How I Crushed Anxiety Twice (ebook)

I suffered from Social Anxiety for most of my life. As I hit my twenties, it became a serious disorder which prevented me from living a normal life. But I overcame it. Not only that, I CRUSHED it and went on to create an amazing life that I could never have dreamed of in just ONE YEAR.

I created a free PDF (below) to show people exactly how I did it……………and then lost it all to anxiety again. This time, it struck me even harder. But wait! There’s good news; I overcame anxiety TWICE!!

With such lengthy experience of living with and overcoming anxiety, I wanted to share my knowledge in the hope that it can do some good in the world. If you’re an anxiety sufferer. If you have a similar mental illness. If you know of someone who does. If you’re having a rough time no matter what your situation. Check out my free ebook which you can read below on this page:

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How I Crushed Anxiety


This is my story. It’s the first time I’ve shared it in its entirety with ANYONE. So it’s quite the labour of love! Writing is a passion of mine and so it seemed like a natural thing to do. Still, it wasn’t easy, laying myself bare. I hope you’ll enjoy it. It would mean a lot to me if you do. Don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know what you think.


Please share it with as many people as possible if you gain anything from it. Then follow my continuing story as I recover from anxiety, go through an “awakening” and try to create my dream life on this very blog 🙂

Hasta luego, mi amigos!