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Writing is what I do.

I believe it’s my calling, my passion, what I was put on this Earth to do.

I just adore words. The power they have. The beauty of language. It is my favourite form of communication, even in today’s world where video and quicker consumption is king. Give me a blank canvas to write on and a page full of letters to read and I’m in my element!

But it hasn’t always been this way.


My Life

For many years, my anxiety prevented me from doing what I love. I didn’t think I was good enough to write for a living. Thought it was something other people did; people with confidence, with a ton of qualifications from highly respectable institutions  –  not some mixed-race kid from a working-class, housing-estate. I had none of those things but one thing I did have, was determination. Determination not to be just another statistic. Determination to start a new career path in my 30s. Determination to become the greatest version of myself.

Because I’m relatively new to this career path, I never take it for granted; it’s still new and exciting to me and I have a gratitude for what I’m now able to do, from the comfort of my laptop anywhere in the world. A renewed passion and a dedication that I believe most people who have been writing their whole lives, don’t have.

At the same time, I have over 30 years of life experience, much of which has been a struggle, and I now see the advantages of this for my writing and in the maturity and work ethic it can bring to the table. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to write about my experiences with mental health and help other people – which is ultimately, why I write.

Current Projects

I am currently working on my own novel, my aim being to provide a tiny dollop of joy to anyone who might need an escape from the harsh realities of life. When I was in my dark recesses of anxiety, music and books were my sanctuary and if I can bring a chink of light into someone’s gun-metal grey day by lodging them into the present moment with some enticing prose, then that for me, is the greatest feeling life can bring.

I also have begun projects in a new field which has become a way of life for me over the past 2 years; wellness, spirituality and personal development. Working with Brett Moran and Vikasa Yoga Resort, as well as my work with the Law of Attraction and interviews with beautiful souls about personal transformation for my blog, has caressed me into a genre which I’m intensely passionate about.


My Writing

I believe this is my time to shine as a writer and I want to work with anyone who can hopefully see that light within me too – from my blog posts and videos on my site. This is how I have generally connected with people and built working relationships, so I urge you to take a look around (some links are below) and if I resonate with you on some level, then we should definitely talk!

I believe the universe brings us the opportunities we need to achieve our dreams in abundance and ease, once we get into alignment with them. Writing is my biggest passion and I’m happy to say, after much of my adult life, I’m finally back in alignment with that. The opportunities are now flowing and I will grab hold of any that inspire me. Whether it be:

  • editing
  • ghostwriting
  • copy writing
  • blogging
  • web copy
  • social media pieces

For me, connection trumps everything else. I go totally with my heart when it comes to projects. I think it’s way more important than polished portfolios and resumes full of bravado and bullshit. Give me energetic resonation any day!


My Work Ethos

If I’m not working on something and with someone I have a connection with, then it’s not going to stimulate me creatively and therefore, it becomes a chore – and I’m done with that kind of work-life! Writing should never be a chore and I believe you produce the best out of something you have a passion for.

I will always adapt to what you the client wants, as long as it resonates with me on some level. As a writer, it is important that I am flexible enough to write many different styles, as at the end of the day, this is YOUR work and not about me. I never force my personal writing style or ideas on anyone and always communicate well to make sure you get something you are 100% happy with – because I won’t be happy if you aren’t!

So drop me an email and let’s see if we can work something out which is mutually beneficial. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you!



Work Examples


Extract from my forthcoming novel “Gaia”

“Rivulets connected, dripping slowly across the supple curve of her back. She felt a tug at the apex of buttock and thigh and a nagging taughtness ensued. His eyes followed over every cell. Stillness. Motionless. But inside, waves of energy expand, growing, flowing, unleashed.

But his eyes still raged and bored their way deep into her flesh, like a tunneling worm through dank, moist soil. This was her sanctuary though; surely his validation was worthless here?  Wasn’t this one place, one moment, where he couldn’t penetrate?

I am strong. I am unbreakable. I am self assured. Nothing and no one can control me.

She twisted one leg gracefully towards her chin in a sweeping arc and held there; shaking, biting down on plump lower lip but poised for what was to come. Snapping eyes shut, he appeared again, the force of the blows a mere brush against her skin; a wisp of broken web across the face, on a fading summer evening.

Then blackness. She felt herself slipping. Diving headfirst into a thick lagoon of unending depth.

What are you doing? What are you even saying?

Further and further into the abyss. Lower and lower into the dark recceses of the mind.

I am nothing. I am worthless. I deserve only pain and suffering. Nothing and no one can save me.

She shuddered, feeling each strike with increasing intensity but refused to cave, refused to unbalance.

Only in the darkest moments will the greatest light be revealed.

She pressed delicate palms to floor and drove with speed and elegance and all her power, feet kicking towards those callous eyes, jamming into that bristled jaw she had enjoyed the harshness of for so long……too long. There it held; a glistening, smooth, arrow-like limb, awaiting its next target.

Snaking a deliberate path to earth, the leg joined its twin, tensed and muscular, in harmony with mind once more.

I love you, she forced

I love you, she stammered

I love you, she wished

I love you, she believed

I love you, she knew

I am Camilla and I love you unconditionally, she said, gazing into the glassy lake.

Pelvis thrust towards the stars, back arched, limbs curved in geometric precision, the lone sculpturist carved the empty field with a vision of her new self; bending not to his will but to a different, solitary pathway. She returned to breath; rhythmic, slow, patient – like the pendant of a grandfather clock, never faulting, always unnered.

Camilla felt a pinch – nothing more than tired muscles brushed by a brisk evening breeze. Welcome pain. Transient. Clouds fade to black as pain fades to glory; the glory only this ancient art-form could wrench from her.

Stillness grows within as it mirrors without; palms to sky, back to ground, soul to a place far beyond the physical.

Never again, she whispered.

Never again.”




Extract written by me for “Join the Vikasa Tribe” Chapter from forthcoming book “Happiness is a Choice”

“We are much stronger together and this is something becoming increasingly more obvious as the world’s great problems become increasingly more urgent. The issues of mental health, sickness, inequality, environmental crises, political corruption and general disconnectedness can only be solved by bringing people together, not widening the gap further by shutting ourselves away and sticking within our small, local boundaries.

The world has gone down the route of being all about the individual, all about looking after number one, all about dog-eat-dog and survival of the fittest, for too long. It has led to a world of selfishness, competition and fighting for resources. Of creating nations and political cliques and dogmas and sects and tribes which oppose each other, concentrating on the differences and aiming to solidify them or persecute based on them, rather than our similarities.

Yes, we are a tribe too! But one of inclusiveness and one which seeks to grow and is open to anyone, regardless of nationality, race or any of these outdated forms of separatism, which are no longer serving us as humans. The Vikasa movement ultimately is about growing this tribe and bringing in as many new people as possible, regardless of where that person started from. In that respect, it’s a tribe unlike most in the traditional sense.

Our aim is to raise the consciousness of the planet. Whilst this might sound a little ambiguous or outlandish or spiritual fluff to some, put simply it means getting people to become more aware – more conscious of their thoughts, feelings and actions. Most people are living their lives on rails – blindly running through life with seemingly little choice about where they go and what they do. They are just existing in fact, not truly living. They are not aware, not conscious of their day to day activities and so cannot see the choices and opportunities which are available for them to change course into something better; healthier, more meaningful, more fulfilling.

But every person who does eventually become more aware, more conscious and ultimately, happier, is another person who now is able to help others to raise their consciousness. In this way, step by step, person by person, we set examples to others in a tangible way, rather than just theory, such as reading about success and change or hearing about it second hand. The Vikasa Tribe aims to bring more and more people to this state of awareness because it is only through individual change that the collective (the planet) becomes a better place to thrive, not just survive.

Our current institutions have it the wrong way around. They try to force individuals to fit into their systems and become another faceless number – a copycat member of a group that generally is seeking to compete against or force its ideals onto others. Instead, The Vikasa Tribe seeks to show people the way – their own way. Not force people into the same boxes or dictate how it should be done. Not using strict dogmas and rules and making everyone a clone.

The assumption many people make is that they need to be someone “special” to be a catalyst for change in others. The truth is that everyone has the potential to be a leader, a change-maker, an inspiration. We all have it in us already but most never have the belief to tap into it, explore it and allow it to rise from within, like a phoenix from the flames. Many of the people in the stories you will have read in Happiness is a Choice, I’m sure never perceived themselves as “special” either – yet here they are, proving their worth and rising from the ashes, hopefully to inspire you.”


Extract edited & partially written by me for “From Darkness to Light: Kosta’s Story” from forthcoming book “Happiness is a Choice”

“SOMETHING WASN’T RIGHT. My head was swirling with artificial euphoria that would normally plaster me with the widest of smiles. From my raised platform I commanded all, spinning vinyl, pumping out tunes as strobe lights flashed across grinning faces. Surrounded by a sea of effervescent college kids, awash with all manner of substances, I became the captain, dictating their every move.

Each time I dropped another titanic anthem, cheering erupted, bodies writhed and snaked in tight towards my throne at the epicenter. Usually, I would have been riding the crest of a wave. High on little red pills and the adulation of the masses. But as sound-waves bounced off walls, sending bass-line shivers down my spine, I felt nothing inside.

Seemingly controlling my own destiny, several years free from the watchful eyes of parents; I was bang in the center of an exciting, rebellious, lifestyle that was the envy of many a young man. But as music roared and dancing continued through the early morning darkness, I left the stage with a sense of dissatisfaction. Somehow, I felt empty from this hedonistic bubble. But the disillusion ran deeper than that:

“Is there more to life than partying?”

“Is this stressful, city lifestyle harming me?”

“Am I truly in control or is my life stuck on rails?”

“What’s my role in the world?”

“Where do I fit in?”

“Why am I really here?”

I began to question my purpose in life. In fact, I questioned my very existence.”

Extract edited by me, from forthcoming book “Shut the F#ck Up” by Brett Moran

“As soon as I read the text, a huge swelling of grief hit the back of my throat. Tears pooled up behind my eyes. The shock made me feel sick to the stomach. Everything in my life up to that moment was going so well. My first book Wake the F#ck Up had been successfully released. I felt abundant, naturally high and ready to take on the world. Then I received a message that splintered my heart with pain – my younger cousin Cathleen had taken her own life.


Cathleen was a beautiful girl, an age too young for anyone to leave this planet. She was Uncle Les’s little princess. A gifted artist, whose drawings were unique, and told a deep story only she understood. Yet she struggled to paint the canvas of her own life and at the age of 25, her spirit sadly left her temple. It put into perspective how life is so precious. Being a father myself, I daren’t imagine what my Uncle Les and his family were, and still are, going through. I was floored. No words I offered could heal such an avalanche of mourning.  


Cathleen’s passing woke me the f#ck up and made me think more deeply about life. Like millions of people, Cathleen was grappling with her inner demons. As a teenager, she suffered from anxiety, depression, self-harm, panic attacks, and a whole host of other mental illnesses. She was moved into care as a teenager. Started taking drugs and eventually lost herself even more.


When Uncle Les told me she was in a bad place and he’d given her my book, I gave her a quick call. I did my best to remind her how special and beautiful she was inside. I told her life can get better and she can turn it around. I listened. I connected. I made her laugh. I said I’d pop round there when I had time. Sadly, I never made it. I felt guilty for not seeing her – but it turned out not to be the last time we bonded.


I was practicing yoga a few weeks after her passing, when all of a sudden, a clear vision of Cathleen slipped into my mind. I became sad with heartache, and as mystical as it sounds, I felt her presence with me. It was Cathleen‘s spirit and I felt so connected to her. Even more than when she was alive. Then I heard her soft voice, as clear as anything;


“Hey Brett, I’m happy and in a good place now. Look out for my Dad and my brother Lenny. Invite Lenny to Thailand with you.”


Tears rolled down my face as I sat on my yoga mat, having a full-blown conversation with her soul, part questioning if it was her or not. Was my mind playing tricks on me, or was I communicating with her?  


“Sorry for not getting round to see you,” I replied, “I love you”



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