Law of Attraction 1 Year On: Old Life Compared to Incredible New Life!

Today, I have 2 videos for you to compare my progress with the Law of Attraction: one I posted exactly a year ago, and one I made this week.

One year ago, I hit another low point in my life.

On the spur of the moment, I recorded how I was feeling (lonely, fearful, despairing, anxious) back in my old life in the UK and put it out on the blog Рtears  and all!

The first video (below), is that video.

How things have changed since then!

The second video (below) is a walk-through of my new environment on the tropical island of Koh Samui  Рwhere I now live and work, doing what I love every day, by the ocean, surrounded by beautiful souls on the same spiritual journey as me.

This is the kind of change that can happen in less than a year – once you begin to work with the Law of Attraction.

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