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Fake It Till You Make It – Why You NEED to do This!!

Here’s what you need to understand about getting what you want using the law of attraction. It’s not about whether it MIGHT happen. It’s not about whether it COULD happen. It’s not even about whether it WILL happen. You have to act as though it HAS happened! The only way to do this is to FAKE it. Remember; your subconscious mind (which controls 95-99% of what you do) can’t distinguish between a lie and the truth. It’s totally unbiased – it takes everything as fact. So when you focus on debt and illness and worry, that’s reinforcing this reality to your subconscious mind, whether you have those problems or not. When you visualise yourself surrounded by abundance, that’s what your subconscious sees as the NOW, real-time, the truth.

The more you feed it good visuals, the more those pathways in the brain will strengthen, till you start to believe it yourself. Of course, you will also be taking action towards those dreams, and the law of attraction will be bringing to you what you need to take steps towards them. Without the action step, nothing can happen. But because your mind is becoming more positive and starting to believe more in this alternate reality, you will want to make it happen. It will propel you into action.


I’ve been faking it for the past year! First of all, for my financial trading work. It’s been proven that if you have correct body posture, it releases chemicals in the brain which increase your positivity and well being. I used to slouch all the time when I was working. This would result in tiredness, loss of concentration and poor results when I traded. But when I forced myself to act more professionally, as I would if I was  a successful trader, I began to do a lot better. Primarily, this was by sitting with a straight back, leaning forward towards the laptop screen and never sinking back into the chair. Every time I do this, my focus improves and as a result, my entire decision making process and results improve. Of course, it took more work than that to go from a losing trader into a profitable one but it all starts with the basics – getting the mindset right.

When I used to walk, I used to mostly look at the ground. I would walk quickly, short paces, scuttling along. Hands in pockets – a sure sign of insecurity. My whole  body would be closed in, rather than open. I deliberately began to change this last year. At first it was very unnatural and uncomfortable. But very quickly, I could feel the benefits. With my head up, striding purposefully but not rushing, slightly longer steps, hands out of pockets and swinging by my sides, I suddenly gained a mass of confidence. My back straightened and my chest came out a tad – not too pigeon-y but enough to convey assuredness. It only took about 2 weeks of consistently doing this to feel natural and to totally change my confidence in public, which was always quite low and edgy, even following the loss of any serious anxiety.

In fact, I felt not just assured but ROCK-SOLID self assured! Like no matter what anyone thought about me, I didn’t give a fuck! That carried over into other areas of my life, such as dating and even my trading. It was almost a feeling of invincibility.

Don’t get me wrong, it took a few more months of doing this to ingrain it to that level but you’d never know that if you’d just met me.


If you can do that with body posture, why not with anything else? I’ve been faking positive thoughts for a long time now! I do affirmations as often as possible. Not just when I’m in a bad spell and need a lift. I do them whenever I have free time; in a queue, whilst doing chores, in the bath, whilst travelling, at the gym and of course, during meditation. So I’m constantly pumping my mind with positive imagery, changing the neural pathways in my brain and the chemistry in my body.

Every cell you have is a separate entity, trying to survive each day. The science of epigenetics has proven that these cells respond to outside influences (environment, food, emotions) and will change according to whether those factors are positive or negative. So why not feed them positive things?

Your thoughts create your feelings and emotions, so make them good!

I wasn’t initially convinced about affirmations and whether they really work. For me, they need to be done from a subconscious level to have any meaningful, long lasting effect. But short term? I think in the present moment there is no doubt that you can fool your cells and your subconscious into believing everything is OK. It’s not easy but repetition over a decent period can produce change. The best way to do this, is to simply act as if you already have what you want; health, wealth, happiness, success. Don’t dismiss it as weird. This shit works! We’ve all heard that saying that if you tell a lie for long enough, you start to believe it. Make that lie something positive about yourself and see what happens!



I used to tell myself that I was a successful, wealthy financial trader (and I was in debt!). I am now well on the way. I used to tell myself that I was confident, with rock-solid self assuredness and feared no one and nothing. I know I haven’t reached the peak for this yet but I’m not far off and a million miles away from where I was 18 months ago. Today, I am faking it with a new set of affirmations for a set of even bigger dreams – and I will write about these in my next post! I visualise daily the scenarios of this future life, during meditation but also whenever I get a spare moment. I act as if I’m someone who has everything he desires. I become as confident, content, happy, grateful and excited as I will be when I have the money, career, friends, freedom, success and lifestyle that I’m working towards. I look forward to the day when I can repost this blog and show you all how faking it created the life of my dreams. It will happen, folks!



  1. Really awesome Timothy! I was always sceptical about whether this works but I’ll definitely be faking it from now on. Thank you for this!!

  2. Hey there, thanks for the kind words and good luck with the fakery!!

  3. Brian says:

    I think I need to fake my whole personality 🙁 But I am willing to give it a go. Need to get more confident somehow. Thanks.

    1. Hi Brian, you don’t need to fake your personality! You just need to accept and love who you are. After that, you can build on your natural personality by adding some confidence. Good luck and thanks for commenting 🙂

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