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Gregg Braden: Scientific Evidence that the Law of Attraction is Real (Video)

Do you believe you have a power within you that isn’t being fully used?

I think many of us do. The question is:

Why are we not using it?

This 4 hour seminar, captured on video back in 2007, aims to show what that reason is – and how we CAN start using it!

Gregg Braden is a scientist and historian who believes that science is good but sometimes, science is wrong.

Braden’s aim is to show scientific and historical proof of how this dormant power can and IS being used to do things like cure cancer and create peace.

Sound far-fetched?

Well that’s the point he’s trying to make!

We have been brainwashed into thinking these things are “miracles” – outliers, one in a million cases (or even lies) when they actually should not be viewed as miracles because we ALL have the power within us to do these things.

Yes, it’s 4 hours long but don’t let that put you off. It’s gripping stuff, totally fascinating and for me, it initiated a major shift when I first watched it in 2017.

It encompasses almost everything I’ve learned on my 2 year spiritual journey and much more. There’s science, religion, history and more, all dissected and the conclusions are mind-blowing. This is great evidence of the law of attraction being as real as the ticket I’ve booked to Thailand (which I’m able to go to exactly because of the law of attraction!).

But Braden NEVER ACTUALLY USES THE PHRASE “LAW OF ATTRACTION”! I like this because I think the modern label for this power, this law, gets in the way sometimes.

A key take away from this, is the idea that our heart produces standing waves and these waves are the ones which create our reality. If that is the case, then it means we need to live heart-based lives and we create based on what we love and FEEL.

  • You will see proof of how we can change our DNA through thought. Emotion changes matter.
  • Proof that space is not a vast nothingness but full of energy filaments.
  • How we live in a holographic world, which explains how everything is connected and everything is happening at once (no past or future).
  • It shows how science and spirituality are saying the same things and are gradually coming closer together in our modern world.
  • How we “knew” the attacks on the twin towers, New York, on September 11 2001, before they actually happened!
  • How 45 books were edited or completely left out of the Bible and these missing parts are parts which are present in every other religion.
  • How collective consciousness, group prayer/meditation, can affect reality.
  • How information is NOT stored in our brains.
  • How in the Western world, we are praying INCORRECTLY – but Buddhist monks understand the correct way!
  • How  The Lost Gospel of Thomas (believed to be the exact words of Jesus), states EXACTLY what the law of attraction says (thoughts + emotion = manifestation).

What Braden shows is that every major religion, the new forms of science, the pioneers of metaphysics and psychology, are all saying the same thing.

A live experiment with the audience is the finale and this PROVES that we can measure the emotion of our heart.

I think this is one of the most important videos you will ever watch.

I’ve never seen a more comprehensive and believable explanation for the law of attraction and the power of thought and emotion that lies within all of us. I strongly urge you to watch the whole thing – it’s worthy of your time (and for some reason, people have tried to ban this video from being seen………….makes you wonder.)


  1. Just watched…………that is one amazing video!! So much to absorb my head is spinning! I’m no science fan but it really was fascinating – thanks for sharing Tim!!!

  2. My pleasure! I’m not massively into science either but it really hits home when you realise that science does back up all the so-called woo-woo stuff. Thank you for taking the time to comment 🙂

  3. Hey Tim, I saved this video for later when you posted it and just listened to it throughout the past few days. Wow, loved it. Great stuff, thanks for sharing!

    1. Barbara says:

      Now I came back to see if the video is here because Miso told me it’s gone from Youtube… and it really is. Here’s another link I found of that same speech:

      1. Thank you Barbara, have updated it. Not the first time that video has been taken down…..makes you wonder!

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