Law of Attraction Manifestation Thailand: A Room With a View!

The view from my bedroom, which I manifested using the law of attraction

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Welcome to my Law of Attraction Blog!


This is the intro to my new-look law of attraction blog.

I’ve been writing about my life rising from the flames of anxiety for a year now. During that time, I’ve gone through a huge awakening and am now using the law of attraction to manifest my dream life.

Now that I am starting this new, digital nomad lifestyle in Thailand, I have decided to take the blog in a new direction, away from focusing on overcoming anxiety, self development and spiritual awakening and concentrating more on the law of attraction.

So here is my new blog into, featuring me on the island of Koh Samui. This is the start of a series of videos I hope to be putting out, showing how to manifest on a daily basis.

It should be an exciting twist to my life and hopefully will help you see that anyone can turn their life around and rise like a phoenix from the flames!

Hasta luego!

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Is the Law of Attraction Real? How I KNOW it is! (Part 2)

Me, watching the sunrise at 6am on a tropical Thai island. This is the life I manifested as a regular occurance, using the law of attraction. Photography by Instagram @brettmoran_yoga_travel


In part one, I discussed my reasons for knowing the law of attraction is real, based on my real life experiences and other people’s who I trust.

In this part, I want to talk more about the scientific evidence and why I was never someone into the law of attraction in the slightest – so to make that shift in such a short space of time, adds perhaps a little more to my credibility (I like to think!).

There have been experiments done which prove the power of the mind and intention to change reality, on a very large scale. Experiments done by, yes, REAL scientists! Often from well known, REAL colleges and universities!

But what I’ve come to realise is this; there is no point trying to convince someone who doesn’t want to be convinced. Whose beliefs are so firmly entrenched in stone, through whatever course or teacher or institution they learned from, that they will never willingly bend to even consider an alternative point of view.

Lynne McTaggart in her book The Intention Experiment, says that most modern physicists “shrug their shoulders” over the conundrums that quantum physics has presented for a century. She even ascertains that most scientists:

“Have stopped caring about the troublesome questions posed by quantum physics and left unanswered by its earliest critics.”

In other words, they don’t want to know!

They are waiting for something to come along which explains things such as the double-slit experiment i.e. something which they can believe more easily! But the fact is, nothing has come along.

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Is the Law of Attraction Real? How I KNOW it is! (Part 1)

Me at work, writing by the infinity pool at my house, overlooking the ocean, Koh Samui, Thailand – all manifested using the law of attraction. Photo by Andrae Love Photography, Instagram @iamandraelove

A common question I get asked when people mail me is: “Is the Law of Attraction real?” and if so “How do I KNOW, for sure?”

Couldn’t it just be coincidence – all these incredible things that are coming into your life?

Couldn’t it just be a result of the hard work and positive action taking and personal growth you have put into your life?

Well, it’s true – those things do all come into play. I do actually think that what some people label as the law of attraction in action, I would just label as a coincidence and in some cases, confirmation bias. For example, when someone who you were thinking about suddenly phones or texts you.

That isn’t proof!!

Most people conveniently forget that they think about probably dozens of people every day. How many of them actually get in touch though? We only remember when it actually happens, never when it doesn’t. I can name at least 5 people I thought about today and not one got in touch (yeah, sad I know!).

It’s also obvious that the more you take positive action, the more likely you are to draw positive things in to your life. I say “obvious” but actually to most people, it clearly isn’t, otherwise the world would be a much happier place!

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How to Use the Law of Attraction to Find Love

We’re not in love but I do love her – my friend Faye (Instagram @lailafaye) from Brett Moran’s Yoga Retreat.

OK, it’s time to get real! It’s time to actively start manifesting perhaps the one thing that every human being wants in their life – love.

I’m talking romantic love, folks!

For me, that means a woman. Call her a soul mate, twin flame, or whatever cheesy phrase you like! I’m just gonna stick to perfect partner.

So if I want to manifest my perfect partner and find some Law of Attraction love, all I need to do is have positive thoughts which create positive, heart-based emotions. There are 4 main ways to do this:

  1. Vision Boards
  2. Visualisation
  3. Role Play
  4. Affirmations

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How to Use the Law of Attraction: A Simple Guide!

View from my bedroom in Koh Samui, Thailand – in house and life I manifested using the law of attraction.

We humans are weird folk. We have a tendenacy to over-complicate EVERYTHING! In fact, we are hard wired to over-analyse, look for patterns (which often aren’t even there) and display cynicism at anything which appears too easy.

But the further I go down the rabbit hole of this awakening I’ve experienced the last 2 years, the more I realise just how crazy we are as a species! The simplest, most obvious answer is often the one most of us overlook. This is why I believe firmly in always trying to simplify EVERYTHING.

So this is my simple guide on how to use the Law of Attraction: an often misunderstaood concept which many people (inclusing those actually TEACHING it!) make waaaaaayyyy too complicated!

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How to Write a Law of Attraction Manifesting Big Vision Statement!

Me staring at the sunset on the ferry to Koh Samui. Photo by Andrae Love Photography, Instragram @iamandraelove

For the past few weeks, I have started reading a law of attraction statement for manifesting my big visions in life. I got this idea from the book which changed my life, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

In the book, he recommends reading out this statement, which are your big goals for the future, first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to sleep at night. That’s because our brains are in a  theta brainwave state at these moments, making them more susceptible to anything we might feed them.

Our subconscious mind (which remember, controls 95-99% of what we do on a daily basis!) is more open to suggestion in the theta state and if we can access this part of our mind, we can change our beliefs, habits and ultimately, our life.

So here is my statement which I have handwritten on paper. I begin with my short-term goals: what I would like to achieve in the next few months:

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Yoga Retreat Thailand: My Anxiety Returns! (Part 2)

View from Vikasa Life Cafe of Vikasa Yoga Retreat, Koh Samui, Thailand


In part 1, I told the story of the beginning of my new life (created using the law of attraction) in Thailand. I now live a digital nomad lifestyle where I intend to travel and only do work that I love, after many years of struggle and pain both with and recovering from, anxiety.

My first week, I took part in a yoga retreat in Thailand, hosted and run by Brett Moran, who has been a huge inspiration to me during my spiritual awakening of the past 2 years, with his YouTube vlogs. But this retreat brought up some new issues. Many people on the retreat, if not everyone, found emotions creeping to the fore and tears were shed on several occasions, but I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect I’d be one of those people!

I was only on the retreat because I’m working with Brett as part of his team. Twinned with the fact I honestly thought I was mentally in a great place for the first time any many, many years (the best place I’d ever been, actually!), meant I really didn’t think I had any issues still lurking.

Over the past 2 years, I have done so much self-development work, almost every day, working through complex limiting beliefs and all the other shit which comes with an anxiety disorder and a lack of confidence, that the last thing I thought I needed help with was my self-esteem!

Yet there I was, sat up in bed on my fourth night in a row with barely an hour of sleep, at 2am, sobbing gratuitously. And it wasn’t just the lack of shuteye. I had no problem getting to sleep, as I was out like a light every single evening, after tough yoga sessions and intense heat. But I would wake up after an hour every time, because my mind was racing. Read more

Yoga Retreat Thailand: My Experience (Part 1)

Photo of yoga session with Brett Moran in main yoga sala at Vikasa Yoga Retreat.  Photography by Andrae Love – Instagram @iamandraelove

And so my new life (created using the Law of Attraction, oh yes my friends!) has begun!

I’ve moved to Thailand and am now beginning my dream life, doing work I love, travelling to exotic locations and spending time with beautiful people who are also on the same journey of awakening and inspiring others to raise their consciousness and improve their lives.

Yep, all that woo-woo garbage!

During my very first week on my tropical island paradise, I took part in a yoga and transformational retreat, hosted by my mentor, YouTube and Instagram star and now housemate (yep, you heard right!) Brett Moran from Brett Moran TV!

It was my first experience of anything like this but I was looking forward to it tremendously. Yes, 2-3 years ago, I would have laughed at this kind of spiritual, head in the clouds, airy-fairy nonsense, but as I’ve awakened, I now realise that this kind of thing can change lives and yes indeed, the world.

No bullshit.

But I have to say, it didn’t quite go as I’d planned………….

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Law of Attraction Manifesting: My ENORMOUS Goals for 2018 and Beyond!

person-sat on-mountains-looking-at-sunset-over-canyon

I’ve been on this path of personal transformation, awakening, enlightenment, creating my dream life, whatever the hell you want to call it, for 2 years now, since my recovery from anxiety.

Law of Attraction manifesting is the key technique I now use to create that dream life BUT you can’t create anything if you don’t have a plan – that means knowing what you want and setting ENORMOUS goals (sorry but small won’t cut it!!).

A year ago, my manifestation goals were: a trendy apartment in a shit-hot area of London, a BMW Z4 (in silver!), a close group of friends and a fuck-tonne of money from my financial trading job.

But things have shifted radically from what I originally wanted

After I began this blog in 2017 (I’m 1-year-old, happy birthday to meeeee!!) strange things started to materialise:

Writing work (my TRUE passion)

New friendships with people I NEVER thought I’d be friends with!

Opportunities to make BIG money.

And the offer of a lifetime to work with a YouTube mentor of mine in Thailand!

This began to shift my belief of what was possible. I knew for sure, the law of attraction was real and working its magic. So I felt, why not dream bigger?

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