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Law of Attraction 1 Year On: Old Life Compared to Incredible New Life!

Today, I have 2 videos for you to compare my progress with the Law of Attraction: one I posted exactly a year ago, and one I made this week.

One year ago, I hit another low point in my life.

On the spur of the moment, I recorded how I was feeling (lonely, fearful, despairing, anxious) back in my old life in the UK and put it out on the blog – tearsĀ  and all!

The first video (below), is that video.

How things have changed since then!

The second video (below) is a walk-through of my new environment on the tropical island of Koh SamuiĀ  – where I now live and work, doing what I love every day, by the ocean, surrounded by beautiful souls on the same spiritual journey as me.

This is the kind of change that can happen in less than a year – once you begin to work with the Law of Attraction.

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