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10 Reasons Why You Should Believe in the Law of Attraction

I can now say with 100% certainty that I believe in the Law of Attraction. Too much crazy shit has happened in recent times for me to think anything otherwise!! But I’ve found that it can be difficult to have faith in it, particularly when thing aren’t going so well. When that happens, I like to remind myself of things that make me realise ANYTHING is possible because we live in a world full of mysteries, miracles and mind boggling wonders that the human mind can barely comprehend!

Here’s a list of 10 things on this planet (and beyond!) that even after millennia of human existence, we STILL haven’t got the foggiest idea what it fully means or what is there. If that’s the case, then why the hell can’t the law of attraction be real?


  1. Jungle & Ocean

Humans have not discovered even a fraction of what lies in the jungle or at the bottom of the ocean. Less than 5% of the ocean (which spans 70% of the planet) has been discovered. It’s estimated that two thirds of life forms in the oceans, remain undiscovered. Three new species are discovered in the Amazon rainforest alone, EVERY DAY!! And there are around 30,000 undiscovered plants across the world’s jungle. WE KNOW NOTHING!!

2. Outer Space

We are one planet amongst billions of galaxies; around 500 billion one estimate puts it at. Think about that. Can you even comprehend how much 1 billion is, never mind 500!? And how do we even know this shit?! Who or what, is counting?! Yet we still mostly laugh at the idea of “aliens”. I’d say it’s laughable that we think our one tiny planet among 500 billion GALAXIES full of planets, is the only one with life.

3. “Miracles”of Nature

Incredible things happen every moment of every day in nature – we just don’t see them as miracles because we take them for granted. Acorns grow into enormous trees. Babies appear out of thin air. Well, anything that grows does, right!? Think about it. Where does that sperm originate from?

Snowflake patterns; symmetrical, intricate, beautiful perfection but never two the same. The Fibonacci sequence can be seen right across nature, shaping different flora and fauna, as mathematics meets nature. The tide goes in and out like clockwork. Honestly, there’s too much to write about here but how often do any of us stop to think about these incredible things happening right in front of our nose? They are so ludicrously amazing, it’s hard to comprehend!

4. Electricity, Wifi, Gravity.

We can’t see them. Yet no one is suggesting they don’t exist. OK, we can see the results produced by them but then, people who believe in the LOA would say the same thing. They have the results of the LOA all around them – positive thoughts breed a positive life and negative thoughts attract a negative live. The point is that just because we can’t see something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I do realise you can use this argument for anything and people do; from god to fairies! Science teaches us to look for evidence and I believe science DOES prove there is a force out there (see quantum physics). And if there are these 3 unseen forces, why can’t there be more?

5. Human Sight

Humans can only see a tiny fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum. Less than 0.01% in fact! If we can only see within a minute fraction of this spectrum, then it begs the question; what are we not seeing? More colours? Objects? Dimensions? Universes? Species? It would seem silly to suggest that nothing exists in the remaining 99.9% of the spectrum. We’re practically BLIND, as a species!

6. Flat Earth Theory

There was a time when almost everyone thought the world was flat. That was the norm. If you thought the world was round, you were in a tiny minority. You would have been laughed at. Who’s laughing now (probably no one as they are all dead but you get my point!)? What we believe now about many things, could change in 10 years, 50 years, 100 years and almost certainly in a 1000 years. It wasn’t that long ago we thought it was OK to smoke cigarettes!

The point is, almost nothing is set in stone and new discoveries are happening on a daily basis. Go back to the middle ages. What would seem crazier; the idea that we live on a circular sphere, rotating around a sun which is almost 100 million miles away which burns at 10,000 degrees? Or that our thoughts create our reality? I canΒ  tell you this much; pretty much no one would believe the former. But there were plenty who already believed in the latter and had documented it thousands of years earlier (think Ancient Egypt!).

7. The Brain and the Heart

We are only now starting to discover amazing things about our two most important organs.Β  Did you know that the heart emits electromagnetic signals that can be measured up to a mile away? Or that the brain can create new neural pathways that never existed before, simply by changing what you focus your thoughts on for regular periods? We haven’t even begun to understand what these vital organs are capable of yet. But rest assured, it’s a lot more than we realise right now (and linked to the LOA I’ll bet).

8. Quantum physics

It’s real. It’s science based. Some of the greatest minds in human history believe in it, studied it, created it and proved it. There’s no doubt that we are all made of energy. There’s no doubt that the double slit experiment is an unexplainable phenomenon that could mean that the observer creates their own reality. Whether you choose to go along with that or not, is personal choice. But what can’t be denied, is that something unusual is going on with us humans and our minds!

9. Human psychology

We are programmed to act like sheep. To seek solace and comfort in crowds. To look for confirmation from others to make us feel good. To copy what others are saying and wearing and doing so that we fit in. Social media has only highlighted this fact, as we see the desperate measures people will go to for likes and retweets and five star reviews. So naturally, we tend to think the vast majority must be right and the minority must be wrong. But that’s simply not true. A good example is with the Flat Earth theory back in the middle ages.

Read up on “Confirmation Bias” if you needed any proof that the human mind often only seeks to believe what it wants to believe. We are not as unique and individualistic as we like to think and it’s quite frightening in many aspects, how similarly we all act and think. My point is this; the minority is often right and we shouldn’t take something as fact, just because the masses blindly believe in it.

10. The Subconscious Mind

95-99% of our every day activity is controlled by this part of our mind – and we barely even realise it. The best part of our entire existence is repeated automatically, day after day. Wrap your head around THAT! We don’t even know what is going on in our own head, and cannot consciously control the vast majority of our own behaviours and thoughts. If we can’t even do that, if we don’t fully understand ourselves, how can we fully understand the vastness of the universe and how it operates? We don’t. And probably never will.

I never claim to have all the answers. Part of any journey of self development involves arriving at the fact that we know pretty much nothing! Opening your mind to all possibilities is part of personal growth and one I’ve submitted to. Right now, I do believe in the LOA. That doesn’t mean my mind can’t be changed in future.

For now, I’m gonna trust in what I’ve experienced myself and what people I know and trust in have also experienced. The evidence points more towards the LOA being real than not. It might not be the case for you but I’m not here to change minds, only to tell my story. And over the last 2 years, that story has been one of me opening my eyes and realising there is so much more to this world than most of us ever will understand.

So far, my attempts to work with the LOA are proving fruitful, so why would I stop believing? Until I’m proved wrong, I’m gonna keep on down this path


  1. Max says:

    Some really interesting points there Tim. Made me stop and think and analyse things a bit more. We do take for granted so much. Like its crazy when you think about it that glass is made from sand! We can see ourselves in sand! MENTAL :d Or that birds can fly using an invisible force known as wind! The more I think, the more crazy everything seems! I’m one of those poeple still learning about LOA so this is a useful way of getting my head around things.

    1. Haha, I often think about my mirrors and windows being made form sand, it is crazy! Everything is miracle when you really get down to it. Some things more than others.

      Keep doing what you’re doing and the LOA will seem second nature one day. Thanks for the comment Max πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Tim! Fascinating list! I did not know that about the heart! Makes you question so many other things. I wonder what it all means. What do these magnetic waves do? Could they be what attract things into our lives? Your blog is getting better and better Timmy πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Dana – can always count on you to feed my ego πŸ˜‰ Seriously though, really appreciate you taking the time to reply and actually, I have a video I’m gonna post soon which explains just what those magnetic heart waves do……might be closer to what you said than you think!

  3. Gary says:

    Really thought-provoking stuff. Love it!

    1. Cheers Gary, I really appreciate your comment πŸ™‚

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