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YouTube Review: Gary Vaynerchuk

I first came across the guy known online as Gary Vee, early in 2017. As a fan of straight taking, no-nonsense, I was instantly drawn in because I’m here to inform you, NO-ONE does crap-cutting, piercing to the heart of the matter, like this man!

It would be foolish of you to be put off by the big, brash, profanity-laden, motor-mouth persona. Yes, he is all that and more! But away from the stages where he gives speeches to conferences (as in the above video) and countless media interviews, he’s an extraordinarily generous, kind, positive, perceptive man, who relates well to others and is well liked as well as respected.


If you don’t believe me, check out the Daily Vee: his regular vlog where he is filmed going about his work-life as CEO of Vayner Media and his “side-hustle” as marketing personality Gary Vee. You’ll see from the number of people who stop him in the street and ask for selfies and advice, exactly what kind of person he is.

Don’t judge on appearances and listen to his message, which is  a pretty simple one: if you live in America (or any developed Western nation) you have it GOOD.

So it doesn’t matter what your circumstance or who you are, you are living in the best time in human HISTORY (with the internet) to be successful and make something of your life. So cut the victim act, stop the whinging and excuses and the procrastinating and the worrying about what everyone else thinks and TAKE ACTION!

Go for your dreams. If you have the talent, you WILL be successful IF you put the work in. It’s a simple message that he repeats over and over but I think most of us need to hear it. He bludgeons you over the head, vlog after vlog, until it finally sinks in! Well, it worked on me – he’s the main reason you are seeing this blog right now! I stopped making excuses, I stopped shying away in fear and I started creating. It has already changed my life irrevocably and I’m only 6 months in!



As a motivational speaker, no one can compare. The video above is the best summary of Gary Vee’s ethos I could find. There’s nothing fancy here, he’s basically telling us what we all know, deep down. He’s not been without hardship himself, being born in Soviet Russia and coming to the States as a young immigrant with barely any English. As an entrepreneur from an early age, he built his father’s wine business into a 30 million dollar success, primarily because he was one of the first people to market using YouTube.

He has since gone on to to set up his own media enterprise and is famous as an “influencer” in the social media marketing world. I’ve certainly learned a lot about social media marketing from watching his Daily Vees as well as his “Ask Gary Vee Show” interviews, and some of the techniques he’s mentioned, I have used to build this very blog.

Unlike most, he doesn’t sell courses or try to make money off email lists – just a couple of best selling books. You can see he’s genuinely in this as much to help others as for himself. Yes, his big goal is to be able to buy the New York Jets American football team one day. But as he always says, it doesn’t actually matter if he achieves it or not because it’s the JOURNEY that counts, not the destination. Happiness will never be found in the attainment of things. You need to have it with you already, every day. It’s this kind of wisdom that makes him a must-watch.



Another fave of mine is where he says he doesn’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks, yet at the same time, he absolutely gives a fuck what everyone thinks!

Meaning, he doesn’t let any negativity from others stop him doing anything, in case he makes a mistake, but he cares about what people think because it’s how you create a good business and strong relationships. It’s why he spends so much time interacting with and listening to fans.

I don’t agree with him on everything. He doesn’t believe in the law of attraction (as he says in the video, although I’ve seen earlier ones where he does seem to believe in it). He may be right in his reasons for that though at present, I will respectfully disagree (he’s not someone who looks deeply into things like that anyway)! He also says frequently that he basically never socialised through his 20s as he was too focused on work – never even went on a single holiday or to festivals! Instead, he advocates working from 7am to 2am Mon-Fri, and attributes his success to this work ethic.

I don’t think anyone needs to, or should, work that much, as it’s more likely to hinder than help. However, what we might consider work, he considers doing what he loves. And that’s the key point. If you’re  working 18 hour days, it should only be because you LOVE what you do – which he clearly does.

He’s as hungry now as when he was a teenager, more so in fact! He’ll be the same when he’s 60, 70, 80 because he realises that age has nothing to do with energy, drive or desire. It’s ALL MIND SET. And let me tell you, if you want to learn about having a tough, unshakeable, 100% focused mindset, Gary Vee is the epitome of this.





  1. Thanks for this review Tim, all I can say is WOW, this guy does not pull any punches! Really motivational, has alreday given me a goo kick up the behind!

    1. Glad to be of service! He certainly does have a way of making you cut through the crap and get moving. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. Jade says:

    I’m loving Gary V!! Thank you for alerting me to this, I now have another person to kick me up the ass and sort my lfe out 😉

  3. John Parker says:

    I so badly want to like this guy, and I did for a while, but I am very much into the law of attraction and have amazing stories of my own on how it’s worked and continues to. But he’s kind of anti that. He’s all about working your ass off and having no friends. His videos show how every weekend when his friends went out and partied with girls he stayed in doing his wine events or whatever. He seems very much like a bitter guy who always wishes he was the “cool kid” and now he can brag about what his hard work did. Personally, I think he doesn’t like the LOA because it takes away from what he did by having people think they can also get where he is just by thinking about it. In reality, it’s in between the two. He’s a fool for thinking you need to work 70 hours+ a week on your craft to get there. That’s what he did and it worked, but he ignores the fact that that also was the LOA working for him because he knew he would get there. What he doesn’t want to admit is he could have gotten there with 10 hours a week and just knowing he will get there. But he def has some resentment towards those “friends” who had fun while he worked on weekends so he will never admit this. He is right and mativating in a lot of ways, but you are really hurting yourself if you listen to his way and think you just do all that hard work. He did, and that’s great, but he really kind of screwed himself. He could have had the fun too. So he won’t admit this because it will make him look foolish. You can have, do, or be anything at all. Yes you need to take some action, but you don’t need to work 16 hours a day on it. A few is fine. Just know it will happen. You can see it in his eyes deeply that even with the fame and money and success, he knows how badly he wishes just a couple of those nights that HE was the guy with the pretty girl or fun friends laughing on a Saturday night. Bro, you’re awesome and you made it, but you’re wrong. That’s not needed. You know it, I know it, the Law knows it.

    1. Hey John, great comment and thanks for writing! I totally agree with you and my opinion has changed significantly since I wrote this post. I often use the phrase “Alignment is the new hustle” because as you say, we don’t need to run ourselves into the ground to get what we want, as long as we are in alignment. Back then, I believed it was a 50-50 thing; action v thoughts. Now I believe it’s more akin to 90% thoughts, 10% action – maybe even 99% thinking!

      And I think you’ve summed up Gary perfectly – you can see he has some resentment and admits to using that to fuel his desire. One thing I will say in his favour is that what he calls grind and hustle, is actually what he LOVES to do. So he already is in alignment. This is what his followers often don’t get. They try to emulate the long hours and hustle but without the love of it.

      But my biggest gripe is that Gary spends all this time working when he should be spending more time with family. Getting home at 10pm each night or even later? I don’t care how much you love what you do, it’s never more important than being with your wife and kids. I think he will come to regret that. Grafting in the early years, I get that (even though he could still have allowed himself way more time to have fun) but now? I find that incomprehensible. Still like the guy though 🙂

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