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How to Use the Law of Attraction: A Simple Guide!

View from my bedroom in Koh Samui, Thailand – in house and life I manifested using the law of attraction.

We humans are weird folk. We have a tendency to over-complicate EVERYTHING! In fact, we are hard wired to over-analyse, look for patterns (which often aren’t even there) and display cynicism at anything which appears too easy.

But the further I go down the rabbit hole of this awakening I’ve experienced the last 2 years, the more I realise just how crazy we are as a species! The simplest, most obvious answer is often the one most of us overlook. This is why I believe firmly in always trying to simplify EVERYTHING.

So this is my simple guide on how to use the Law of Attraction: an often misunderstood concept which many people (including those actually TEACHING it!) make waaaaaayyyy too complicated!

1. When you manifest it needs to come more from the heart than the head.

This is because our heart emits stronger electromagnetic frequencies than the brain – many times more! That’s why thoughts alone are not enough. We must put emotion, the language of the heart, behind the thought. Check out Gregg Braden who shows in this video that our heart produces standing waves which are the frequencies which create permanance in our life.

Buddhist monks will tell you that praying is about conjuring a feeling – not asking with words. It’s the intention and emotion behind the words that matter. It has to come from the heart and for that, it means you need to be joyous and in alignment with what you’re asking for (i.e. it’s something you REALLY want, deep down in your soul, not just an egoic want) and not coming from a place of lack.

If you write down what you want, that also has a frequency. This was proved by the famous Dr Emoto water experiments. Just by labelling water containers with certain positive words, he was able to change the structure of the water.


2. Act as if you already have what you desire

There is no such thing as time. It is a man-made, social construct. In actual fact, everything is happening at once, in the present moment, but in parallel realities. Check out Aaron Doughty for great explanations of this.

So this means, all you have to do is step into the correct parallel reality for what you want in life. To do that, you need to be on the right frequency and that simply means be that person and live and feel that life as if you already have it.

I know this to be true because my fortune was read by a psychic incredibly accurately. The only way she could have known my future, is if there IS no future – it was already there, happening now, in a  parallel reality. She just picked the most likely pathway based on my current frequency.

This proves that we can choose whatever pathway we want because there is no limit to those realities.

Think; thought, word and action.

Imagine what you want, act it out, visualise, write it down, whatever – the technique really doesn’t matter! But whatever you choose, do it with STRONG emotion. Use all 5 senses if you can. Get creative!


3. LET IT GO!!

I don’t believe it matters how many times you do it as long as you have a clear picture of what you want. You should keep repeating it for any of these reasons:

  1. If you still don’t fully believe it
  2. You are having negative thoughts or a bad time and need to over-ride it/comfort yourself
  3. Just for the hell of it because it feels nice and keeps your vibration high
  4. Because you want to add more detail

But ideally, you don’t want to keep repeating your manifestation technique because it shows you haven’t let it go. It shows you don’t have faith it will happen.

Like when you buy something online. You don’t keep checking to see if it’s been sent yet (not once they send the confirmation email, anyway!). You just get on with your day and EXPECT it to arrive in the mail on a certain date.

That’s what you need to do with the LOA!

EXPECT it to come!

Once you do (and this is unanimous amongst anyone who knows how to use the LOA and anything I’ve ever read about praying or manifesting or healing) you will get it sooner.

However, if your thoughts keep returning to lack or frustration or impatience or desperation, then you are forcing the manifestation further away. So you need to keep doing the work. If you have 100% faith, you don’t need to keep visualising etc. because you KNOW it’s coming.

I don’t do any work on cetain things I want anymore because I know it will come. But others, mostly short term money stuff, I do more work on.


View from the infinity pool at my house in Koh Samui, Thailand, which I manifested using the law of attraction.


Manifesting a Person

The one thing I do know I will get but still do extra work on, is when manifesting something with a lot of detail, like a person. For example, I’m currently manifesting a woman into my life. I KNOW she will come but I want someone with a specific personality – I don’t want to mess this up!

If I want a car, that’s easy to visualise – I can do that in one session, it’s just an object. A house might take a couple of sessions, as there’s more detail and I might want to add stuff.

A personality – that’s more difficult. I need to imagine conversations, how she reacts to what I say, it’s much more nuanced. Also, this is important! Probably the most important manifestation you will ever do! So take time to get it right.

I read about a woman who tried to manifest a billionaire – she got one! But she forgot the personality! He wasn’t the match she’d hoped for. Imagine how frustrating that must be! Don’t make the same mistake, folks!

But I’m manifesting a partner from a good place. I don’t NEED someone. I will be fine if I’m still single in a year, two years, maybe even longer, because I’d rather wait for the right person than be with someone for the sake of it. So that in turn, is likely to mean I will meet this woman sooner rather than later.

With money, I know if I’m honest (and you MUST learn to be totally honest with yourself or none of this will ever work) I often still feel frustrated or fearful. So I try not to focus on it much but I also take time to focus on a meditation where I get into the good feeling of having money.


So again, don’t over-complicate this!

Your one job is to let the universe know what you want, using the language of the universe – EMOTION, VIBRATION, FREQUENCY.

Strong positive emotion = fast vibration = high frequency = positive shit being magnetically drawn into your life!

Then prove you have faith in the universe by letting go, relaxing, KNOWING it will happen. If you can’t do that yet, keep working till you do.

That includes watching videos, reading books and blogs of successful LOA users buuuutttt……..DON’T make the mistake most make and start looking for new tricks and techniques.


You only do these things to help you increase your belief that you will manifest. It all boils down to the same thing:

Act as if you already have the thing you want. If you already have it, then everything is cool, right? Everything feels great, right?



Here’s something most people don’t know:

You will not find happiness from getting what you want (or THINK you want in order to be happy).

There, I said it!

You already have to BE happy!

Remember, your subconscious mind controls 95-99% of your behaviour and it doesn’t know the difference between a lie and the truth, what is in your external reality or what is in your imagination.

So FOOL IT! Fake it till you make it!

Eventually, you will believe it. And once you do, the manifestation is going to arrive quicker.



View from the white sala at Vikasa Yoga Retreat, where I do my yoga every week, Koh Samui

Here’s a big problem I’ve noticed a lot of people doing wrong.

They try to manifest something specific. They GET that thing. But then, nothing else happens.

They stop doing the law of attraction work that got them what they wanted (or THOUGHT they wanted!). But they no longer are in that high vibration.

They slip back into predominantly negative ways of thinking. They get frustrated that their life isn’t the all singing all dancing jubilee they expected once they got what they wanted. That’s because:

a) You can’t find happiness from things. You have to already be happy, within yourself.

b) You have to work on yourself so that you are consistently in a high vibration, so you consistently attract good things.

So what these people do is keep on this rollercoaster of doing the right things ONLY when they want something, then stopping when they get it.

The answer to this is that you must make this a LIFELONG practice. That starts with developing yourself so you are always in a high vibration and that can Only come from within – NOT  from material possessions or other people.

Simply put, you need to always be doing what you love as much as possible. So if you hate your job – GET ONE YOU LIKE! Spending 8 hours a day doing something soul destroying is blocking you from manifesting!

If you hate your relationships – GET OUT OF THEM!

If you have mental health issues – work to ERADICATE them! Not just cope and hope they go away.

The best manifesters are people who work on themselves DAILY. When I say work, I don’t necessarily mean tough, inner work, ripping apart your childhood and past pain (though for many, that is what you’ll need to do) it might just be doing your best to stay positive and do things you enjoy.

It always comes back to that.

Don’t overcomplicate this! Your one job is to FEEL good and FEEL happy.

The best way is to get into alignment with what you want; what your heart wants, NOT your egoistic head! Work that out, then start working towards getting it. As you don’t have it yet, ACT AS IF YOU DO HAVE IT! Then you will manifest freely and easily.

So yeah, this might seem like a long post for a supposedly simple guide!! But it’s only long in terms of my explanations for why it should be simple!



Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I’m not saying you won’t have to do some work to get yourself in the right place to manifest simply. Most of you will because you have a lifetime of social programming and limiting beliefs to overcome. But once you do, the actual process of manifesting is SIMPLE.

You don’t need vision boards.

You don’t have to write out your desire 55 times over 5 days (yep, that’s a thing!)

You don’t have to spend money on any books or courses with any tricks or tips or techniques.

All you have to do is concentrate on what makes you happy. What makes your soul sing. What lights up your eyes. What puts fire in your belly. What makes you lose yourself and all sense of time. What you would do even if you never got paid money to do it. Do whatever those things are for as often as possible and you will become a magnet for good things. This lays the foundation.

Then, if you want something specific, all you do is whatever you need to do to get into the feeling you would have if you already had it NOW. You use your HEART for this – not your head!

Visualise, affirm, write, pray, self-hypnotise, look at your vision board, do whatever you want, it DOESN’T MATTER about the technique or how many times you do it but make sure you FEEL great!

Then, LET GO!

Don’t focus on it again unless you need to get into a good place again. The less you need to do that, the better. Because it proves you have faith AND it shows you are not thinking negatively throughout your day.

People often talk about taking ACTION as the final phase. But I believe the action part is mostly doing what it takes to remain FEELING good. Yes, if you want a new job or new lover, you are far more likely to get it if you take action and start applying for work and getting out and meeting new people. But when you put EMOTION behind your manifesting, you will see that it primes your subconscious mind which will automatically make you start taking action.


So personally, to keep this simple, I just look at 3 steps:

  1. Ask for what you want using your preferred technique but with STRONG, POSITIVE, HEART-BASED EMOTION
  2. Act as if you ALREADY HAVE what you want.
  3. LET IT GO – prove you believe it will manifest by not focusing on it any more.


It’s the core of every single explanation of the LOA I’ve ever seen, including in The Secret. You do not need to know or do any more than this.

The universe responds to how you FEEL.



  1. Pennie says:

    Absolutely the best explanation I’ve heard in a long time! Refreshing!

    1. Thank you Pennie! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment 🙂 Come and connect with me more if you’d like to, on social media.

  2. The Jolly Sagittarius says:

    Simple and precise 🙏🏻 Thanks !!!

    1. Thank you friend! Hope it helps 🙂

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