New Earth Mentorship


3-6 Month Law of Attraction 1 to 1 Mentorship

CALLING ALL LIGHT WORKERS! Healers, Psychics, Yogis, Artists, Coaches, Vegan Chefs!

It’s time to stop hiding, escape the matrix and enter New Earth…..

Imagine this…….It is October 2020.

You’ve just completed 6 months of learning, growing, healing, manifesting.

You look back to where you were in April, during the pandemic, and cannot believe how far you have come.

You feel absolute freedom and are living your dream life, using your gifts to serve humanity.



What if this uncertainty in the world can change your life for the better?

New Earth is here. The world is awakening. It’s time to stop hiding.

Now is a perfect opportunity to re-evaluate. To not take life for granted.

It’s time to make those changes your soul is yearning for and move towards what you REALLY want.

The universe is calling you to serve and live your soul purpose in FULL ABUNDANCE.

New Earth is about lovers, creators, healers – we NEED YOU and your unique gifts.

Don’t stay stuck in the 9-5, rat-race, matrix with its crumbling patriarchy.

Don’t stay trapped in a grey life of lack and fear and stress and pain.

The governments and corporations and systems are not here to serve you. Take back your power!


The Law of Attraction is at the heart of literally EVERYTHING in your life. Even the fear being spread is all rooted in Law of Attraction – what you focus on EXPANDS.

But if you can fully understand this law (and 99% of people DON’T) then you can power through ANYTHING.

Most people will go back to their old ways when this blows over. Don’t be one of them.

This mentorship is more than just techniques for manifesting. We will go DEEP! After 3-6 months I guarantee you will:

  • Have your unique gift at the centre of your life as your CAREER
  • Be making good money from your passion
  • Gain clarity in every area of your life
  • Get unstuck and unblocked 
  • Feel lighter and a sense of total freedom
  • Have a mindset so strong you will be UNFUCKWITHABLE!
  • Completely transform into your greatest version
  • Discover the power to be, do and have anything you desire


Here’s what you’ll get with New Earth Mentoring:

1. A FREE, authentic piece of Moldavite Crystal (or Herkimer Diamond), which we will work with to aid in rapid transformation

2. A FREE copy of my book The Law of Attraction Bullshit-Free Guide

3.  A scheduled 60-90 minute (however long it takes, I won’t be clock-watching!) Whatsapp voice call every week

4. A daily plan – actionable steps for you to take, individually tailored for you

5. Me as your new Moldabuddy!! Access via email and Whatsapp at any time 

6. The tools to HEAL your past traumas, limiting beliefs, subconscious patterns and trapped energetic blocks

7. Everything I know about The Law of Attraction so you become a MASTER MANIFESTER!



I will only accept people who are ready to have the life of their dreams THIS YEAR. To discover how I can help you and if I think we can work together, message me on Instagram @timothy.phoenix or Whatsapp +4479 3447 1381


Who am I?


I help light workers get UNSTUCK and UNBLOCKED so they are clear on what they want in life and exactly how to manifest it.

I have a strong, intuitive ability which enables me to quickly get to the root of people’s problems with ZERO bullshit or sugar coating! ⁠

What do I do?

I share my expert knowledge of the Law of Attraction to help you manifest faster, better, bigger. I provide Moldavite Crystal to help heal and rapidly transform your life. I get to the root cause of your blocks and provide solutions to removing them.

What makes me different from other “spiritual” coaches?

No nonsense, no rituals, no fluff, no woo-woo, no dogma, no pretentiousness, no bullshit, no “holding space” for weeks – just straight talk and real action! I also have 3 years of documenting my own life on my blog, so you see REAL results.

What experience do I have?

I transformed my life from anxiety and feeling suicidal, to living my dream life on tropical islands doing what I love as a writer and LOA mentor – within 2 years. (Check out my blog or YouTube channel for proof). Scroll down for client testimonials/reviews below.


The Law of Attraction has been THE major factor in taking me from:

      • living in my parents spare room sleeping on a single mattress (with springs digging into my body!)
      • jobless
      • penniless
      • friendless
      • anxiety riddled
      • barely leaving the house or talking to anyone for weeks and months at a time


      • living on a tropical island
      • travelling the world in a life of freedom
      • surrounded by beautiful souls & new friends in all corners of the world who support me in my dreams
      • doing what I love as a light worker
      • constantly manifesting whatever I want with EASE and incredible speed, the likes of which I could never have imagined!

What is Moldavite Crystal?


I use the most powerful crystal in the world as a tool to speed up, intensify and increase manifestation and transformation.

Moldavite is an enhancer. It works with YOUR energy to bring up anything that needs resolving so you can move forward to a better life. Moldavite is the most effective tool I know to heal rapidly, so you become a clearer channel for the LOA to work with.

With Moldavite and someone with proven experience of life transformation working with you, I truly believe you cannot fail.


The Power of Moldavite

Moldavite is no joke. It will rock your world, if you are ready for it. If you are stuck in a rut or a comfort zone and KNOW something needs to change – that YOU need to change – then you are ready for this mysterious forest-green, translucent gemstone to enter your world.

Moldavite can be so effective at rooting out and bringing up your shit, that change can be swift and overwhelming – as can the physical sensations which occur. Going through that alone can be difficult. But I will be your Moldabuddy – there for you every step of the way!!


Debora Silva (Wellness Coach): Review of 5 Weeks Mentoring


I will only accept people who are ready to have the life of their dreams THIS YEAR. To discover how I can help you and if I think we can work together, message me on Instagram @timothy.phoenix or Whatsapp +4479 3447 1381



Please note that I’m not a councilor or therapist and am not qualified to give that kind of professional help. I take no responsibility for any issues arising from the steps you take from my guidance – ultimately, you must take full responsibility for your actions as an adult (I will not mentor anyone under the age of 18). All advice is given in the strictest of confidentiality and anything discussed will remain between myself and the customer.