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Just Think Positive!! (and other annoying sayings)

When feeling anxious or depressed, has anyone ever told you to “Just think positive!!” It’s fucking annoying, right?! Is it the wrong thing to say? Check out my latest video to see what my opinion is, as someone who no longer has anxiety….


  1. Right on both counts Tim. Hella annoying to hear………but correct!! Sometimes we don’t want to hear what is right for us. I guess it does depend on who is saying and how they say it. We can’t just switch our mental health status on and off like a switch. But we can do things which will enable us to reach a state of positivity more often.

    1. Exactly right. We have to take some responsibility as individuals at some point. Yes, it’s not our fault we have a mental health issue but the question then becomes, how do you deal with it? What can you do to improve matters? There’s always a way out and it always starts with positive mental attitude. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. Garth says:

    “Just Think Positive” types are normally the ones who are effing clueless about mental illness, that’s what makes it so annoying. I’m not sure just trying to be positive or using positive affirmations is going to make any difference to someone with anxiety. There’s a much deeper level of problem going on, self esteem issues, trauma etc, that needs dealing with. Where you are correct is that the process to deal with all that STARTS with positivity – BELIEVEING it can be beaten and then getting help,.

    1. Great comment Garth, perhaps a little harsh on the “Just Think Positive” types though. At least they are trying to do/say the right thing. Someone who was truly clueless would say “Man Up” or “Pull yourself together”. But yes, it’s always a much deeper issue that is the root cause and this is why meds are never the answer and neither are affirmations (though still a good technique in the short term).

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