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One Year of Blogging: Have I Created my Dream Life in One Year?

Sunset over misty mountain tops

It is one year since I started this blog, so vainly named after myself!

I’m proud that I kept going, through some months when I was really struggling personally and other months when I was frustrated at all the hard graft I was putting in for little reward.

Buuuuutttt……………………..have I answered the title of my very first blog post:

Is it Possible to Create Your Dream Life in Just One Year?

Well it’s been a year – have I created my dream life?

I don’t have everything I want, let’s be honest. But the difference from when I asked this question 1 year ago, is ASTONISHING.

A year ago, I knew literally NO ONE who had been through a spiritual awakening.

I had no one I could call a friend who I could talk to about this stuff and who understood. I am now friends with one of my “mentors” through my awakening, Brett Moran, AND with a woman who I respected 10 years ago when I first saw her on TV (singer Laura White).

I also am in touch with several other people on the same journey and it’s been liberating and much less lonely to speak to these people who have been through the same crazy shit!

A year ago, I had no money and my only source of income was my financial trading which I was not doing well in. I saw my only way of success being to make a ton of money trading and then move to London.

But now:

I am about to go from living at home with family, to living on a tropical island in one of my favourite countries.

I have discovered a way to create multiple streams of income (with bitcoin) that I believe will make me financialy secure for life. Best of all, all my years of learning to trade haven’t gone to waste because the investment skills I have from trading, are exactly the ones required to make money in cryptocurrency.

I am writing again, my biggest passion which I’d neglected for many years, and I wake up every day and do something I really enjoy. It now takes centre stage in my future plans for what I want to do with my life.

My confidence and self assuredness have increased ten-fold, to the point where I now fear nothing and not just beliEve, but KNOW that my dream life will be created

And that’s the major difference.

When I asked the question a year ago, I knew it was possible to create my dream life in a year but I also expected it to be a long shot. I believed it COULD happen but perhaps not that it WOULD. But a year on, and I’m well on the way.


And don’t forget, my idea of what that dream life entailed, has changed drastically too.

I was visualising moving to London, getting a nice apartment, trading successfully for a living and making a new circle of friends. I never envisaged moving abroad, working with a mentor, writing for a living and using my trading and investment knowledge to make money in an entirely different field!

So actually, things have worked out WAY beyond my dreams!

One of the rules for the LOA is to always be open to something better than what you asked for. Well that’s exactly what has happened. And whilst I still believe one day I will settle down in London, I’m now more open to other possibilities.

Why not another country?

Why not a more nomadic lifestyle?

Work-wise, I’m dreaming FAR bigger. I don’t want to just trade. I want to CREATE. To write that novel. Produce that music album. To help other people.

So we could quibble about whether I actually have my dream life one year on. Technically, no, I don’t. But it’s quite clear that massive changes are happening and will continue to happen and these are all very positive and importantly, moving in the direction of that dream life.

If you’d told me a year ago that these things would be happening, I would have been shocked…….but I would have snapped your hand off to take them!

In many respects, I already have my dream life because when I wake up in the morning, I’m not a slave to the 9-5, I don’t work in a job I dislike, I am only involved in  projects that interest me and I have the freedom to do pretty much what I want.

If all this can happen in just one year, imagine what can happen in the next 12 months, now I have momentum. Imagine what can be acheived when I actually have a social life and am not shut away indoors on my own all day!


This is just the beggining folks!

I hope you’ll stick around for even bigger manifestations through 2018 and beyond.

My aim for the next year of blogging, is to create more video and take my life creation to another level. I really want to concentrate more on the law of attraction and see if I can get it working for me on a DAILY basis.

It’s weird to say I haven’t really manifested much of the stuff that I was trying so hard to visualise. But it’s cool, because as I say, the stuff that has materialised is far beyond what I was visualising!

Much of it is down to this blog. Without it, I probably wouldn’t have the 3 best experiences and opportunities I’ve had this year:

  • Meeting and working with Brett Moran and being invited to spend time with him in Thailand (next month!)
  • Meeting singer Laura White, becoming a friend and learning about her incredible life journey (this girl is next-level spiritual!)
  • The distance energy healing I had with a friend of a friend who is a fellow blogger. It really blew my mind and cemented once and for all, the faith I have in the universe and everything I’ve learned in the past 2 years.

This proves that if you put yourself out there, open yourself up to humanity and just try, see what happens, you can manifest amazing things.

I urge you to do the same.

I think I’ve already proved it’s perefctly possible to create your dream life in one year. Now I aim to show you just how far this dream can go!


  1. You are doing so well a really amazing transformation! I think you can say you have created your dream life, for sure.

    1. I’m getting there Gabrielle, one day at a time 🙂 Really appreciate you taking the time to write, hope to hear more from you soon!

  2. Jaqui says:

    Heya Tim, yeh you got to go for those BIIIIIGGGG dreams!!! I update mine when I stat to acheive more and my belief increases. The more you manifest the bigger the dreams get. Good luck (though I’m sure you don’t need it!). Jaqui

    1. Oh, you can never have enough luck Jaqui, so keep it comin’! Of course, we both know that we make our own luck and it sounds like you have been doing just that. Keep on dreamin’ (and commenting)!

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