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My Visit to a Psychic: One Year On – Has it all Come True?

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In my 3 Part series earlier this year, I wrote about my first ever experience of getting my fortune read by a psychic. If you’d told me even 1 year beforehand that I would be going to a seer, I would have had the men in white coats around faster than you could say “BULLSHIT!!”. But following my year of awakening, I now felt that ANYTHING  was possible.

So I thought I’d give it a try. Partly for fun. Partly because I was in a tough place. After a full year of endless, daily self-development work, massive highs, soul-destroying lows, I emerged as a totally new Tim inside – but my outer world had not budged. Still skint. Still lonely. Still unhappy.

I wanted some good news! I was desperate to be told that my hard work was gonna pay off in 2017, that my visualisations of the flash car, modern apartment, exclusive London post code, successful trading business and smorgasbord of beautiful friends, was all gonna blossom.

But the psychic didn’t mention even ONE of those dreams!

My heart sank. I was crushed.

I was told I wasn’t gonna make much money from trading (yet!) and there was no word of me moving to London. My dreams were shattered.

Instead, I heard I’d be going to Vietnam. That I’d make money from a website. That I’d meet a girl who was studying, and we’d start out as friends before becoming more. Other than that, nothing spectacular. I wasn’t impressed.

If my trading wasn’t doing well, I couldn’t see how I could afford to go on holiday to the other side of the world. And I didn’t event WANT a girlfriend! My world was in too much turmoil for that.  And as for the website, I didn’t have a clue what that could be. I just couldn’t fathom how any of that was gonna happen!


Oh ye of little faith……………

The first moment when I realised that this woman truly had psychic powers, was the first day of June. I remember it well because that was the day I met Brett Moran in person for the first time. It was also the first day this year when I felt comfortable. Like things were gonna be alright after all.

It was a meeting with the team Brett assembled to live and work in Thailand in 2018 and after months of still not getting anywhere, this was a game changer. Out of nowhere, I was offered an incredible opportunity and I knew the potential of it to change my life.

But here’s the incredible thing; the psychic predicted that I would be “feeling more settled” in June!! That just blew my mind!! How on Earth could she know that?!

What dumfounded me was I’d expected her to guess events and people – but not FEELINGS!! And to be able to pinpoint it to an exact MONTH? That’s just MIND BENDING!!

The only thing was, nothing else she said had come true! A website, yes (this one!) had come into my life – but no money from it! I did meet a girl. We became friends. But nothing more. She wasn’t a student anyway.

And then things started to take a turn for the worse.

My trading went downhill. I started to lose confidence and worry that things would all come crashing down. I just assumed that the psychic was wrong.


But then I started to piece a few things together………

The psychic also said I would be “planning a holiday” in March. I found it strange at the time, why she never just told me where I was going on holiday to! But now I understood why – because I never actually took a holiday! But I DID start planning one – IN MARCH! With a new friend I met that month

Then, I realised who the girl I was going to fall for was……..a masters student at a local university who I had plans to meet up with when she returned to the city to study! I can’t tell you how strange it is, to almost KNOW the person you are going to meet is someone you will have a romance with.

Of course, I treated the situation as if it wasn’t pre-ordained……..but in my heart, I couldn’t help laughing! Because it was all falling into place just as she’d predicted! As she foresaw, we have become friends. You’ll have to stay tuned to see if it develops further…….. 😉


But what about the website? What about the money?

Well if you saw my previous post, you’ll know the answer! Finally, almost exactly ONE YEAR after I went to see her, her final major prediction for 2018 came true. I found a website and I started INSTANTLY making money from it. And I believe I’m going to make A LOT!

So there you have it. Pretty much everything the psychic said has come true. I’ll be visiting Vietnam when I get over to neighbouring Thailand next year, for sure. The only thing which hasn’t, was when she said I would go paintballing! Which is weird, because I almost did (I started planning it but never got further).

Two wonderful things I got out of this…….

Firstly, despite initially knocking me for six, the positive aspects of the reading helped keep me going during some very low moments in 2017. If I hadn’t been told that I would find money, romance and adventure, I might just have crumbled. Because it was the only hope I had at times.

Secondly, it’s made me realise even more that this world is not what it seems. I felt that anyway. I’m a huge believer in quantum physics and that everything is energy and we create the world around us with our thoughts and mind. That there is no such thing as time, it’s just a human construct.

But the fact that this woman KNOWS the future, can see it clear as day, even down to the exact date and EMOTION, proves that so much more is going on than we fully comprehend. I believe the only answer to how she can know the future, is that there IS NO FUTURE.

Past and future are all tied up together and as Eckhart Tolle says, there is only the present moment. I believe, as quantum theory stipulates, that all possibilities, every possible way that your life can turn, are already created. Every life potentiality is waiting for us to choose which one we’ll take.

We still have free will, I totally believe it’s not down to fate. It’s up to us and the decisions we make in life, which potentiality, which pathway, we will go down.


From what I know about the psychic profession…..

…..the seer can see many life potentialities at once and narrows it down to 2 or 3 that she thinks are most likely, before choosing. Teal Swan does a great video explaining this which I’ll make a blog post of soon. But my experience cements this idea; that we have the ability to be ANYTHING we want in life because ALL potentials exist; from being homeless on the streets to a famous movie star and everything in between.

There is a drug addict Tim and a Prime Minister Tim – and a drug-addict Prime Minister Tim too! It’s up to ME, which I become.

And I love that concept. I choose my life. And it can be whatever I want. It’s already there, waiting fo me to step into it. And right now, I choose romance with a beautiful student, adventure in the Far East and wealth beyond my wildest dreams……..


  1. vanhelligan says:

    This is facsinating stuff Tim! Never really believed in all that but I have to admit, you’ve convinced me to give it a try! Any chance I can get your psychics number? LOL

    1. I can actually give you her website address if you want – just email me and let me know! Great to hear from you and that you enjoyed my post 🙂

  2. mia vas says:

    O WOW! This is really interesting, am gonna read through your old posts about this psychic. You are right – only the present moment exists. Thanks for sharing. Mia

    1. Hi Mia, I hope you enjoy them! Thanks for commenting, hopefully won’t be the last I hear from you 🙂

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