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How I Was Energy Healed……From 1000 Miles Away!

Solar flare eruption

This world is completely, utterly insane! If you still haven’t woken up to that fact yet, then I have a story for you!

If there is just one experience, one anecdote that I would use to prove to anyone or to try to convince them that our reality, is way more than we can explain by using our limited 5 senses, then my experience with an energy healer recently, would be my choice!

This was the moment that really tipped me from being 99% sure in the law of attraction, to 100%. Because I actually FELT something, for the first time. I had a tangible, physical experience that I simply could not refute, no matter how I tried to rationalise it.

Everything else that I would have previously used in conversation with doubters, was anecdotal or had the minute chance that it could just have been coincidence (I would be 99% sure it was down to the law of attraction but there was always a 1% chance it might have been sheer coincidence).

But not the energy healing; he wasn’t even in the same COUNTRY as me!

How is it possible that a man I’d never met, had spoken to for just 10 minutes, whose first language wasn’t the same as mine (and rarely spoke English), who knew almost nothing about me (only what our mutual friend would have told him, which also wasn’t much because I’ve never met her in person either!) could cause my body to heat up, cool down and feel as though waves of energy and light were shifting around for a whole HOUR?

And where was the place that I felt these movements the most? The ball of my right foot – exactly where my injury is!

Here’s how it went down

After mentioning to a friend that I had a foot injury known as Hallux Limitus (basically, I cannot flex my big toe backwards, making it impossible to walk properly and without pain, without the use of a special shoe insole) which I’ve had for a decade, she offered to put me in touch with an energy healer she knew.

Being open-minded and having had a reiki session once before, I decided I’d be up for it. The only problem?

He lives in Croatia.

I don’t.

But it’s OK – he does DISTANCE healing!

Well, I’d already experienced energy healing (which is what reiki is basically) and the practitioner never touched me during the session, so I knew this could still work. But she was at least in the same room – and same country!

We agreed on several sessions spanning a couple of weeks and although I knew the days they would be on, I was never given a time, except for the first session. He would just perform the healing when he had the time.


Now I don’t care what anyone wishes to say about this; I know what I experienced.

The only time I have experienced anything like it was when I had that reiki session a year ago. It wasn’t as intense as that, but then, the healer was standing right next to me;

not in the fucking BALKANS!

So, you know, I’ll let him off for that!

And before anyone thinks;

“Maybe it was psychosomatic? Maybe the act of knowing the treatment was taking place, made my mind play tricks on me?”

Well that could explain the first session……but not the other 5! Because I didn’t know what time the other sessions would be – they were performed at totally random times over the next 2 weeks. Yet I could still feel when they were happening, even as I was just going about my daily business!

So it’s simply not up for debate as far as I’m concerned; we humans are capable of sending out thoughts which can impact people thousands of miles away.

And there have been experiments done which prove this on a much greater scale. Experiments done by, yes, REAL scientists! Often from well-known, REAL colleges and universities!

But what I’ve come to realise is this; there is no point trying to convince someone who doesn’t want to be convinced. Whose beliefs are so firmly entrenched in stone, through whatever course or teacher or institution they learned from, that they will never willingly bend to even consider an alternative point of view.

So I never write these posts for those people. I’m not here to debate or to argue or to convert. I simply present my own research and my own experiences and those of people I trust and allow anyone open-minded and curious about the subject, to make up their own mind. That’s exactly how I came to believe in the law of attraction myself.


I didn’t grow up with these beliefs.

I wasn’t indoctrinated by friends or family. I didn’t watch The Secret and all of a sudden instantly switch to these ideas. I didn’t even have a spiritual leaning of any sort.

I simply was curious to discover a way of thinking, an alternative set of ideas from the ones I’d grown up with. The more I learned, the more curious I became and over a period of 12-18 months, gradually I became more and more staunch in my belief.

But it probably wasn’t until I FELT the law in action, FELT the power of thought in action, that I 100% had faith.

I guess that will be the same for many people. So I don’t have any issue with anyone who doesn’t believe in the LOA. If I did, that would make me a hypocrite  because 2 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it either! I would’ve sneered at it and tried to pick holes in it. I would’ve looked for ways to bash it and disprove it.


But I’m not that person anymore.

I have realised that I don’t know everything and WE as a species, don’t know everything and that science doesn’t know everything. That there are large numbers of people who have a different point of view to mine and I owe it to myself to listen and learn. I don’t have to agree but I also don’t have to put them down or dismiss them. I would hope that anyone reading this post would be mature enough to do the same.

Look, this man didn’t even know what city I was in!

He knew I was British. But he had no address.

So how could he pinpoint my exact location?

The answer must be that he DIDN’T. He just used his thoughts to put it out there, generally.

So surely this proves that everything is connected?

Surely it proves that thoughts are energy and they make up our entire universe?

Surely it proves that we are all receivers and transmitters of frequencies and vibrations?

How else could he have affected my physical state?


He told me that he had many stories of “miracles” he’d made happen.

Two he mentioned were a woman who had her elbow locked into position (much like my big toe) and couldn’t bend it. After a few sessions, she was able to move it freely – and she didn’t even feel anything during the sessions!

The other was  a dog who had one eye turned inside out (no idea how that happened!) and he managed to make it twist back around into the correct position!

His own story is pretty incredible. As a teenager, he was wheelchair bound with back issues but on visiting a healer himself, was fully cured and able to walk again. It was this “miracle” that caused him to look into training to become a healer himself.

Yep, that’s right – this is something we ALL have wihin us; the ability to heal. That is why I put the word “miracle” in inverted commas – it’s only a miracle because it’s not something we are used to. But this stuff does happen regularly.

There are many healers around the world but unless you delve into it and search, or a friend mentions it, you would go most of your life without ever hearing of their work.

Listen, I’m not cured. But I do believe I will be. The healer told me it can take a few months sometimes, for nature to take its course after the treatment and everyone heals at different rates depending on how “awake” they are and the severity of injury. I do think the condition has improved slightly though. I don’t seem to be in as much pain after a heavy gym session, though there is still some.

I’ve had mine for 10 years, so perhaps the body has a lot to do to heal. But I know it will happen one day. If not from this healer, from another one or maybe I will heal myself one day.

Whatever happens, I have taken so much more than I ever expected from this. This shit is REAL folks!



  1. That sounds incredible Tim, I’ve had a similar experience with energy healing but not from such a distance! Certainly helps to build that faith, so thank you for sharing. I’d love to feel what you felt, must have been so odd!

  2. Haha, it was indeed! I imagine it was no different to what you felt during your energy healing sessions though. But yes, the fact he was so far away did give it an extra element of wonder! Thank you for your comment 🙂

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