I’m Tim and I’m a Law of Attraction Expert.

I help lightworkers (empaths, conscious artists, healers, psychics, coaches, vegan chefs etc) find clarity, personal power and freedom using the Law of Attraction – just as I have!

I now travel the globe doing what I love as a writer and mentor, specialising in using Moldavite Crystal to help heal, manifest and rapidly transform.

My flagship program is the Lightworker Mentorship – for lightworkers to leave the matrix and prosper on New Earth.

What makes me unique from most mentors, is that I have blogged about my journey – from post-traumatic anxiety to dream, tropical island lifestyle!



From Anxiety to Bali!

Let me take you back to 2016 and the day I first discovered the Law of Attraction…… At the time, I was living a pretty miserable life. I hadn’t had a “proper” job for 10 years. This was due to severe post-traumatic anxiety following a random physical assault. I was beaten down a flight of stairs and remember thinking, as I lay in a heap at the bottom, that if I didn’t  reach out for the door handle in front of me and wrench it open, this could be the end of my life…… as you can tell, I managed to grab it and escape. But the next 10 years almost led to me ending it myself anyway……. The shaking, the racing heart, that horrible constant “wired” feeling, the fear of groups of men,  eventually dissipated after a few years…..but the worry about my career and financial situation soared. I was a teacher before the assault. But I couldn’t face being in front of a class anymore. My confidence was shot and I just wanted to hide away. Medication only made me lethargic and I felt dead inside. My only hope for money was to find some way of working from a laptop at home. I taught myself how to trade financial markets…..badly. As the debt began pile up, I had to move back with parents. It was humiliating, embarrassing. I couldn’t be around other people and I didn’t have the money to socialise anyway. That meant I had no friends and spent days and weeks at a time where I barely left the house. Debt continued to spiral and with it, my anxiety. I felt hopeless and worse than that, a complete failure, a burden to my family and began to panic as I could see no way out……


Then came that day 4 years ago, when I discovered a book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This was the catalyst for a huge spiritual awakening which quickly led me to the Law of Attraction. This gave me hope at last. Even though I didn’t believe it fully, I wanted to with all my heart. So I dived into learning and experimenting (which I’m still doing 4 years on!). I went through a very heavy, yet exciting period of inner work and healing. I began looking into online money making schemes with renewed vigour. I dabbled in several things; Amazon selling, dropshipping, ecommerce, affiliate marketing, MLM, cryptocurrency……but I either lost money or gave up quickly. Something was missing. I eventually realised……I wasn’t moving towards what my heart wanted. But what my heart wanted seemed pointless. From the age of 6, I knew I wanted to be a writer. But I had so many limiting beliefs around that, it was scary!

“I’m too old to get started in that industry”

“I don’t have relevant qualifications”

“I’m not good enough”

“Only a tiny percentage make decent money”

“The chances of making it are slim”

“It’s not realistic or safe enough”

Really, it would be far easier to make a ton of money first, for security, THEN try my hand at writing. Part of me thought I should just be a recruiter for a healthy juice product or set up a web-store for some cheap consumer tat from China. But the Law of Attraction said I can have anything I want…… Fast forward ONE year and I had my first major manifestation: living at a stunning yoga resort (see video below) on a tropical island with a mentor of mine, doing what I love, creating a book for the resort! Yet I had NEVER been paid for any writing work before, never done any yoga and never intended to manifest such an incredible opportunity!  

So what happened in-between? Simple: I got into alignment. I started writing. Blogging. And the Law of Attraction did the rest. From my parent’s spare room, no job, no money, no friends, no life, I got on a flight to South East Asia…..and I haven’t left since! I now call Bali, The Island of the Gods, my home. While out in Asia (and with a second period of deep healing), I discovered my life purpose: that I am a lightworker, here to raise the consciousness of the planet. I do that through my writing but also I found a way to be a teacher once more – a Law of Attraction mentor! I discovered the full extent of my gifts, my purpose, and was able to create a life of abundance and freedom around them. I didn’t just manifest a career but also love, wealth, health – even my Twin Flame! As a mentor, I soon realised it was my calling to help other lightworkers, empaths and conscious people (my tribe who I discovered at the yoga resort), to do exactly the same. So here I am, fellow lightworker: at your service! You can see my entire transformation AND keep up with the incredible things I’m manifesting right now! Check out my 3 years of videos and blog posts. Here is my most recent interview with Koya Webb of Alo Yoga on her Instagram Lunchbreak Live Show:

Can I  Help You?

My primary goal remains to help empaths and lightworkers; conscious people with a gift to help humanity. I want you to realise your true power and rise from the flames of adversity like a phoenix – and go on to live life to its fullest with your gifts at the centre.

So I created a 1 to 1 Mentorship for Lightworkers

 Also check out my blogs, vlogs and interviews about the Law of Attraction, overcoming anxiety and my secret manifesting weapon Moldavite Crystal – tons of free content to help you create your dream life.

I also have a FREE Manifesting with Moldavite Course, FREE Hypnotherapy Session for Anxiety, FREE Moldavite Meditation and FREE Law of Attraction Visualisation And finally, there is my book The Law of Attraction Bullshit-Free Guide now on Amazon.

Oh and by the way – you can call me Tim 🙂

Video Comparison – How I Changed in Two Years!

This was my first intro video for the blog (before I went to Asia)! Check out the difference in me between then and in the video below, from two years later. I’m sure you can see the difference in my confidence, the tone of my voice, my body language, my energy. This shows you how much I’ve eradicated anxiety and shifted my vibration since learning about the Law of Attraction.