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Is Anxiety a Mental Illness? (Part 2 – Medication)

Did you know there is actually no concrete proof anxiety or depression are caused by a chemical imbalance? Or that it’s a genetic disorder? Well you should do! But for some reason, they’ve become things that people trot out as fact. I’m not going to spend ages referring to the proof for this as it would take up too much blog space – do the research and you’ll see (check out the resources at the bottom of the page too).

Did you know that the third highest cause of death in the United States is iatrogenic (behind only cancer and heart disease)? If you’re thinking “What the hell are you on about Tim?!,” you’d be well within your rights, as it’s not something that’s well known. But it should be. Iatrogenic death is one caused by medical treatment. In other words, DEATH BY DOCTOR! Pretty shocking, right?

Around 100,000 (out of around 1 million iatrogenic deaths per year) are from non-error, adverse reactions to medication. That means more people die per year from legal drugs, than from motor vehicle accidents – and that’s just in the USA!!

So you might well ask, “Why is this information not common knowledge?” The answer is the same for the questions, “Why do so many people think anxiety and depression are diseases, genetic disorders or chemical imbalances?”……….

The Pharmaceutical Industry.

Or more specifically, the multi trillion dollar companies who profit from selling legal drugs, collectively known as Big Pharma.



Big Pharma could not care less about your well-being. It is not in their interest for you to get better! They profit from your continued use of their drugs. Drugs which often don’t work. And when they do, it’s probably only due to the placebo effect (yes, it is a real thing and has been proven in every medical test there is!) and are just as likely to mess you up even more. And that’s not to mention the side effects! By the way:

There is no such thing as a side effect. If a product has a litany of side effects, those are not side effects – THEY ARE THE EFFECTS! It’s just hit and hope, pot luck as to whether you will be made ill.

Big Pharma know this, which is why they list all these potential issues – they just don’t want to get sued when inevitably, vast swathes of people get those symptoms.

So now you might be wondering: “If meds are so bad, why do doctors shell them out like sweets?”

Doctors are just humans. They don’t know everything and the more we as a society start to understand that and get rid of this total 100% blind trust in them, the sooner we’ll open ourselves up to the reality that there are alternatives to the crap they pedal (on auto-pilot, to be fair to them) that is made by Big Pharma. That’s the crap that you might well be taking now and the crap I was taking for YEARS. Till I realised the harm it was doing me. Till I understood that it wasn’t  treating the cause, only the symptoms,  and would never make me 100% better. Till I researched and found natural, less harmful alternatives (like St. John’s Wort and 5-HTP). Till I delved into the murky politics behind the greedy capitalist enterprises behind these meds.


If you do take medication prescribed by your doctor, I AM NOT HAVING A GO AT YOU!

I was there too, remember! It’s not anyone’s fault and no one should feel guilty for taking them. It’s just a sad state of affairs that in Western society, the first answer to any health issue is to pop a pill. That’s the norm, so we blindly trust it’s the best thing to do. If they make you feel better (even though it’s probably just a placebo) then that’s great. But have you tried natural alternatives? Did your doctor or psychiatrist even mention them? Probably not. Why? They will tell you that there’s not enough studies done on these alternatives or that they aren’t proven to work on everyone. Well I’ve got news for you – NEITHER IS THE SYNTHETIC SHIT THEY ARE PEDALLING YOU! But understand that doctors are just humans. There are good ones and bad ones.

I had a doc who initially put me on anti-anxiety pills after I was assaulted. Did they work? I felt a bit better, yes. Or at least, the placebo effect made me feel a bit better.

Did it cure my anxiety? No. Did they create new problems for me? Yes. I was dead inside. Lethargic. Emotionless. I wasn’t dealing with the root cause, the real issues. Did my doctor ever ask me about them? Hell no!

I just turned up every month, picked up my meds and ran off home, happy to be back shut away from the world and sedated. It was only when I had no alternative but to switch doctors, that things changed. My new doctor actually seemed to care! He asked me if I was happy. I said no. He told me about CBT.  It changed my life. That’s the difference a good doctor can make.



You’d have to be completely ignorant not to know that we have an epidemic of people popping pills in the Western world, yet somehow still have a (growing) epidemic of people with anxiety and depression. Add in a cancer epidemic and you have to wonder if there is a direct correlation………and the scary thing is, some studies seem to prove this. I took this from the site

Efforts to prove the link between antidepressants and cancer, namely breast cancer, have been stalled as study results seem to go both ways: Some finding a link while others did not. This may be due to inconclusive studies, or it could be a result of Big Pharma protecting its products.

There’s a reason why drugs are always the first port of call from mainstream healthcare professionals; it’s a trillion dollar industry. The people behind those kind of extraordinary profits are very powerful. It’s why you’ll find research and testing of meds is often paid for by Big Pharma – no conflict of interest there then! Again, do the research. You won’t have to look too hard to find that pills don’t have to do much better than a placebo (sugar pill) does in testing, to pass regulations. We used to believe that cigarettes were fine. Guess who was most responsible for that myth? The fucking cigarette companies! Aided by the medical profession. I have a horrible feeling we are going down the same path with pharmaceuticals.

Listen, I was on pills myself. My aim is not to scare people, simply to get them to understand fully what they are doing and to always do their own research. If you think I’m scaremongering, ask yourself this; why would anyone want to do that? There’s no reason for someone to deliberately lie about the dangers of meds. But there is one very large reason for people to hide those dangers……..


At the end of the day, if the evidence is inconclusive, why take the risk?



Now I know what many of you will be thinking: “I take meds and they make me feel better! I can’t cope without them! I have a mental illness!”

During my first bout of anxiety, I wasn’t aware at the time that I had a mental health issue. I just knew I didn’t feel right, my life was a mess and needed a solution. I found that solution by doing my own research – no help from a doctor. I was too scared to go to a doctor! I didn’t take any meds at all. I made a choice to try and change my life and I did it. How would categorising myself as mentally ill have made any difference? Well, it would have probably made things worse! I might have panicked and believed the crap going around about chemical imbalances and genetic disorders. I almost certainly would have been put on meds and stayed on them for years. Then I might have been suckered into believing that meds are the answer and they are perfectly fine. Maybe I’d still be taking them 10 years later. None of that happened the first time, with social anxiety. Instead, I went on to have a full recovery (through hypnotherapy) and become the confident, happy person I always wanted to be.

The second time, I fell into the trap of the Western medical myth; that we need to pop pills to make us better and keep us better. That I had a mental illness and that this was to be my life now. I was Timothy “anxious” Phoenix. But that’s OK because that’s just the way it is. I’d have to own it and struggle on.


Who benefits from perpetuating the idea that you are mentally ill, and illness and disease and chemical imbalance = medication to get better?


Fortunately, my new doctor helped me by educating me on the therapies that could help me, instead of the drugs that don’t.

Ask yourself this; why am I taking meds? To feel better? Or to GET better? There’s a crucial difference. Because meds only treat the symptoms of anxiety or depression – they don’t treat the cause. So you can never GET better purely with meds.

If that is the case, what is the point of taking them? I understand that they can really make a difference (even if only psychologically) in the short term but as I say, I took natural remedies which were just as good as treating the symptoms. BETTER, if you take into account the fact they didn’t leave me feeling like a zombie and are far less likely to do any damage that putting synthetic crap into your body could do (and does – see iatrogenic deaths). But of course, Big Pharma don’t want you to know about them. It’s all new-age, woo-woo bullshit, right?

The problem is, when people feel better after taking meds (or worse when they try to get off), it makes them feel like they can’t cope without them. They become dependant. When they inevitably don’t lead to full recovery, they suffer a relapse (as 80% of meds users do) but instead of getting off the obviously useless meds, what happens? The doc gives them a higher dosage or a stronger pill to pop! This reinforces the belief that meds are the answer.


The patient now risks nasty comedowns if they decide to ever get off them. And I know because I had one when I made the decision! Way worse than any illegal drug comedown (and let me tell you, I’ve had PLENTY of them!). Plus, being heavily sedated often removes any motivation the patient might have to actually do the work required to deal with the underlying issue (again, something I know as I barely left the house for a year!). All the time, these meds are doing god-knows what to the internal system. It’s time to wake up folks, just like people did with nicotine. There are alternative ways of truly crushing anxiety and depression. And I’ll mention those in part 3.

Please check out the links below to read up in greater detail on what I’ve written. They are websites created by people who have overcome anxiety and depression – just like me! You’ll find stats, detailed explanation of the science behind it, personal stories and courses you can take to gain knowledge and fully recover:

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  1. Hey Tim, I think more people need to say what you’ve said here to be honest. It’s shocking what the pharma industry does and the lies they spread as facts. Good on you!
    🙂 🙂
    Sandy x

    1. Hi Sandy, thank you! I know I’m opening myself up to criticism with my views here but it’s only said with good intentions. And they aren’t just my views. There’s a large minority that know the truth and we are getting louder. I just hope it doesn’t take an even bigger epidemic of death or mental illness till the majority wake up.

  2. I’ve been a meds user for years for my depression and whilst I believe it is a mental illness I totally agree that meds are not the answer. They have stolen the real me and I know I have to get off them to change my life.

    I’m dreading that moment when I have to come off them. Thank you for writing though becuase it’s a good to know that afterwards, I can get my life back.

    1. That is exactly how I felt – stolen. I’ve yet to meet anyone who feels normal on meds. But at least you know they aren’t the answer. Too many seem to think it’s fine to stay on them for years, which is such a dangerous risk to take.

      Don’t worry about coming off them. Short term pain for enormous long term gain. You’ll get there one day, just don’t give up 🙂

      Thanks so much for your comment 🙂

  3. Hey Tim I do think some meds are OK in certain circumstances, like if the person is suicidal and needs quick help. If they aren’t aware of the alternatives, it’s the only way to go really. But definitely nobody should be taking them long term.
    Great post though, as usual!

    1. I totally agree Heather. I was suicidal and put onto citalopram, which helped me quell those thoughts. But people aren’t made aware that you don’t need to take that kind of crap when there are equally effective natural alternatives. Of course, I’d never have a go at the user – this is down to the medical profession, Big Pharma and society in general.

      Great comment, thank you 🙂

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