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My Huge Financial Law of Attraction Goals


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Over the past year and a half, I’ve dedicated my entire life to learning about becoming a better person and creating a better life. Perhaps the biggest aspect of this was getting the law of attraction working in my favour. I’m at a place where I am now starting to attract people, opportunities and incredible “coincidences” on a pretty regular basis. But the one area where I’ve still yet to attract any real abundance, is financially.

I realise that this has much to do with the fact that my biggest mental blocks and limiting beliefs remain money-related – almost entirely in fact! I honestly don’t think I have ANY serious limiting beliefs remaining about anything else. But I know money is still an issue. It still plagues me, the worry and anxiety about not having enough money to do what I want in life.

When you saw me visibly upset in this video, it was entirely down to my financial situation. I’ve worked hard, every single day, no weekends off, no social life, to try to a change this but it is so tough when you don’t see any serious results after a while. It’s demoralising.

And you also have to add in the work I put in on MYSELF, behind the scenes.

The endless lines of affirmations, hours of meditation, visualision, self hypnosis, reading and exercises developed to help create a more grateful, abundant and prosperous mindset, over many, many months.

I’m now pleased to tell you that finally, I appear to be getting some reward………….things are happening. And here’s the really incredible thing; all of a sudden, I can see pathways opening up that are going to make me wealthy…….perhaps more than I’d ever expected.



Just after I reached my lowest ebb for 2017, things suddenly started to lift. But I don’t think it was because of the hard work I put in on that day just to stay sane! Or the proceeding few days, as I got myself straightened without crumbling.

No, it was the previous 18 months of daily self development that were now kicking in. It was that faith in the law of attraction and my work trying to shift my mindset, that is the real reason I can now see light at the end of the tunnel.

I know this because the things I was visualising 18 months  ago, the things I was taking action to acheive in 2017, I believe are going to come true. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe they would come true at the time. It’s just that I started to lose faith a tad in recent times.

I was prepared for the fact that all that work might have been for nothing – but I was OK with that.

After all, they were HUGE dreams I was putting out there! So if I only got a fraction of those dreams, I would be OK.  But guess what? It is back OOOONNN baby!!

Let me share with you what my old financial goals were.

About a year and a half ago, I had this bank statement  mocked up, showing what I hoped to earn in two years:

Future bank statement

Bank statement date


I kept this as a screensaver on my phone and my laptop! It’s still there in fact, but has been there so long, I barely notice it most days. I don’t really stop to look at it anymore. As you can see, I set my ambitions quite high: £250,000 in my bank account by March 2019, with £10,000 coming into my account each month. A quarter of the way to being a millionaire! Bear in mind, I was skint and in debt when I mocked that up – and NOTHING has changed since! So you can imagine why I’ve been so upset lately!

I could not see any possible way that I would have even a fraction of that figure in my account, with only 15 months left till the “due date”! I still believed I would make money though, if only because a psychic told me I would be successful! That was until a couple of weeks ago, where something the psychic also said, appeared to be coming true…….

She told me that I would make money from a website. She was vague about what it entailed – simply stating it was connected loosely to something I was already doing. And that people would get in touch with me. I was stumped at the time. It wasn’t till I started this blog that I thought “Maybe I’ll make money from this?”. I did, but nothing substantial. So I thought that was that.

But I was wrong. I had to wait an entire year for the psychic’s vision to come true but I believe that the seeds have been planted and are ready to grow into something special…… can find out more about this here.



This has been a truly unexpected Christmas gift. In fact, I would say if this grows into what I think it will (the multiple streams of income that I’ve been trying to attain and visualising for 18 months) it will set me financiallly free for LIFE. And maybe even by March 2019! Time will tell but let me tell you this; I know that if my money problems are sorted, they are the LAST major limitations I have in my life.

Even though I’m still nowhere near where I want to be in terms of lifestyle, friendship circle, love life, health and career (not even close in fact!!), those are all things that I KNOW are going to improve beyond recognition and are already changing, slowly but surely. I never doubted that. The only thing I doubted was;

“Where the hell is the MONEY? SHOW ME THE MONEEEEEEEYYYY!!!!”

Well the money has shown its face and has come to play! Now it’s up to me to show that my newfound beliefs around cash are cemented firmly in my subconscious. That my new wealth-mindset will get the money working FOR me, rather than against. Quite simply, I will be unstoppable once I’m financially stable. But I think I’m going to be a lot more than just “stable”……… this space!

Above all, this isn’t about dollars. It’s about financial freedom; being able to travel when I want, have time to create and write and immerse myself in projects that I LOVE. That’s what money means to me. Material things are irrelevant – they have never done it for me. And with this new opportunity, I can see clearly how that will all pan out. And that’s what makes me so excited!


What are your thoughts?