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    Is Anxiety a Mental Illness? (Part 2 – Medication)

    Did you know there is actually no concrete proof anxiety or depression are caused by a chemical imbalance? Or that it’s a genetic disorder? Well you should do! But for some reason, they’ve become things that people trot out as fact. I’m not going to spend ages referring to the proof for this as it would take up too much blog space – do the research and you’ll see (check out the resources at the bottom of the page too).

    Did you know that the third highest cause of death in the United States is iatrogenic (behind only cancer and heart disease)? If you’re thinking “What the hell are you on about Tim?!,” you’d be well within your rights, as it’s not something that’s well known. But it should be. Iatrogenic death is one caused by medical treatment. In other words, DEATH BY DOCTOR! Pretty shocking, right?

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    Is Anxiety a Mental Illness? (Part 1)

    This is going to be my most controversial post so far! Perhaps the biggest aspect to overcoming anxiety (and depression) is awareness. Awareness comes from education. Once you understand what anxiety and depression actually are,  you can then start to  make the steps towards eradicating it. And let me be very clear; they CAN be eradicated!! Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths and very bad information knocking around, much of which has become “common knowledge”. This is one of the reasons anxiety and depression is getting WORSE in society. When myths such as “It’s a disease” and “a chemical imbalance” or “a genetic disorder” are now spoken as fact, it’s little wonder so many continue to struggle. They are not facts.

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    How Physical Assault Destroyed My Life But Made Me Stronger

    I knew this day would come. I couldn’t start a blog about anxiety without discussing what caused it. Although it’s been 5 years since it happened, I’ve still only ever talked to one person about it. That was a therapist and then, it was reluctantly. Now, I’m going to open up about what happened and how it affected me for the first time – and to the whole WORLD!!

    I guess the only reason I can do this now is because mentally, I’m in a good place. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t forgive my attacker and probably never will. Many people will say that I need to forgive in order to fully move on. Maybe that’s true. Part of me actually would love nothing more than to get in a room with this guy and face him one to one in a fair, fully-clothed battle. Let’s see how he fares then. Right now, I don’t want to forgive. The only forgiving I really needed to do to move on, was with myself.

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    How Just One Hour of Hypnotherapy Crushed My Anxiety

    When I tell people that I used to be so anxious I barely left the house, struggled to speak, hated myself and was constantly paranoid about what total strangers were thinking about me, every single person is shocked. That’s because today, people see me as outgoing,  outspoken, sociable and unafraid to do whatever I want. When I tell them that it took me just 1 hour of hypnotherapy to change to the way I am today, they can’t believe it! Neither could I, to be fair! But it’s the 100%, cast-iron truth. My mission is to get other people to understand that there are ways to completely eradicate social and generalised anxiety that they may not even have considered, or thought that there was no way they could work. So here is my hypnotherapy story.

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    Why I Sometimes Feel Like Giving Up (and how to fight through it)

    peron with hood on hunched over sitting by pier

    Ever feel like just saying “Fuck it!” to everything?

    I try to live a positive, disciplined, healthy, heart-based and hard-working life. Everything I do, from the moment I wake up till the moment my head hits the pillow, is geared towards maintaining as a high a vibration as possible.

    In non-spiritual terms, that means I try to keep the negativity dragons at bay!

    But that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Some days, it can be really tough to batten down the hatches and stop getting burned by the flames.

    Yesterday was such a day.

    Most days, I just hustle. That gets me through the day without even having the time to dwell on the past, feel sorry about the present or worry about the future.

    But sometimes, no matter how grateful I am just to be alive, just to be able to live in a free and democratic country, just to have food in my stomach, clean clothes on my back and a warm bed to sleep in, I lose that battle.

    I don’t lose the war.

    I’ll never lose the war and that’s what’s crucial. I am too mentally strong to ever lose that war again.

    But sometimes, the smoke from the dragon’s flames chokes me. Causes me to drop to my knees in weakness for a few hours.

    Yesterday was such  a day.

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    Why You Must Do Work That You Love (My Story)


    For the past few years, since I struggled with post-traumatic anxiety, I have not been honest with myself. I’ve not been aligned with my true passions, loves or dreams, especially when it comes to work.


    I’m a self-employed, work from home, financial trader. I’m self-taught and began learning during my second bout of anxiety, purely because it was something I didn’t have to leave the house to make money from!

    My dream was always to make it my sole source of income but those goals have changed since my spiritual awakening of 2016. I finally admitted to myself that it was never going to fulfil me because it’s not something I love.

    At times, I would say I even hated it.

    However, I feel as though I have come so far with it, I can’t give up. And I need to pay the bills somehow. But I refuse to settle for second best now.

    I believe we should all be trying to do work that we love.

    In this internet era, where the whole world is our market and almost any passion you can think of can be turned into a source of income, there is no excuse for any of us to be doing something for 8+ hours a day that we don’t enjoy.

    So it’s time I started moving towards adding another income source, something that will fulfill me.

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    Is The Law of Attraction Bullshit? (Part 3): Did I Attract My Assault?

    person staring at stars in night sky

    As I mentioned in part 2, following my recovery from social anxiety, everything seemed to be going right for me.

    I could do no wrong in almost every area of my life; relationships, money, health, career, socially, adventure. Even when something out of my control lead a to a negative, every single time, it lead directly onto something positive and often beyond my wildest expectations!

    At the pinnacle of this high-life, I was backpacking through Asia and The Pacific by myself – something the anxious me would never have dared to do!


    Little Timmy Phoenix was at the Taj Mahal! Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge! Riding camels and elephants! Climbing glaciers and Mount Doom from The Lord of the Rings! Sitting on a totally secluded beach on a Pacific Island on Christmas Day! This was never in the plan!

    So how on Earth, when everything was going so perfectly, did I end up having my left eye socket shattered, battered down a flight of stairs, head sliced open at the rear and running for my life following an unprovoked attack from a deranged man I had never even met before?

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    Is The Law Of Attraction Bullshit? (Part 2): My Story

    Moon with orange glow

    As I established in my previous post, I’m not 100% convinced in the law of attraction (LOA).

    Quantum physics is very real and appears to back it up scientifically.

    The research I’d done every day throughout 2016, studying people who were sharing their knowledge of the LOA and how it had turned their lives around, also proved a compelling argument.

    But one crucial thing was missing; I hadn’t experienced anything decisive personally.

    Despite attempting to live that mantra over the past year, being positive, grateful and living life from my heart, taking action towards gaining a life I truly desire, I haven’t made great strides.

    Nothing major I’m trying to manifest has appeared. However, when I look back over my past and deconstruct how my life has panned out, it does seem to back up the whole LOA theory.

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    Anxious Lass Guest Post: The Journey of Overcoming Social Anxiety

    Today I’m taking a probably-not-that-well-earned break and letting the wonderful Kelly, otherwise known as Anxious Lass (from the lifestyle blog centred around mental health, of the same name), to do the work for me!

    She’s written a great piece about her own struggles with anxiety and how she overcame them to become not-so-anxious lass. Once again, we see the same common themes among everyone who overcomes an anxiety disorder:

    1. Get help and make the choice to eradicate it
    2. Get off medication
    3. Put in the work to get rid of it

    Right, that’s enough from me. Take it away Kelly!

    The Journey of Overcoming Social Anxiety


    Being diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder is a tricky business. On the one hand, my diagnosis at 14 years of age helped me feel less “weird”, I finally had an answer to what was causing me so much pain and distress and it was a legitimate medical thing but on the other hand I felt like I’d just ran a marathon only to find a mountain to climb at the end of my route, instead of a finishing line and a medal.

    Just more shit to go through.