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Is The Law Of Attraction Bullshit? (Part 2): My Story

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As I established in my previous post, I’m not 100% convinced in the law of attraction (LOA).

Quantum physics is very real and appears to back it up scientifically.

The research I’d done every day throughout 2016, studying people who were sharing their knowledge of the LOA and how it had turned their lives around, also proved a compelling argument.

But one crucial thing was missing; I hadn’t experienced anything decisive personally.

Despite attempting to live that mantra over the past year, being positive, grateful and living life from my heart, taking action towards gaining a life I truly desire, I haven’t made great strides.

Nothing major I’m trying to manifest has appeared. However, when I look back over my past and deconstruct how my life has panned out, it does seem to back up the whole LOA theory.

Up till my early 20s, I had social anxiety which was destroying my life.

At some point during my late teens, it turned me into a negative person. I started to view myself as unlucky and was always down on myself, hated who I was.

Under the LOA, this meant I was only going to attract more misery into my life. This was absolutely the case; the older I got, the worse my life became. I never seemed to attract much good into my life. Any potential new friends which appeared, I usually forced them away by not making an effort to stay in touch or socialise.

The ones I did have were not on my wavelength at all for most things. I barely considered them friends at all. Would friends make racist comments towards someone they cared about?

I hadn’t found my tribe at all.



After hypnotherapy which eradicated my social anxiety, I became an incredibly positive person. I started believing in myself and really going for what I wanted in life.

More often than not, I got it.

It was an incredible turn around. Things did seem to fall into my lap with minimum effort.

I decided to make a greater effort to try and become a DJ. I made mixtapes and sent them to competitions. I won two of them! I started going round bars and chatting to owners and resident DJs to see if I could get work.

And I did!

Things I was way too anxious to do before, were bearing fruit. I talked to people more in clubs. I even went on my own a few times and ended up meeting people just through being brave and chatting.  I became clubbing buddies with some of them, drawn together by a love of house music and ecstasy!

One ended up offering me a job working for her coach hire company. She had contacts in the nightclub industry and just a year after my social anxiety had hit rock-bottom, I was running not one but TWO club nights at separate venues!


My big dream, all my focus and thoughts and positivity every day, was on me becoming a DJ and I not only became one, I also had the added bonus that I was playing at MY OWN NIGHT! Now that is the very definition of the LOA; what you think about, what you concentrate on, what your dominant thought is, that is what you will manifest, materialise and become.



Now that doesn’t mean everything will be hunky-dory forever more. Because you can only control your own actions and thoughts – not other peoples. External factors are still going to get in your way and disrupt things.

It’s how you REACT to them, that dictates whether you bring more positivity or negativity towards you.

When I lost my job DJ-ing, I was forced to look for alternative work. I didn’t mope around (not for long anyway!) and I retrained as an English as a Foreign Language Tutor. My plan was to go abroad and teach for a bit. I never saw it as a full-time career but that’s what it became.


Because on the training course I got talking to one of the women there who was already a teacher. She invited me to her workplace to watch her in action.

Now, the old me wouldn’t have even made conversation with the person sat next to me, never mind accepted the invitation and gone. But I did and I met her boss who was impressed with me and offered me a full time job!

So just a few months after losing my dream job, I was now earning money doing something I’d always wanted to do since a child!


Or the law of attraction in action?

This is the question I’m constantly asking myself.



Things were going on this upward trajectory for a few years. I ended up almost losing my teaching job due to redundancies but saved it by accepting a transferral to London.

I couldn’t believe my luck!

I not only kept my job but was moving to the city I’d always wanted to move to. It was the start of two wonderful years where I met amazing people, had a social life like I’d never experienced before and was starting to feel truly happy for the first time in my life.

My love life seemed to shoot through the roof as well. It was like I became a magnet!

That’s not me being big headed. I just want to show you how it turned around so drastically from literally repelling women with my shyness and insecurity to barely having to do any work to get women interested, whereas before it seemed like one huge chore and a litany of embarrassment!

Even when disaster struck again and I was finally made redundant from teaching, I got such a good redundancy pay that I had a chunk of money that I’d never seen in my account before. Enough to enable me to fulfil yet another dream I’d had since a child – to travel the world!

I took a round the world trip for a year which was to become the best months of my entire life. That was until the end……..

More on that in part 3 when I’ll be discussing the negative side of the LOA.


  1. Summer says:

    The law of attraction is not bullshit in my opinion! I think its something you have to experience for yourself. Once you do, you will know that its a real concept. Until you see those things start to manifest in your life, its more difficult to have faith and believe in it.
    Great blog, good luck Timothy!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Summer 🙂 You are correct. Unless you are already a spiritual person, the LOA is so “out there” that you can’t really expect anyone to believe it unless they actually experience manifestations first hand. But there are many other reasons to have faith in it, which I will mention in greater detail in a post coming soon.

What are your thoughts?