The Law of Attraction Bullshit-Free Guide Book



This book is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve tried every LOA trick, technique and ritual in the book but NONE of them seem to work


  • You manifest SOMETIMES but it never seems to stick or remain consistent


  • You are looking for an easy to follow, down to earth manifestation guide that will cut through the bullshit spoken about the LOA


  • You feel confused or overwhelmed by so many people online giving different tips, weird techniques and contradictory advice


  • You want to hear from a normal guy who actually has some life experience (not a 20-something on YouTube!) with EVIDENCE of how I used the LOA to create my dream life out of the ashes


  • You want to be told straight, what is holding you back from manifesting – no bullshit!


Inside, you will learn:


  • The 18 commonly held beliefs related to the LOA that are actually complete BULLSHIT – and are holding you back from manifesting


  • How I transformed my life from YEARS of hiding away with post-traumatic anxiety, to living a tropical island lifestyle within ONE YEAR


  • Incredible stories involving many of the MASTER MANIFESTERS I’ve met and interviewed


  • Why being in a comfort zone is WAY MORE DANGEROUS than being at rock-bottom


  • Why tricks, rituals and “secret” workarounds like the 55 x 5 Technique DON’T WORK (and why you don’t need ANY!!)


  • How to become a MASTER MANIFESTER in the 4 major areas of your life: Money, Love, Health, Lifestyle……and why most people try to manifest them in the WRONG ORDER


  • Why the LOA isn’t working for you (HINT: It IS…….just not the way you want it to!)


  • Why you DON’T really want to be able to make the one you love, fall in love with you


  • The 1 MAJOR KEY to becoming a CONSISTENT manifester……and the SHOCKING reason why very few ever become one


My aim with this book is to make you:


  • CRYSTAL CLEAR on exactly what to do to manifest money, your perfect partner and good health


  • EXCITED about the LOA and ready to create your DREAM LIFE!


  • A CONSISTENT manifester – no more feast or famine!







This was my conclusion after spending the last few years of my life living and trying to understand the Law of Attraction. I learned so much about this universal law, from my own experiences but also from talking with hundreds of people at a yoga resort, many of whom I interviewed for my blog “Timothy Phoenix.”
This book is a culmination of this time putting it into practice so I could transform my life; from living in my parent’s spare room, barely leaving the house due to anxiety, to writing this very book whilst sat on the beach!

My experience with making the LOA a lifestyle, showed me there is a lot of rubbish spoken about it – this book is my attempt to put that straight! It is an easy to follow, down to earth guide to manifesting love, money and your dream life, using the Law of Attraction.

It looks at 18 commonly held beliefs around the Law of Attraction which are FALSE; aiming to cut through the bullshit spoken about this universal law and provide a simplified guide.

This guide contains real-life manifestation examples and stories, as proof that anyone can quickly transform their life if they learn to get this law working in their favour.

No matter what your level of knowledge or experience, the Bullshit-Free Guide will leave you feeling crystal clear about what to do to manifest CONSISTENT money, the partner that is PERFECT FOR YOU and your DREAM LIFESTYLE.