How to Make Money with Bitcoin


So you’ve heard all the hype and want to know how to make money with Bitcoin. You might even have bought some. But let’s face it, this is a complicated new world!

You are probably wondering:

“Where do I start?”

“What do I do with my bitcoin?”

There’s all this jargon about blockchain and wallets and ICOs and alt-coins and exchanges………it can all feel a little overwhelming, right?

Just a few short weeks ago, I was in EXACTLY the same position. I knew very little about bitcoin. But now, I am involved in MULTIPLE streams of bitcoin income, some of which are 100% PASSIVE and generating daily returns on my capital, on autopilot.

What many people don’t realise, is there is so much more you can do with bitcoin than just buy it and hold it (or HODL as we say in the crypto community!).

There are multiple opportunities (7 major ones) out there within the crypto-world and if you LEARN what they are, you will see the ENORMOUS potential that exists to build wealth.

“Sounds amazing! But eeerrmm, who exactly are you again?!”

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I’m glad you asked! I’m Tim 🙂

Before I got into cryptos, I was struggling financially. In fact, I was struggling in LIFE! Over the last few years, I have battled against post-traumatic anxiety and depression which almost destroyed me.

In fact, I write about this on this very blog you are now reading!

The fight against these mental demons left me broke, lonely, feeling hopeless and worthless. Gradually, over the last 2 years, I’ve been able to re-write most of those lies I’ve been telling myself.

With continuous personal development, I discovered a power within me, a power that EVERY single one of us has but most never realise.

This power, is the power of THOUGHT.

The power of our MIND to create ANYTHING we desire.

With a positive outlook, positive thoughts, positive action, we will draw to us positive people and positive opportunities.

Over the past year, I have started to draw incredible people and opportunities into my life like a magnet. The latest of which was an opportunity to become FINANCIALLY FREE with bitcoin……


Let’s go back just a couple of years……..

…..if someone had told me about bitcoin back then, I would have dismissed it;

“Hmmm, seems too risky!”

“Urrgh, sounds too complicated, I don’t have time to learn about it!”

“Meh, I’ll wait and see how it goes, maybe get involved later.”

5 years ago, if you had bought just $1000 of bitcoin and done nothing but chill-out and wait, you would be sitting on over 1.5 MILLION DOLLARS in December 2017!

Bitcoin History Chart

In 2017, the crypto market SKY-ROCKETED, and now, many people are deeply regretting not taking a chance just a few months ago.

Did you know, if you had bought just $1000 of bitcoin back in January 2017, you could have cashed out in December with $20,000!!??

And here’s what many people don’t know: you don’t need to buy a WHOLE bitcoin (which would set you back over $15,000 at current prices!). Bitcoin is divisible into smaller amounts known as Satoshi, which you can buy for just a few dollars!

Here’s what is important to understand:


Sure, the best time to get involved in bitcoin was in 2011, when it was worth cents! The second best time………NOW! It’s always NOW.

What you need to realise is that the VAST majority of people still have NO IDEA what bitcoin is! If you are reading this page, you already know more about bitcoin than 99% of the world population!

This means two things;

  1. Bitcoin has a LONG way to go till mass adoption, which means MASSIVE potential for growth
  2. By getting involved NOW, you are still getting in VERY EARLY

We are only at the beginning of what is the greatest opportunity to build wealth in a GENERATION.

Imagine being able to buy into Amazon or Google or Apple when they were worth a tiny fraction of what they are worth today (before the famous Dot.Com bubble of the 1990s). Because that is exactly where we are now with Bitcoin!

Crypto Dot.Com Bubble Graph

But let me tell you this; not everyone is going to succeed.

Some people will go in blind and get ripped off by scam artists. Others will think there is easy money simply buying a crypto and waiting for it to go up in price.

But most coins FAIL.

A lot of people see the profits some traders are making and jump in without realising that trading is a SKILL that takes months and years to master – then get burned.

I know this because I AM a trader! I’ve been one for many years. So I understand about investing and about risk.

“So Tim, how do I succeed in this new Wild West of cryptos?!”

The answer is…….EDUCATION.

You need to LEARN about bitcoin.

How to buy it, store it, invest it and get it working for you.

Here’s some education for you! This video is a wonderful, simple example of how bitcoin works:


See how easy this “complicated” world of cryptos can be, with the right education?

LEARN about investing.

Once you LEARN the correct skills, you will have MULTIPLE income streams to benefit from and spread your risk.

This is where many people LOSE OUT.

They “Don’t have the time,” i.e. they won’t MAKE the time.


Would you be able to spare 5 hours, to potentially secure the future of you and your family for the REST OF YOUR LIFE?

Because that is roughly all you will need to learn the exact same info and strategies that I learned.

5 HOURS of learning which could potentially set you FINANCIALLY FREE. If that sounds too difficult, then you should click away now.

This opportunity is not for you.


Perhaps you are already happy grafting 8+ hours a day in your 9-5 job, working for someone else and paying towards THEIR dream life?

Maybe you are perfectly content with your current lifestyle, enjoy having only the weekend to relax and 2 weeks holiday every year?

Maybe you already have a fat pension awaiting your retirement and have no fears at all about the predicted, EXPECTED global financial crisis which will soon be upon us?

Robert Kiyosaki Quote

But if you are like me and you aren’t satisfied with being in a comfort zone.

If you’ve battled against the “system”, the rat-race and people telling you it “can’t be done,” and you’ll never be financially free.

Then I know that you are smart enough to learn from the same club that helped educate me.


“Cheers Tim, that’s very kind of you! So what exactly is this club?” 🙂


Let’s go back to just a few weeks ago……….

…….I discovered a wonderful community of over 100,000 MEMBERS whose vision is to set every day people financially free, turn them into BITCOIN MILLIONAIRES and free them from THE MATRIX!

It was set up by a guy who had been scammed by companies in the crypto-world and wanted to create a safe place where people could EDUCATE themselves and build wealth with the most transparent, trustworthy vehicles.



– Help people become Bitcoin Millionaires and achieve a lifestyle of financial FREEDOM!

– To help people grow their wealth in Bitcoins and earn a MINIMUM of 400 – 500% returns a year

– To help people earn multiple streams of passive income in bitcoins by leveraging ONE turn-key Free System.

– To provide all its members with the best education and up-to-date information about the world of Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies

– To share the top resources to help people buy bitcoins, teach how to grow and multiply bitcoins, how to trade bitcoins for other crypto-currencies and generate massive profits.

– To be a safe place for people to grow wealth in Bitcoins, to collaborate with other members and help identify and avoid fake and scam opportunities thus saving you and the people you love from losing money.


We’ve already seen one guy in our club become a CRYPTO-MILLIONAIRE in just 72 days!!

My mentor went from ZERO to $1 MILLION in only 6 MONTHS! (These are his withdrawals)

Bitcoin withdrawal screenshotBitcoin withdrawals


Many ordinary people are earning THOUSANDS every single month and you will be able to see proof of this in the private Facebook groups aligned with the club and copy their exact strategies!

(**Please note that these examples are NOT typical results but they are very real and show exactly what is possible within this new, exciting cryptocurrency space. You can lose money as well as make it and you certainly CAN make life-changing amounts but you will only do that with the correct education).


These are not tech-savvy people who spend all their time nerding-out in the blockchain and computer programming…….these are NORMAL people who knew very little about bitcoin till they EDUCATED themselves.


“So what will I learn in this club, Tim?” I hear you ask!

In the EASY-TO-FOLLOW training course videos, you will learn:

  1. What money is (and trust me, most people DO NOT understand what it is, where it comes from or how it works!).
  2. What bitcoin is
  3. What blockchain (the technology behind bitcoin) is
  4. What alt-coins are
  5. How to buy, sell, store and use bitcoin SAFELY
  6. How to get involved in multiple streams of income to generate profit (these include mining, trading, investing, lending, affiliate marketing, passive and active streams)
  7. What 6 & 7 FIGURE EARNERS within the club are doing to increase their wealth in bitcoin
  8. How to get the right MINDSET required to be successful and build wealth
  9. How to compound your earnings to make MASSIVE profits


Einstein compounding quote


Do you think you have the capacity to put in a few hours work, to learn about cryptocurrencies?

Are you a positive, glass half-full person who wants to help improve the lives of your family and those around the world who aren’t FINANCIALLY FREE?

Are you committed to becoming a CRYPTO-MILLIONAIRE, breaking free from The Matrix and building a life of freedom to do what you REALLY love?


Then I would like to invite you to this REVOLUTIONARY club…….for FREE!

And if you join TODAY, you will get ALL of the training course “The Secrets to Growing Your Wealth in Bitcoins” (worth HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS) also for FREE!


But I only want to help people who are ready to learn NOW.

Who are ready to improve their lives NOW.

I am not interested in tyre kickers!

Tyre kicker

Because when you join, I will become your “sponsor” which means it is my duty to HELP you. That’s how this community works – we are all in this TOGETHER.

The big bitcoin vision is ultimately about helping the world become a fairer, more equal, prosperous place. That starts within the club. My sponsor helped me, answered my questions, and I will do the same for you.

But if you aren’t an action taker, you are looking for a “get rich quick” scheme or you don’t share this vision……….then I can’t help you.

But if you are ready to improve your life, build wealth, learn and TAKE ACTION NOW, then here are your next steps:

STEP 1: Click on the button below…..





STEP 2: Type in your email address (then check your email for a reply from the club – please note that the first message will be specifically from me)

STEP 3: Fill out the form that appears

STEP 4: Check your email for log in details for the club, then log into the club

STEP 5: Click on “Training by your Sponsor” button on the left of the screen and follow my welcome instructions


You will then begin going through the training course and signing up for recommended income streams.

You’ll also see links to the best resources (below) I used which helped me to figure everything out.

I’m here to help and I recommend you keep coming back to this page if you ever get stuck or need advice and to contact me personally. So go ahead and bookmark it NOW! 🙂 

Better still, follow my journey by signing up for free updates on my blog posts here:

This is still very new for me but I can tell you that I am already making money EVERY DAY, thanks to this club. I hope you’ll join me and we can go on this journey to financial freedom together!

Remember: “Risk is the Currency of the Gods.”

Hasta luego!



The founder of the club is now working with the one and only TONY ROBBINS as part of his Mastermind group and will be spending time at the personal development guru’s own HOUSE, as he collaborates and learns from the very best.

This means that our whole community will benefit from the advice of Tony Robbins AND the partnerships with successful entrepreneurs that have been mentored by Tony Robbins, who are now working directly with the club.

There is also a BRAND NEW INCOME STREAM about to be incorporated within the club and the founder believes this could be the most profitable opportunity we have seen so far!

These are exciting times and the club grows stronger and stronger every day. Make sure you don’t miss out on the wealth of knowledge and experience that will become available to all members!

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad  by Robert Kiyosaki

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The Internet of Money by Andreas Antonopoulos



Andreas Antonopoulos YouTube Channel (Bitcoin & Money Expert)

Ivan on Tech YouTube Channel (Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Expert)

Crypto Bobby YouTube Channel (Cryptocurrency Investor)

Doug Polk Crypto YouTube Channel (Cryptocurrency Investor (very funny!))

Chris Dunn YouTube Channel (Cryptocurrency & Investing Expert)


Below is THE best Introduction to Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, ICOs and investment I’ve seen. If there’s one video you must watch if you’re new to all this, it’s this one!! Also, from an ethical, spiritual and world-view standpoint, Brock Pierce is bang in line with my own ethos and message I try to portray on this blog.

Clif High (parents surely having a laugh with that name!) is a data analyst who accurately predicted what would happen to bitcoin in 2017 (and pretty much no one else did!). Listen to what he says about 2018 (watch from 23:19)……$100,000 bitcoin THIS YEAR?!

Think Bitcoin is in a bubble that’s about to burst? Check this out! John MacAfee explains the true value of Bitcoin and his calculations on where it will be in future.