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10 Massive Changes in My Life Since I Began Self Development

It’s been 18 months since I started on a path of self development in an attempt to radically change my life into something special, rather than the savage, empty mess it had become. I call it my spiritual awakening because that seems to be the term used most often by people who have experienced the same startling upheavals. Here are the 10 biggest changes which occurred in my life during this period:

1. Meditation

This has given me a calmer mind, ability to catch myself falling into bad habits and patterns, ability to analyse thoughts and react differently, start the day better, the occasional amazing feeling of bliss, way more clarity of thought and creative ideas, and puts me into a relaxed state conducive for visualisation.

2. Yoga

I now breathe deeper more often (which is how we are supposed to breathe and is supposedly great for health) as yoga has enabled me to catch myself shallow breathing away from the mat,  better balance, flexibility, more toned and this all within just one month of daily practice!

3. Healthier Eating

(No red meat, less processed food, less fast food, more leafy greens and fruit, more water and no sugary drinks, no caffeine, healthier cereals, no bags of sweets or milk chocolate) – less guilt (I’m now better able to call myself an animal lover!), digestive system flows better, teeth less sensitive, more energy, don’t nod off during the day, less cravings, lift more in the gym and go for longer.

4. Writing

Has brought new friends to my life, work opportunities, money, lots of people with links to spirituality and the law of attraction and all through starting this blog just 6 months ago! Most importantly, I’m doing what I love again and feel excited and aligned with my true destiny.

5. Financial Trading

I started to push myself harder after reading Think and Grow Rich, and I’m now much calmer, more focused and professional, which has resulted in far more consistency and money as a consequence. Finally, I have a (relatively) stable income!

6. Limiting Beliefs (Money, Age, Past, Future)

I understand that money is just a piece of paper that performs a function, I stop worrying over every minor thing I might be “wasting” (from the last dregs of toothpaste in the tube to the pennies I might be saving on an almost-past-its-use-by-date meal), I don’t feel limited by my age or lack of experience and that I can’t still do and achieve what I want, I don’t get frustrated and upset about the past (experiences, lost years, mistakes), don’t worry about the future, relax and go with the flow more, am not scared of death any more or of anything out of my control externally, and I’m not worried about finding love and being alone.

7. TV, social media and news

I’ve stopped watching TV almost completely (just the odd boxset, but no binging!), no more watching news in the morning and I don’t take part in any social media conversations, which has made me way more positive, gives me a better start to the day, more productivity, less angry, less argumentative, less depressed and anxious about the world in general.

8. Nature

I feel a much greater connection, spend more time amongst it,  notice little things of beauty more often, focus on trees and sky  and animals more than people and buildings and traffic, and am altogether much more at peace when I move around my environment. I’ve always been a nature enthusiast but this is now much stronger and a tangible feeling of wonder that wasn’t there before.

9. Reading / learning

I have a sharper mind, improved knowledge of history, science and our reality, am more open-minded, question everything more, but also am less cynical, understand that actually I know very little and there’s more to reality than any of us truly know, which in turn makes me less judgemental and more tolerant. Plus it has rekindled an old passion – books!

10. Posture

Less slouching when I sit, greater focus, clarity and productivity as a result, plus I walk taller and more confidently, so feel more self assured, care less what others think and I believe I come across much better when people meet me – friendlier and more confident.



  1. So impressive to see the changes you’ve made, just goes to show that if we all work on ourselves we can change our lives at any time.

    1. Thank you Lindita, that really means a lot 🙂

  2. Kristi says:

    Can really relate to a lot of this Tim, especially the cutting out news and social media. You really start to realise how much we are being bombarded with negativity all day long. Best move I ever made, stopping watching mainstream news 🙂

    1. Yes Kristi, we don’t realise how susceptible our minds our to being “brainwashed” for want of a better word. Keep it positive , it’s the only way! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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