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My New Job in THAILAND!!


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OK it’s time to finally come clean! I’ve been hiding the truth from you. Being aย  bit coy with what’s going on in my life. You see, until recently, there was still a part of me that was scared. Worried that all the good things which had started to manifest in my life, were going to be whipped away from me, like a tablecloth in a magician’s trick.

I started to get uncomfortable, panicky feelings that my future was out of my control and that one change of heart from one individual could bring my hopes crashing to the bottom of a canyon. Because of this, I haven’t dared write about the specifics of what is happening in my life. I also risked feeling like a complete fool if I told you all this exciting news only to have to report that none of it was actually happening. But I’ve had a paradigm shift lately.

It really came after reading “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. It enabled me to feel more grounded and calmer about my future. As if by magic (well, the law of attraction!) within days of this shift, I got confirmation of a couple of things I’d been worried might not materialise.

I also found even more good things started to happen, as new people, money and more opportunities flooded towards me! But perhaps the biggest, most unexpected and most exciting of them all, was a new job offer………..which will mean moving to a tropical island paradise for 6 months!!


Back in March, not long after I started this blog, things started to happen. For the previous year, I’d been going through my awakening, learning, reading, experimenting, working on my internal self – but nothing had changed externally. I was still questioning the path I was on, desperately wanting it to be my saviour yet still being tugged backwards by my old limiting beliefs and continued external woes.

I decided that I needed to start taking greater action towards my dreams – my BIG dreams. The ones I was putting off till later, maybe a few years down the line when I was more stable and had more money. So I started this blog.

I didn’t know where it was going to lead me, I just knew I had something to say and that if I started writing now, maybe in a few years, I would have a platform to build upon, maybe even create a following. Little did I realise how quickly things would start to come to me!

Within the first month, the simple action of starting this blog and really becoming inspired to work hard on it, started to change my goals. I knew I needed to reach out to “influencers” to start to build a relationship. Maybe write a few guest posts for them. The aim being to increase my readership through theirs. But I planned to work my way up slowly. Start with people on the rung above me – bloggers who had been going for a while but weren’t well known and had small but decent follower numbers.

But it was another influencer (Gary Vaynerchuk) who taught me in his vlogs that you shouldn’t be afraid to go for the big names because you just never know.

If you’re good enough and have enough content to prove that, you might just be that one person in a hundred or a thousand who catches their eye. And that’s exactly what happened with a gentleman called Brett Moran!



Literally the first person I contacted, top of my list of influencers, and I was straight on his radar! It turned out to be right place, right time but it’s my belief that this wasn’t about luck. My blog had plenty of good content and a few videos – so he could see what I looked and sounded like and my general vibe. This was crucial I think because with just written posts, I’m not sure Brett would have taken a chance on me.

Also crucial was the fact that I wasn’t looking for anything from him. No favours, no money and no exposure. I offered to help HIM. But I did it from a place of gratitude.

Having followed his vlog for almost a year, I knew he had helped me more than I could ever help him in return. I came across his channel at a time when I was still uncertain about the law of attraction and the path I was on. But Brett, being English too and from a similar background, I felt a greater empathy towards him that the Americans that I’d been learning from, most of whom were older, religious and with a different style and personality.

When Brett came along, I felt more at ease and that this was all far more likely to be real! Anyway, long story short, he needed a writer/editor and I helped him out!



A few weeks later, I was officially invited to be part ofย  a new project he’s starting on the island of Koh Samui next year. A small team of like-minded souls is travelling out there for 6 months (maybe longer!) to try and help people and sell a few products in the process. It’s a big dream but here’s the thing – I had the exact same dream! One where I was part of a huge movement that helped people to wake up and realise their full potential.

I didn’t expect to be part of that for at least another 5 years – and it’s happened already! That for me, is nothing to do with luck. It’s the law of attraction in action. And if that doesn’t convince you, let me tell you what Brett said to me:

He had asked the universe for someone who had a positive vibe, was a good writer and who would be up for moving to Thailand…….the same day, guess what turned up in his email inbox!

So there you have it.ย  2 years ago, I was housebound with anxiety. 18 months ago, I’d never heard of the law of attraction. Just 4 months ago, I had no blog, no money and no contacts at all who were into anything spiritual.

Today, I have money, writing offers, a bunch of new friends and acquaintances who all are on the same journey as me and in 8 months time, I’ll be sipping coconuts in my new home in Asia! That is how quickly things can turn around when you start to believe, have faith, take action and then a risk or two. And this is just the beginning…………




  1. Ash says:

    Well done mate, that sounds fucking awesome!!! Just checked out this Brett Moran dude and what an amazing story!! Not gonna lie I’m jealous! 6 months in Thailand!! Get in there!!

    1. Haha, thanks Ash. No need to be jealous; go for what you want and you’ll get it too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. La Bouchez says:

    O wow thats pretty incredible, especially the bit about Brett asking the universe for you. You really have come along way in a short time. Thailand is beautiful, one of my favourite places ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It’s a wonderful country, I’m fortunate to have experienced it before. Thanks for taking the time to comment, much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

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