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Is the Law of Attraction Real? How I KNOW it is! (Part 1)


Me at work, writing by the infinity pool at my house, overlooking the ocean, Koh Samui, Thailand – all manifested using the law of attraction. Photo by Andrae Love Photography, Instagram @iamandraelove

A common question I get asked when people mail me is: “Is the Law of Attraction real?” and if so “How do I KNOW, for sure?”

Couldn’t it just be coincidence – all these incredible things that are coming into your life?

Couldn’t it just be a result of the hard work and positive action taking and personal growth you have put into your life?

Well, it’s true – those things do all come into play. I do actually think that what some people label as the law of attraction in action, I would just label as a coincidence and in some cases, confirmation bias. For example, when someone who you were thinking about suddenly phones or texts you.

That isn’t proof!!

Most people conveniently forget that they think about probably dozens of people every day. How many of them actually get in touch though? We only remember when it actually happens, never when it doesn’t. I can name at least 5 people I thought about today and not one got in touch (yeah, sad I know!).

It’s also obvious that the more you take positive action, the more likely you are to draw positive things in to your life. I say “obvious” but actually to most people, it clearly isn’t, otherwise the world would be a much happier place!


But I know it is MORE than just taking positive action.

There is a governing force at play which determines just how much positivity or negativity you will reciprocate. The problem is proving it!

The standard thing to say is:

“Look at your life – the proof is all around you.”

And whilst I believe this to be true (hence my truly awful life the past few years, compared to where I am now!) it doesn’t really convince most people. It’s a bit of a cop-out answer.

So how do I KNOW?


What would I consider proof?

To be honest, it’s no one particular thing. It’s an amalgamation of 2 years of research, learning, anecdotal evidence from trusted sources that I actually know, and my own experiences.

Let’s start with the research.

There’s plenty of it going back to the advent of quantum physics 100 years ago. I won’t go into detail on the findings as this is something I’ve mentioned in other posts but the findings of quantum physics are the key.

Quantum physics doesn’t have all the answers. It basically brings up more questions that have yet to be answered.

Some people don’t like that.

Especially when we thought we DID have many of the answers, through Newtonian physics, which neatly explains everything in a way we can easily believe in because we can SEE it or perceive it with our 5 senses.

Quantum physics studies things on a micro level and those studies show that something entirely different is going on – something which we struggle to perceive with our 5 senses. So for many people, this creates cognitive dissonance (i.e. it twists their melon, maaaan!).

This quote I found online explains this perfectly:

“Despite the fundamental flaws in the theory, the Newtonian view of the universe is embraced by most humans today as ‘fact’ simply because it describes most day-to-day physical phenomena so well and is based upon the notion of a fixed ‘solid’ Universe, something that most humans find very comforting. 

As a result of their day-to-day experiences, most humans interpret reality in terms of Newtonian three-dimensional space and linear time, in which everything is perceived as being separate from everything else. As such they are always looking out from themselves for their experiences in life, including solace and comfort, and in the process lose sight of the deeper human experience that lies within , and the essential interconnectedness (ONENESS) and multi-dimensional, infinite nature of reality.

In other words, most people today embrace an incomplete and simplistic view of reality because that is all they are aware of, or can relate to directly, much in the same way that human societies 500 years ago related to a flat earth, and anyone who had the temerity to suggest otherwise was invariably burnt at the stake.”



Also, there is the idea that time is not linear.

Non-linear time is a possible theory of time where there are no reference points, as if everything in time is either connected or alternatively occurring at the same time, and all possible choices and timelines are available to you. It’s a theory of time that is present in some Eastern religions.

It’s also what I currently believe, purely because of my experience with a psychic. It is the best explanation I have found for how she could have known my future so accurately.

My belief is that psychics DON’T read the future – they can see all your alternate realities because they all exist NOW – in parallel realities. They are seeing the most likely pathways of your life, based on your current vibration/frequency.

I’ve also met people and read about people who have had near death experiences or some kind of spiritual experience which took them out of their current reality and the fact is, they all experience the same things – an all-encompassing, deep feeling of love, no concept of linear time, everything that has ever happened is happening in the present.

Check out these videos for more information on the science behind the law of attraction and non-linear time:

Teal Swan

Gregg Braden

Bob Proctor

What you have to bear in mind, is that there will ALWAYS be people who don’t believe in any of the above, despite the evidence. There will always be further questions asked, cynicism from people who love to parade their academic knowledge by bamboozling you with jargon as a condescending retort.

That’s why the best proof will always come from personal experience.


I attracted views like this as a regular occurance into my life – Koh Phangan, Thailand, where I now live

Anecdotal evidence from people I’ve actually met.

The people I know who understand the law of attraction, have all come into my life since I’ve started awakening.  I’m not talking 1 or 2 people; I mean 10-15 (that number has increased to around TRIPLE  that between writing this post and publishing it!).

For someone who had no friendship circle and didn’t get out much, that’s pretty impressive! In fact, almost every single person I’ve met in a meaningful way since my awakening, has had a connection with the LOA.

Every one of them has an incredible, spooky story to tell of either hearing a voice which predicted their future or told them to do something. Or they experienced a glimpse of another dimension – without the use of drugs! I’d never met anyone who lived this way before. I believe they are being drawn towards me.

These people are all the most down to earth, grounded, caring, beautiful, happy and “together” people I’ve ever met. You might expect them to be a bit “out there”, or woo-woo or head in the clouds or a little wacko – but no!

The exact opposite!

They are mostly centred and at peace with themselves and really going places in life but other than that, totally normal. They are not “perfect”. They are still working on themselves and admit their flaws and some still endure real struggles.

But their vibe – it’s on another level. It’s infectious. For me, that’s all the proof I need that the LOA is real.


But I’ve had my own experiences to cement this too.

I’ve actively and passively had the law of attraction work for me in two periods in my life. It’s no coincidence that both times when I was POSITIVE and took positive action consistently, were times when amazing stuff started to happen (for a couple of years immediately after I had hypnotherapy for social anxiety and more recently, the past year!).

When I was consistently negative (mostly down to anxiety), guess what?

My life was negative!

Up till I had hypnotherapy, not a lot went right for me. After I was assaulted and had post-traumatic anxiety, NOTHING went right for me!

So it’s not that I am just grabbing onto the good stuff, the “coincidental” things that have worked out for me and labelling it as LOA proof. I’m looking over my entire life, good and bad – because the LOA is ALWAYS working. It will bring you positive and negative, regardless of what you want.

I also know that some crazy stuff has happened to me over the past 18 months:

And most recently, feeling an energy healer from a thousand miles away!

But now I’ve moved to Thailand, things have already started to happen which make that certainty even more rock-solid in my mind.  I’m talking CONSTANT manifestations and incredible “coincidences” on a regular basis.

And I can’t wait to share them with you!


Part 2 coming soon!



  1. You are so right Tim, unless people experience it themselves it very diofficult to get someone to believe. Keep doing your thang though……it definitely helps!!!

    1. Just try and stop me 😉 Great comment, thanks for sharing 🙂

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