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Law of Attraction Manifesting: My ENORMOUS Goals for 2018 and Beyond!

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I’ve been on this path of personal transformation, awakening, enlightenment, creating my dream life, whatever the hell you want to call it, for 2 years now, since my recovery from anxiety.

Law of Attraction manifesting is the key technique I now use to create that dream life BUT you can’t create anything if you don’t have a plan – that means knowing what you want and setting ENORMOUS goals (sorry but small won’t cut it!!).

A year ago, my manifestation goals were: a trendy apartment in a shit-hot area of London, a BMW Z4 (in silver!), a close group of friends and a fuck-tonne of money from my financial trading job.

But things have shifted radically from what I originally wanted

After I began this blog in 2017 (I’m 1-year-old, happy birthday to meeeee!!) strange things started to materialise:

Writing work (my TRUE passion)

New friendships with people I NEVER thought I’d be friends with!

Opportunities to make BIG money.

And the offer of a lifetime to work with a YouTube mentor of mine in Thailand!

This began to shift my belief of what was possible. I knew for sure, the law of attraction was real and working its magic. So I felt, why not dream bigger?

So I did. I wrote about my new MASSIVE dreams here.

But that was 2017. And guess what?


Things have changed again!

I’ve always been focused on deciding what my job should be. What do I call myself?

What do I DO for a living?

What is my career?

But I’ve had an epiphany: why do I NEED a job title?

Why do I NEED to BE anything?

What if I could just do whatever I want?

What if I just worked on projects that interested me?

What if I was able to simply CREATE and LEARN what I want, when I want?

The thing is, I have many things I’m interested in and would love to do “for a living”.

  • Blogger
  • Novelist
  • Helping others overcome anxiety, depression, comfort zones, ruts
  • Electronic music producer
  • DJ
  • Financial Trader
  • Ben N Jerry’s Taster

I’ve always felt pressured into choosing one thing. In the past I was a DJ. Then a teacher (which I also loved). Then a trader (love-hate relationship!). But I want to be a writer and I would like to try my hand at music production.

Why should I have to choose from one?

Sure, I could do the others on the side, as hobbies. But that means I will always have one take precedence over the others. And the pressure I will have from trying to make that one successful and profitable………..well it’s already made things very difficult for me as a trader.

What if I had no pressure at all?

What if I could pick and choose my projects whenever I felt creatively inclined and motivated?

I 100% guarantee I would produce my best work under those circumstances and so ironically, would be way more likely to make them successful and/or profitable.

The question is, how do I make that happen?

I would need something to basically take care of my day today expenses but passively, so I can put all my time into creating.

How the hell do I do that?!

Answer: cryptocurrency investing.

I have a page set up about this, How to Make Money With Bitcoin so won’t go into more details here. But this discovery I made at the end of 2017, is going to be the passive income stream which will enable me to live that life of total creative freedom.


Sound far-fetched? Well Iook at it this way.

What I’ve realised is that I’m ALREADY living my dream life! Well, I mean, if you take out the fact I have no social circle, no social life, I have no money and I don’t like where I live…………..let me explain!

I realised, sat up in bed this morning, I was able to do ANYTHING I wanted to do, for the whole day. I was totally free!

If I wanted to write a blog post, I could do it. At any time!

If I wanted to spend some time trading, I could do that.

If I wanted to read and learn something new, improve my marketing skills, I could do that.

I already have time to create what I want, when I want. I don’t answer to any boss and I’m no slave to the 9-5. I already created that. The only problem is, I don’t make a lot of money! And it’s very up and down, month to month.

I’m hoping, no, VISUALISING, CREATING, a life where bitcoin will give me that more stable income stream and without having to do much day-to-day. It’s early days but I’m confident that will happen sooner rather than later.

So I also got to thinking, what else would I like?

Why not go for my BIGGEST, WILDEST dreams?


So here is what I want – 2018 version!!

What do I want to create?

A novel
A music album
Somewhere I can help others who are struggling in life (namely, this blog but who knows what else!)


How will I create the time and income needed to work on those things?

Multiple streams of mostly passive income from cryptocurrency investing and my work helping others.


Where do I want to create?

Anywhere I like, from my laptop! I want to travel the world, become a digital nomad, live in places like Thailand, Bali, South America, Canada, New Zealand wherever takes my fancy.

I would also like to have my own apartment in London  still – the old vision, complete with silver sports car! But it will be more of a base for part of the year. Because I want adventure and I want to see the world

Oh, and I want to do it all with my perfect partner!

Yeah, why stop there!?

I deserve to have love in my life (it’s been many, many years and fleeting at best) and there’s no reason why I can’t meet a fellow feminine digital nomad!

You see, before, I was still thinking in a limited way. I THOUGHT I was thinking big because that life in London seemed far from what I had at the time (and still have now!) but not TOO far away, that I couldn’t see it happening.

Now, I am dreaming bigger because I not only believe those things can happen but KNOW they WILL happen! It’s a huge shift in faith that has created these new plans. I believe we can create anything we put our minds to because I believe there are parallel realities and we can step into any version of reality we want.

Time will tell if I’m right (I am!) but look at the evidence so far:

I’m off to Thailand next month.

I’m gonna be helping people transform their life with Brett Moran.

I’m gonna be writing as part of that.

I’m already invested in cryptos.

I’m already starting preliminary work for my novel.

I’m already helping people (I hope!) through this blog (more writing!).

Bit by bit, it is all piecing together. Give me another year, who knows how much more I’ll have manifested? I’ve barely even begun working towards those dreams on a spiritual or active level.

My aim is basically to create a life of total creative freedom, where I don’t need to make money from those creative projects – but I will! Simply because I am doing them for FUN. And doing them in inspiring settings, with amazing people.

How wonderful does that sound?

Much better than a nice car and a nice flat, right?!

So I encourage you to do the same – DREAM BIG!! ENORMOUS! Because you can never go higher than what your thoughts allow you to.


  1. Awesome work Timothy Phoenix!! Thank you for being so honest and sharing your insight. It’s made me ree-evaluate my own goals and inspired me to go for bigger and better. Good luck 🙂

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