesting routines and visualisations that I use to manifest EVERY DAY

8. Information on how to correctly use affirmations, journaling, vision building and goal setting to decide what you want from life and then create the correct mindset to get it

9. Me as your new Moldabuddy!! My job is to keep you accountable to the plan but also to lend an ear and provide advice when required.

10. If you trust me and my methods 100%, you WILL eventually achieve the life of your dreams.It’s only a matter of time – and that amount of time will be down to YOU. Because ultimately, the power is all in your hands!




Law of Attraction Life Coaching with Moldavite Crystal

1 Month £1333 

It takes 30 days for new habits to become ingrained; so a full month gives us just enough time to lay the foundations and start to see results. Some of you will manifest big things within weeks or even days – things which could change your life in a flash!

You will also get a FREE Moldavite piece, picked out by me to guarantee its authenticity.

3 Months £2999

One month of coaching might change your life – but the reality is, for most people, major shifts and manifestations will take a few months to show up. So for those of you who are already savvy enough to understand this, my 3 month package is perfect – and we can make some serious inroads into your life. It also gives the moldavite time to be chosen and delivered to you, then get fully attuned to your vibration – which can take a few weeks.

6 Months £4444 

Here’s something that surprises many people: most people who hire coaches long term are EXTREMELY successful. They are smart, ambitious and highly motivated. They also understand the importance of continuous growth and investing in themselves – that’s why they are successful!

They are NOT struggling, down and out or require drastic measures!

Some of the most successful people I know have 2 or 3 coaches!!

6 months coaching is for those of you 100% committed to making radical changes in your life and transforming into a master manifester. This period of time allows us to really go deep on all of your blocks and sort out every single area of your life: from career, to love, to finances to health.

This option is for those of you who are ready to take your life permanently to the highest level possible – no second best, no settling for less than you deserve. You’re ready to live your best life and become the greatest version of yourself.

1 Week Law of Attraction Life Coaching £344 

It should be noted that true transformation isn’t a quick fix and most people need at least a month to begin to work through those blocks. The first week is usually the most important week and many major things can be discovered in this time, as I’m always quick to pick up on where your major blocks are.

**If you decide to continue working with me for a full month after this week, the full amount will be taken off the monthly price for whichever package you take.

**There is no free Moldavite offer on weekly packages, unless you upgrade to one month after the first.


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Message using the form below:

*** Please check your spam/junk inbox for any replies from me. Sometimes my emails get filtered there incorrectly

Alternatively message me on Instagram @timothy.phoenix


Please note that I’m not a councilor or therapist and am not qualified to give that kind of professional help. Whilst I will certainly give advice on steps you can take to improve your life, I am strictly a Law of Attraction coach and will teach you about this subject alone and how you can use it to improve your circumstances. If I feel you might benefit from therapy or counseling of any sort, I will give my opinion on that but will not provide that therapy myself. I take no responsibility for any issues arising from the steps you take from my guidance – ultimately, you must take full responsibility for your actions as an adult (I will not coach anyone under the age of 18). All advice is given in the strictest of confidentiality and anything discussed will remain between myself and the customer.