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3 Big Mistakes People Make with the Law of Attraction

Woman with lights, law of attraction

The Law of Attraction (LOA) can be a difficult thing to get your head around – it certainly was for me! But after two years of putting it into practice and now getting great results, I have discovered three big mistakes people make when interpreting the LOA:

  1. They think all they have to do is think positively and they will get what they desire.
  2. They think that if they don’t get good things in their life instantly, that it “doesn’t work”.
  3. They get angry because they feel the LOA puts blame on them for all the negativity in their life

I thought I’d take a look at them and explain what has worked for me when it comes to reversing these common mistakes which I see people making all across the internet.

There is one answer which encompasses all three;

The LOA is a LAW. Like gravity. It doesn’t “think” anything. It just “is”. It doesn’t pick sides. It’s not positive OR negative. So therefore, it can’t blame anyone. It can’t choose to bring you good or bad.

It works without bias, whether you are actively, consciously choosing to apply the law, or whether you have no clue that the law exists at all. It is ALWAYS working.


The problem is not the law itself, it’s the way people INTERPRET the law.

Just as with a religious doctrine. Some people interpret it in a totally peaceful way. Others take that doctrine, that “law” and impose it on others or use it as a  tool to shame. The same can be said of the LOA.

I’ve seen how some people online follow the LOA almost as if it were a religion and have experienced myself, people jumping on me quite aggressively and telling me  how I “don’t get it” and that “I’m wrong” and telling me that if I am ill or if I don’t have the things I want yet or if I can’t find what I’m looking for on Google (I kid you not!) or if my hair hasn’t fully grown back yet (true example!), that it’s because I am not applying the LOA properly. But if I was, it would 100% be different.

It’s like anything; people will always have different views on how to interpret and practice it.

But what I learned from more reasonable, down to earth and successful people who claim to apply the LOA with incredible results, is that you can turn your life around by thinking positively BUT those thoughts have to be genuine, with real feelings and emotions behind them (you can’t be “forcing” yourself, as if it’s a chore, as ultimately, that means your thoughts are negative, not positive).



The best way to do this, is to make sure that your thoughts are in line with your HEART.

Your heart is a true barometer of what you REALLY want. Your head can lead you astray! It tends to focus on the negative and the ego takes over. If you make your thoughts heart-centred, you can’t go wrong – that’s where the real power lies.

BUT…….those heart-based thoughts need to be followed up with ACTION.

Why many fail and then call “scam!”, is that they sit on the couch forcing themselves to think positively about that new car they want, then do nothing else but expect it turn up in the driveway the next day. “The Secret” itself does explain why this would create chaos if it did work but people seem to forget this.

Whilst some claim to instantly manifest things, for most of us, it’s going to take an unspecified amount of time before we get what we want. Most people are too impatient and have given up way before that happens. And they also forget that impatience is NEGATIVITY – that desperation shown as they constantly ask “Where is my stuff?” is only pushing the manifestation further away!

Positivity has to become your LIFE. Not something you do for 10 minutes a day on your sofa in your underpants whilst scoffing Cheetos! It’s your over-riding state of mind, the one you mostly experience, that will be the magnet. If that state is 10% positivity and 90% negativity, guess what you’ll mostly draw to you!

Another way of putting it is, you have to BE and ACT as if you ALREADY have what you desire. Also known as “Fake it till you make it”.

Listen, it took me a long while before I had total faith that the LOA was real. But I realised at some point, in order for this law to work in my favour, I needed to show some faith in it. Live by that law and stick with it. It has to become an ingrained habit, where you are almostly constantly in a positive state.

10 minutes a day won’t cut it.



Viewing the LOA as something negative which puts blame on you for your life circumstances, wont cut it either. PEOPLE might put the blame on you. They are the ones you might get angry with (though you shouldn’t because that will put you into a negative state and  make sure the law will work against you!) NOT the law itself.

That said, the LOA by its nature does require all of us to take personal responsibilty for our lives. That deosn’t mean blaming ourselves, which is the conclusion too many people hastily jump to. It simply means we must move away from the negative thought processes which keep us from happiness, such as carrying around anger from the past, which is largely due to blaming other people for our misfortune. But just as many people blame THEMSELVES for the past, which is equally destructive. This was exactly what I did.

Once you take personal responsibility, the blame game STOPS. So the negative emotions that come with that (anger, jealousy, a need for revenge, the “poor me” mentality, the chip on the shoulder) will also dissipate. You just accept what happened and look to move on. Because you now realise it is your REACTION to what happens in life, that determines your success. Not what happens.

To sum up:

  1. Thinking without FEELING and emotion behind it, will not manifest anything. Manifestation comes from the HEART, not the head. You also need to take ACTION – sitting and thinking positively might make you feel better but it’s unlikely to change your life. Act as if you already have what you want.
  2. Be patient – quick manifestation rarely happens. It takes time for most people to get the right mindset to manifest. The more you get frustrated about not getting what you desire, the more you are pushing that thing away from you.
  3. The law is neutral – PEOPLE blame people! Get out of the blame game, take personal responsibility for how you REACT to situations, including ones which are not your fault. Then you’ll learn how to get the law working in your favour – because it is ALWAYS working.



  1. Edin Blanc says:

    Yes I agree, very common mistakes here Tim. I think too many people are looking for a magic wand and arent willing to put in the work to change their limiting thoughts or take responsibility for their own situation. I had to do this myself and it really did change my fortunes.

    1. Exactly Edin. I think it’s a symptom of today’s society, where we want and expect everything instantly – patience is a rare quality. I never had it, by the way! It was a skill I had to learn and am still learning. This is why we need to work on ourselves every day.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

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