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I’m Tim and I help awakened people
find clarity, personal power and freedom
using the Law of Attraction – just as I have!

I now travel the globe doing what I love
as a writer, coach and DJ,
specialising in using Moldavite Crystal
to help heal, manifest and rapidly transform.

What makes me unique from most,
is that I have blogged about my whole journey
– from post-traumatic anxiety to dream,
tropical island lifestyle!

Want to know how I did it?
Keep scrolling, lightworker….

My Story: Unemployed & Anxious to Financial Freedom & Bali!!

My name is Tim and I’m just a normal guy from England. For over 30 years, I never had any belief in anything remotely spiritual. Yet somehow, I ended up teaching people how to create their reality using their mind and a universal law!

I have this life now where I’m able to live in gorgeous parts of the world like Bali where I lived in 2019, and the islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand, in 2018. I get to travel when I want, I get to work with whoever I choose and I actually make a difference in people’s lives. But it didn’t start like this at all.

Far from it!

Over a decade ago now, I was an English teacher when I was victim to a random physical assault. I was beaten down a flight of stairs and remember thinking, as I lay in a heap at the bottom, that if I didn’t  reach out for the door handle in front of me and wrench it open, this could be the end of my life…… as you can tell, I managed to grab it and escape. But the next 10 years almost led to me ending it myself anyway…….

The shaking, the racing heart, that horrible constant “wired” feeling of chronic anxiety, ruined my life for a decade.

I needed money but I couldn’t face being in front of a class anymore. My confidence was shot and I just wanted to hide away. Medication only made me lethargic and I felt dead inside. My only hope for money was to find some way of working from a laptop at home. So I taught myself how to trade financial markets like on the stock exchange…..badly. As the debt began to pile up, I had to move back with my parents.

It was humiliating, embarrassing, I felt ashamed, living with my Mum in my 30s. I couldn’t be around other people and I didn’t have the money to socialise anyway. That meant I had no friends and spent days and weeks at a time where I barely left the house.

Debt continued to spiral and with it, my anxiety. I felt hopeless and worse than that, a complete failure, a burden to my family and began to panic as I continued to fall into a black-hole that I could see no way out of and was even considering suicide……

Photography by Andrae Love @iamandraelove

Then came a day in 2016, when I discovered a book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This was the catalyst for a huge awakening and led me to something I knew absolutely nothing about – the Law of Attraction.

Finally I had hope.

Even though I didn’t believe it fully, I wanted to with all my heart. So I dived into learning and experimenting. I went through a very heavy, yet exciting period of inner work and healing and this revitalised me.

I began looking into online money making schemes with renewed vigour. I dabbled in several things; Amazon selling, dropshipping, ecommerce, affiliate marketing, MLM, cryptocurrency investing……but I either lost money or gave up quickly.

Something didn’t feel right in any of them.

I eventually realised……I wasn’t moving towards what my heart wanted. But what my heart wanted seemed pointless. From the age of 6, I knew I wanted to be a writer. But I had so many limiting beliefs around that, it was scary!

“I’m too old to get started in that industry”

 “I don’t have relevant qualifications”

 “I’m not good enough”

 “Only a tiny percentage make decent money”

 “The chances of making it are slim”

 “It’s not realistic or safe enough”

In my mind, it was far easier to make a ton of money first, for security, THEN try my hand at writing. Part of me thought I should just be a recruiter for a “healthy” juice product or set up a web-store for some cheap consumer tat from China. But the Law of Attraction stated I can have anything I want……

Fast forward ONE year and I had my first major manifestation: living for 10 months at a stunning yoga resort on a tropical island with a mentor of mine, doing what I love, surrounded by beautiful souls, ghostwriting a book for the resort!

Yet I had NEVER been paid for any writing work before, NEVER done any yoga and NEVER intended to manifest such an incredible opportunity! I hadn’t even been out of my home town for 10 years!

So what happened in the previous year?

Simple: I took ACTION.

Instead of sitting around waiting for something to happen, procrastinating, worrying about if I was good enough or if the time was right or if I had enough money, I just started writing. I wanted to be a writer, so I wrote!

I actually started a blog (which is still going today and you can read on this site). The Law of Attraction did the rest!

I got in touch with a guy on YouTube who I was watching make videos about his life travelling the world and manifesting his dreams. After seeing my blog and liking my writing, he offered me the chance to live and work with him at a yoga resort in Thailand. This was literally within a month of my blog going online!

From my parent’s spare room, no job, no money, no friends, no life, I got on a flight to South East Asia for 6 months……and I was still there 2 years later!

After a bit of island hopping and a lot of incredible manifesting, I now call Bali, The Island of the Gods, my true home.

It may sound as though this came easy but it didn’t. I had to take risks. I had to write about some very personal experiences in my life, to put myself out there to the world. I barely had enough money to get on the plane to Thailand in the first place. I didn’t sleep for 4 days when I arrived, due to intense anxiety! I was thrown way out of my comfort zone on countless occasions, living in a foreign country, no family for support.

But I just knew from an intuitive, gut feeling, I had to do this. I scraped together the flight money by actually setting my intention to manifest it and when the urge came to give up and fly home due to anxiety, I pushed through. Because I understood that everything I wanted was outside of my comfort zone – if it was inside, I’d already have it!

I always quote the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius:

“Risk is the currency of the Gods!”

The bigger risk was actually to do nothing. To stay in that comfort zone, in a mediocre life and end up looking back with painful regret as I hit old age.

I knew I had something inside me. Something special that could help the world in some small way. So when the offer of help came from this YouTuber, it was a case of “If not now, when?”

Something magical happens when you get into alignment and take inspired, decisive action. The pieces of the puzzle all start to slot into place. I realised I was now embodying the Law of Attraction.

It had become a lifestyle.

While out in Asia I discovered my life purpose: that I am a lightworker, here to raise the consciousness of the planet. I do that through my writing but also I found a way to be a teacher once more……


During this time, I came strongly into my intuition and I had this feeling about the writing I was doing for the yoga resort. It didn’t quite feel aligned.

I was vlogging on YouTube about my manifestations and experiences as a side project. But when people I was meeting at this yoga resort saw instant results after I would share with them what I knew, I realised that this was my true calling.

Because my faith in LOA was so strong now, I changed career to become a coach, literally overnight! I soon realised it was my calling to help other lightworkers, empaths and conscious people (my tribe who I discovered at the yoga resort), to follow my example.

To take their pain and struggle and turn it into their passion.

To learn to step out of the matrix by building a business based around their gifts.

The transition to self-employment wasn’t easy, talk about getting out of your comfort zone!

Honestly, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing and had massive imposter syndrome. I was living month to month, in at the deep end, thrown into many challenging situations. But even with all the meditating and yoga and the new tropical island lifestyle and shadow work which was now part of my life, I can tell you without a doubt the biggest thing that grew me from an anxious, timid boy still in many respects, into a confident, leader of a man, was building my own business based around me.

Nothing will lift your self worth, self belief and self love higher than that.

After a year of just about getting by but never even once considering giving up, I managed to turn my entire career around from someone who struggled to earn 10K a year, into having 10K months!

At one point, I was even down to my last $10 with nothing at all coming in. But my faith in LOA was strong and it had my back even in the tightest of situations. And while many have struggled through 2020, my business just got stronger and stronger, to the point where I’m now able to live the life in my big vision from 5 years ago.

That was to write a fantasy novel while travelling the world, knowing I can relax and truly enjoy what I love because I have passive income streams making money in the background – income streams which are helping raise the consciousness of the planet.

I don’t even do any 1 to 1 coaching at the moment, my time is my own to do what I please. I used the LOA every step of the way to transform into a greater version of myself, the kind of person who not only has an abundance of money but also love, freedom, peace, self esteem and my Soul Tribe!

Today, I wake up every single morning with a huge smile on my face because I answer to no one, I know that I’m only going to do what I love AND it has the added benefit of spreading love to other people too.

That’s the greatest feeling of total freedom in the world and I want you to be able to feel that too.


This was my first intro video for the blog (before I went to Asia)! Check out the difference in me between then and in the video below, roughly 3 years later. I’m sure you can see the difference in my confidence, the tone of my voice, my body language, my energy.

It makes me cringe to see how I was in this video, especially me trying desperately to be like a typical “YouTuber”! But I am proud of myself for doing it and without this video, maybe I would not have been given the opportunity to go out to Thailand.

The comparison shows you how much I’ve eradicated anxiety and shifted my vibration since discovering and living the Law of Attraction. If I can change so much in a short space of time, anyone can.

Can I Help You?

My mission is to help raise the consciousness of New Earth by helping you rise from the flames of adversity like a phoenix and manifest the life of abundance you were always meant to have.

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