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Are you looking for an:

  • editor
  • ghostwriter
  • copywriter
  • blogger
  • web copy writer
  • social media writer
  • proofreader

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  • book
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  • manuscript
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that requires work?

Then keep reading – it might be your lucky day!

What I Do

I write creative content with a twist of business savvy, to entice people to your work and drive your project to success.

That could be through short term projects such as creating an About Me page and proofreading a manuscript, or longer term, such as ghostwriting or editing a book.

This past few months, I have worked on:

  • Ghostwriting a book for a yoga teacher
  • Editing pitch scripts for a luxury property development company
  • Creating marketing copy and email funnels for a yoga resort
  • Devising Home, About Me & other web pages for a fitness and nutrition coach
  • Compiling a yoga teacher training manual
  • Editing and creating emails, blog posts and pop-up copy for a health and wellness coach
  • Creating copy for a yacht charter brochure

I get a lot of work from the health, wellness and yoga industry, but I can turn my hand to anything and get it streamlined and attractive for whatever your audience.

Relevant Background:

  • Freelance writer for 5 years (2 years full time)
  • English as a Foreign Language teacher for 3 years in London, full time – so extensive knowledge of English grammar
  • 2.1 BA Honours Degree from an English University (Geography)

Irrelevant Background:

  • DJ for 1 year
  • Financial Trader for too many years!


I just adore words. The power they have. The beauty of written language. Give me a blank canvas to write on and a page full of letters to read and I’m in my element!

But it hasn’t always been this way.

For many years, anxiety prevented me from doing what I love. I didn’t think I was good enough to write for a living. Thought it was something other people did; people with confidence, with a ton of qualifications from highly respectable institutions  –  not some mixed-race kid from a rough housing-estate.

Thankfully, recent years have seen a major shift in my beliefs and my reality as a consequence – so here I am, a freelance writer! Who would’ve thought it! Me!


I have been involved in projects in a new field which has become a way of life for me; wellness, spirituality and personal development.

Working with Brett Moran and Vikasa Yoga Resort, as well as my work with the Law of Attraction and interviews with beautiful souls about personal transformation for my blog, has caressed me into a genre which I’m intensely passionate about.

I’ve worked on yoga teacher training manuals, health and wellness websites, retreat pages, holistic well-being courses and non-fiction self-help books.

I have interests in yoga, meditation, metaphysics, travel, trading, tennis and electronic music, so have written in a variety of different genres.


I will always adapt to what you, the client, wants. As a writer, it is important that I am flexible enough to write many different styles, as at the end of the day, this is YOUR work and not about me. I never force my personal writing style or ideas on anyone and always communicate well to make sure you get something you are 100% happy with – because I won’t be happy if you aren’t!


I have generally connected with people and built working relationships through my blog, so I urge you to take a look around (some links are below), check out my interviews and videos, and if I resonate with you, then we should definitely talk!


I look forward to working with you!


Work Examples

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Copy Writing
Creative Writing

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Contact: timothyphoenixblog@gmail.com