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5 Amazing Coincidences: Or Are They? You Decide!


During my spiritual awakening last year, I experienced 5 really weird things that were so unusual, I thought that they possibly could be more than just coincidence. They appeared to be signs, deliberately brought to me for a reason. Let’s check them out and see if you agree!


This was my first experience of what may or may not be, a spiritual manifestation. It was about a year ago and I was about halfway through my year-long spiritual awakening. I’d learnt about the law of attraction and so decided to try my hand at visualising things into existence. The very first time I tried this, I pictured myself living in a lovely apartment in London, earning lots of money as a trader and driving a silver BMW Z4. The very next morning, I opened my curtains and what was the first thing I saw staring back at me from the street?

A BMW Z4! What made this particularly freaky was that my neighbour who owned this car, had obviously just got it, as he’d had a completely different car the previous day. The z4 is a convertible, so hardly your run of the mill town car that looks the same as every other. For it to appear before me the very next day after my first ever visualisation session, added to how unearthly it felt at the time. But yes, there’s no doubt that this could be a just very big coincidence. It’s still there by the way, and I see it nearly every morning!


So I’m in the gym. I just finish my session and get back to the changing rooms to find someone annoyingly, with all their kit strewn out on the bench right in front of my locker. So infuriating! This guy apologises and starts dragging his clothes out of my way, but forgets what appears to be a pamphlet of some sort. He comes back for it and asks me if I’m a meat eater. I replied “Yes” but being curious, asked him why he wanted to know. He showed me the pamphlet – a menu for his new vegan restaurant. We chatted a little because over the previous few days, I had been thinking about going vegan – a lot! Doesn’t convince you it’s nothing more than coincidence? Read on!


One evening, I decided to join Soundcloud and was setting up my profile. I was struggling for a profile name but as I’d been reading about the Egyptian pyramids, went with “pyramid”. If you’re unaware of the connection to spirituality, you should read up about the amazing facts surrounding the building of these ancient monuments. Definitely something strange going on there!

Next, I should introduce my Dad! We aren’t particularly close and don’t talk regularly or with any level of depth. But the very next day, he messaged my Whatsapp – and it was a meme with a photo of a PYRAMID! Now there’s a few things that make this really extraordinary. Firstly, he had never messaged me a meme EVER. I didn’t even realise he was technically adept enough to do it or to even know about memes! Secondly, the meme was very spiritual and my Dad has never said anything spiritual in his life! Thirdly, I hadn’t heard from him in weeks. So for him to send me a spiritual meme of a pyramid – well it’s highly irregular in itself. The day after my Soundcloud profile naming – that’s way more than just irregular, right?



By now, I was well into my awakening and was experimenting with all sorts of things. One of them was a video by Jeffrey Allen, an energy healer who claims that you can attract anyone into your life with these easy steps shown in this video. I immediatley decided to give this a go. What I really wanted was someone I could talk to about my spiritual awakening, because I was feeling really isolated. I knew no one who understood what I was going through. Maybe I could at least meet someone who I could help and would benefit from the knowledge I’d gained. So I did what this guy did (basically, visualisation) and then went on with my day.

Later that very same day, I get a late night phone call from a drunken friend who I hadn’t spoken to in many months. Of all the people to have called me (and by the way, she never called me, we only ever chatted via text), she was the one I could imagine who would need my help the most and would benefit from understanding what I’d learnt about taking control of your life. As usual, she was in a bit of a mess.

I felt so sorry for her because she is a wonderful, lovely girl but doesn’t understand that the reason she is always attracting such drama and negative people into her life, is because she keeps repeating the same bad errors of judgement. Namely,  seeking salvation in relationships, rather than working on herself, and dating men who are plainly, obviously to anyone else, complete bastards who mess her around.

I’ve been telling her this for years, to no avail. But what I discovered during my awakening, backed up everything I was telling her. Now was my chance to share with her all the books and videos I’d been watching, so she could work to break those cycles. Just one tiny, incey wincey, little problem……..she freaked out when I told her the story! I think she thought I was going crazy when I told her about my awakening. Still, not really an excuse for her totally ignoring me! I haven’t heard from her since. This is the kind of problem that many people get when they start to speak out about their awakening. But that’s for another post.

Did I really attract this totally out of the blue phone call? She was seemingly EXACTLY the kind of person I asked for, never mind her reaction afterwards. The really unusual thing about her reaction is that she actually believes she has some spiritual/psychic powers. So theoretically, she shouldn’t have any problem believing what I said. Maybe I’ll never find out why she just ignored me. But this surely was more than just a coincidence?


THE 333

This was the one that did it for me. The one that made me truly believe that something was going on. I’d spent a few days reading about numerology, specifically numerical sequences also known as Angel Numbers; 111, 222, 333 etc. Many people who experience an awakening, see these patterns repeatedly; door numbers, clock times etc. Each number equates to a different meaning. But I hadn’t seen anything and I was desperate for some sort of sign that I was on the right path. I distinctly remember asking the universe; “Show me a sign! I want to see some numbers!”

The very next day, I go to the gym. In the changing rooms, there are three sections. I ALWAYS go to the middle section. Dunno why, I just prefer it! I’d been attending that gym for 2 years and had got dressed in the other two sections maybe 4 or 5 times in total (out of 100-150). So I get to the middle section and bugger – it’s busy. Full of sweaty, naked blokes! So I am forced to go to the third section for the first time in months. I get changed, shove my gear into the locker, padlock it and as I click the door shut, I notice for the first time, my locker number …………..333!! Now come on! That is fucking unbelievable, right?

Next post, I’ll delve into the meaning behind 333 and analyse the question: are they just coincidences?


In the mean time, please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Really appreciate the time you guys take to talk to me, so keep them coming. As always, if you like this post, share it using the social media buttons and don’t forget to click that like button, fellow wordpressers!



  1. Hahaha great stories Tim! I have to say I do think they are signs from the universe. I’ve had them myself and I have learned to take notice of them.

    I used to get 111 quite regularly. But I think you’ve proved from your psychic reading that there’s more going on than just coincidences and this proves it even more 🙂

    1. Hi Dana, thanks for your comment. I wish I could get them regularly! Maybe there’s a reason why I didn’t though. Maybe I didn’t need to? Who knows! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Tim,
    I’ve tried the Jeffrey Allen visualisation thing, so let’s see if it works 🙂 🙂

    1. Cool, come and let me know how it goes! I’ve just tried it again, see if I can bring someone into my life……I’ll blog about it soon if it comes off!

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