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How to Use the Law of Attraction to Find Love

We’re not in love but I do love her – my friend Faye (Instagram @lailafaye) from Brett Moran’s Yoga Retreat.

OK, it’s time to get real! It’s time to actively start manifesting perhaps the one thing that every human being wants in their life – love.

I’m talking romantic love, folks!

For me, that means a woman. Call her a soul mate, twin flame, or whatever cheesy phrase you like! I’m just gonna stick to perfect partner.

So if I want to manifest my perfect partner and find some Law of Attraction love, all I need to do is have positive thoughts which create positive, heart-based emotions. There are 4 main ways to do this:

  1. Vision Boards
  2. Visualisation
  3. Role Play
  4. Affirmations

Vision Boards

Personally, I don’t do vision boards but I do sometimes use photos as screen savers, for things I want to manifest. For manifesting my hot chica though, I won’t be doing this as I don’t want to be THAT specific.

To me, it doesn’t matter about skin colour, race (which is just a social construct anyway, there is only one race!), eye colour, hair colour etc. So I don’t want to limit myself to who I can manifest. I know what I’m attracted to and if I’m not, it won’t happen!

Things like eye colour are pointless and shallow.



However, I do want a woman with a smoking hot body, who looks after herself! So I’m not gonna lie, when I visualise, I do picture a toned, fit body. But I don’t zone in on facial features, hair colour often changes and I never really notice eye colour.

In my visualisation, I picture us together; talking, kissing, waking up in bed together, walking on the beach or in a forest or mountain trail. I want a woman who wants to see the world, so I often see us backpacking in a hot climate, seeing amazing sights.

I find visualising easy and can go into great depths. The other senses I find slightly more difficult but can still use touch, smell, sound and taste to enhance the emotion and that really helps to bring it to life.

I imagine the touch of her smooth skin, smell the freshness of her perfume, taste her lips as we kiss or the food as we have breakfast in bed, hear the birds singing or the crickets chirping outside.

I normally do this when meditating but I also visualise when I’m walking outside. It’s harder to do but I can totally switch out the surrounding reality and picture myself say, in Thailand (where I hope to meet her!), without closing my eyes. Instead of a concrete pavement on a dirty street in England at 0 degrees in winter, I am on a beach in 30 degree heat with a beautiful girl beside me!

I love visualising – it’s just daydreaming, really!


Role Play

Similar to visualising but with the eyes open! I will also talk out loud – so can only do this in the privacy of my bedroom! But it allows me to use my own body more, so it can seem a bit more realistic.

For example, I can move around as if going about my daily business, whilst having a conversation with Miss Perfect. When I kiss her, I actually use my lips (yep, the back o’ the hand routine from when we were teenagers!) and I actually use my hands to touch her (a curtain, door – whatever makes  a handy substitute!).

Yes, I look fucking ridiculous but that’s just between me and the walls!

Role play is great because it means you are doing what The Secret says you should – act as if you have what you desire NOW. As if you already have it. If you do this one thing, that is enough!



Any spare moment where I’m engaged in a boring, everyday activity (washing up, making dinner, showering, waiting in a queue, travelling to a destination) I will use affirmations.

Sometimes you don’t have time to role play (or just can’t be bothered!) so I do this instead. And yes, they do work! Buuuutt……….only if you put EMOTION behind the words!

So really FEEL it when you speak – don’t just go through the motions. They will lift your vibe and it will eventually, feel as if you actually embody the phrase.

You’ll see my partner affirmations below.

People often worry about how often they should do these tactics.

Personally, I don’t! But from what I’ve learned from all the resources I’ve read, you only really need to do it ONCE – as long as you don’t spend the rest of your time slipping into negative states of mind.

Because that will basically negate all the good work. If you keep your vibration high the rest of the time, you don’t really need to keep repeating your manifestation tactic. But most of us don’t live life from a place of pure joy every waking moment! That means we have to be aware of what we are doing at all times.

Here’s what I think. If you don’t BELIEVE 100% that your visualisation will come true, then you need to keep doing it till you DO believe.

If you spend large parts of your day feeling frustrated, worried, anxious, angry, desperate for this thing to manifest, then you need to keep doing it every spare moment you have!

If you are in a bad place and really struggling, again, keep repeating as often as possible, just to make you feel good for a few minutes.

If you are generally OK in life, believe it will happen eventually but are not desperate for it to come right now, I would say you don’t need to bother repeating – but I would do it anyway. Maybe just a couple of times a week. It can’t hurt, right?

Look, I don’t have all the answers, I’m no expert but I do know people who ARE experts. If it’s something major like a person, I would spend plenty of time perfecting your visualisation so you get the personality down. One take probably isn’t gonna be enough, so I’d keep practising.

I know one woman who manifested a billionaire into her life! Unfortunately, she forgot about the personality………don’t make the mistake she made!


So you might be wondering exactly what type of woman I’m after?

OK then, I’ll give you the juicy details! I read this list out loud, with STRONG emotion before I go to bed and immediately when I wake up, as these are the times when our brain waves are in a theta state and suggestions are more easily implanted into our subconscious.

This is also recommended in Think and Grow Rich and by law of attraction practitioners I’ve seen. And yes, it IS apparently important to get every detail in there, including that they are single and READY for a relationship. After all, you don’t want to end up falling for someone who is married or still getting over an ex.

So get specific folks!

My girlfriend is:

  • Spiritual but not religious
  • Single
  • Straight
  • Shorter than me (I just don’t feel comfortable with a woman taller than me, not usually an issue though as most women won’t date a shorter man!)
  • Non-smoker (Cannot stand the smell and have an allergy, makes me sneeze!)
  • Is ready to travel the world with me
  • Is ready for a commited, healthy, loving, long-term relationship
  • Creative, right-brain dominant
  • Liberal, politically (Deal breaker – I won’t date anyone with right wing/conservative views. It’s such a different world view that, although I tolerate it in family or a friend, I wouldn’t in someone I spend all my time with)
  • A mischievous, naughty side
  • A sarcastic sense of humour, with a bit of a dark side – not afraid to be laughed at and no topic too scared to make fun of (also finds my daft jokes hilariously funny!)
  • Calm demeanour (not too hyper or wired or OTT, or can’t sit still for 5 mins and always has to be busy. I think it’s important to have a good energy match)
  • Empathetic, cares about the planet, other people and animals
  • Loves to travel, see the world and have an adventure, not just sit on a beach all day but immerse in nature and culture
  • Tactile and affectionate
  • Confident and sexy
  • Fit body and beautiful face (standard)
  • Intelligent, (goes without saying!) and not closed off to what is happening in the world, easy to talk to about any subject and a strong communicator

So yeah, that seems a lot to ask for!

But you know what? If you’re gonna do this and totally believe in it, then why not go for everything you want?

I don’t expect a “perfect” woman because no one is perfect. I guess I want that mix of a really loving, caring, empath, with a naughty, mischievous, cheeky side thrown in to keep things interesting. And basically, that is what she would get from me, so we’d be well matched!

Yep, I just want the female vesion of me! I should have just said that!

Because I’m looking for a best friend as well as a partner.

A travel buddy.

Someone to talk to about anything and everything; the deepest subjects on life, creation, politics and current affairs, to really silly things.

In return, she will get exactly the same (I have basically described myself!) and as I’m not looking for someone to make me happy, fill a void, “complete” me, or rescue me, I expect the same from her. I’m ready, I mean REALLY ready, to meet my “soul-mate” for the first time in my life.

Before, I wasn’t.

I didn’t know what I wanted. I was desperate for someone to make me feel validated, happy and loved. I needed to work on myself, build confidence, love who I am, sort out other areas of my life which needed more urgent attention.

That’s why I was celibate for 2 years.

Now I’ve done all that, I’m finally ready for a relationship. And I know exactly what I want now, so it’s really easy! No uhmming and ahhing over anyone I met or had a date with. It wouldn’t take long to know if she was “the one”.

I’ve never met anyone quite like this but I’m very confident she will come into my life…….and probably quite soon…….


  1. That’s quite a list Timothy!! I think you will get it though, you deserve it (and so does she~!) 😀

    1. Awww, how sweet, thank you so much! I believe we can get whatever we want, so why not go for as much as you can? Make that list HUGE!!

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