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Interview with Doctor with 93% Cancer Cure Record!

The more I go down this journey of awakening, questioning our world, our reality, the more I realise how messed up it is. We, especially in Western society, have got so much completely backwards. Healthcare is the best example of this.

I’m the kind of man who likes to keep things simple. Us humans always try to over-complicate things. We have a natural tendency to look too deeply for answers, because we think that if the solution sounds too simple, it can’t work – it can’t be true. What I’ve learnt in recent times, is that our health boils down to 2 basic things:

What we put into our body

What we put into our mind

That’s it.

Feed your mind with negative thoughts or your mouth with unnatural products, and you become ill.

It’s that simple.

The problem is, we aren’t taught this in school. So we go through life with all the stress, the self-loathing, the anger, the worry, the pollution, the GM foods, the preservatives, the alcohol, the drugs (including prescription drugs) and we think it’s OK because we aren’t on our death-bed (yet), then one day – BOOM!



Heart Disease.

And the biggest killer of them all – cancer.

But for some reason, we don’t put two and two together. We think it’s just “bad luck” or assume it’s hereditary because a family member had it too. But in most cases, these issues have been building for months or years, we just don’t realise because we can’t see it.

Western medicine has been based on waiting till the person is ill and then treating that illness; except we aren’t treating the CAUSE – we are treating the SYMPTOM. We are given pills and surgery but this only stops the symptoms and not the underlying cause, so most people never get fully better.

In many cases, this actually makes things WORSE.


What’s the third highest cause of deaths in Western society?

Iatrogenic – otherwise known as death by doctor. Perfectly avoidable deaths due to unnecessary prescriptions and surgery and treatment like chemotherapy. Yet how many people know this fact? We blindly put faith in doctors, yet I know from my own experiences, I would probably still have anxiety today if I’d stayed with the wrong doctor and not got a decent one.

I often see people with anxiety writing or talking with disdain about being told to eat more healthily, exercise more, get more fresh air, and even look upon things like CBT and talking therapies negatively – as if they can’t possibly work. That’s just too “easy”.

“My mental illness is far too difficult for something so simple to cure me.”

Unfortunately, that attitude is what keeps them stuck in negative destructive cycles. I believe it’s the same with cancer. Yet there are many people out there who have been cured of cancer. We just don’t seem to hear about them – certainly not in mainstream media. You need to dig around online.

Whenever I mention I’ve read about people who have been cured, sometimes overnight, what’s the usual response?


It’s cancer.

It can’t be cured just like that!

People say the same about anxiety and depression, yet here I am, living proof that it can be cured instantly and it can be cured without drugs. And I’ve read about and spoken to many others who have experienced the same. So why not with cancer?

Because it’s “worse”?

Is that really a good reason?


Before watching this video, I ask that you do so with an open mind.

Come with fresh eyes and a willingness to learn. Because I truly believe this is one of the most important interviews you will ever watch. We all know of someone affected by cancer – I’m no different. If there is a way that can cure it and just as importantly PREVENT it in the first place, we should take the time to listen.

What Dr. Coldwell says here is so simple, anyone can do it. But don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s TOO simple. Don’t over-complicate life.

Put good things into your body and good thoughts into your mind and your chances of being healthy are massively improved. And after all, if you don’t have your health, what have you got?


  1. Winterfell says:

    I’ve been preaching this for a long time Tim, great to see others are starting to spread the word too. Cancer IS CURABLE and naturally. No need to go through the horror of chemo. This man is a saint for the work he’s done – and people are trying to literally KILL him for it. Sad world. Once the truth gets to more people, cancer will be eradicated. Thank you for this Tim.

    1. My pleasure 🙂 It’s all about education. As you say, the more people realise that there are a minority of powerful people who don’t care about us and will do literally anything to keep themselves in power, the planet will slowly start to awaken. In the meantime, people like me and you and the Natural Health show and Dr. Coldwell, ycan hopefully speed up that process.

      Thank you for your commment!

  2. Lucy Merc says:

    Great to see you spreading this info Timothy. Such a sad world we love in when men like this are being silenced for helping humanity.

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