Why Awareness is the Key to Crushing Anxiety

Another video blog for you today and this time I talk about awareness and why it is THE key ingredient to defeating anxiety (and changing your life in general). And never forget – anxiety CAN be defeated!

3 Amazing People That Have Crashed into My Life!

The Law of Attraction has really stepped up this past month! Remember in my very first post, when I asked if I could create my dream life in one year? Or my 3 Law of Attraction posts where I discussed whether it could be bullshit? Or the 3 posts about my psychic reading? Well these 3 people could provide answers to all of them. Because let there be no mistake; if these relationships lead onto what I think they might, they are going to change my life in unbelievable ways.

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Video Blog: How My Dream Life is Starting to Manifest!

Hola! Today I thought I’d mix things up with with my first ever video blog. I wanted to update you on a few fantastic things that have been happening in my life which I believe are going to lead to it turning into that dream life I’ve been banging on about!

In my first blog post 3 months ago, I asked if  could create my dream life in 1 year. A month or two ago, it was still looking unlikely. Now, things have suddenly and drastically changed! But it all began with me making a simple choice. Learn about this in my video below!

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Book Review: “Think & Grow Rich”

The turning point for me, the moment I began my spiritual awakening, was when I read the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. For those not familiar, this book was written way back in the 1930s following the American depression and was one of the world’s first “self help” books, going on to sell millions of copies worldwide. Originally intended to help Americans find a way out of the appalling economic mess caused by the Wall Street crash, which left millions of Americans homeless, penniless or in dire straights, it has become the grand-daddy of all self development books and is touted by nearly all the big names in the self development field today as one of the key aids in their success.

The over-riding principle of this book is that the power lies within any person, no matter what their circumstances, to build the life that they want and achieve absolutely anything they put their mind too. In essence, by thinking in the right manner, you can become rich. Rich doesn’t necessarily mean in monetary terms (although that is possible and a top reason why people are attracted to the book) but also rich in terms of every aspect in life; relationships, health, work etc.

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What My 2 Year Old Nephew Taught Me About Life

During the first year of his life, my little nephew would cry every time I came near him. They say that children have greater awareness of their environment than adults and can sense things more than we can. Perhaps he could sense I was anxious and in  a bad place in my life at that time? Whatever the reason, it’s been an incredible turnaround, as we are now very close. I would go as far to say that he is the best thing that’s happened in my life since my second bout of anxiety. Partly because, as with most toddlers, he is a joy to be around and makes me laugh. But also because the very nature of a young child, the way they act and live in the moment, is exactly what most of us adults have lost touch with and ultimately, need to re-learn.

Mindfulness, meditation and “living for now” are phrases that you’ll see popping into the mainstream more and more in the next few years. Finally, Western culture is beginning to realise that what has been a staple of Eastern culture for thousands of years, is not some wacko, new-age bullshit but something absolutely crucial to living a healthy, happy life.

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The Day I Decided to Do What I Love


My first 2 months of blogging have been a bit of a whirlwind! I knew blogging would be a challenge but I didn’t expect it to be quite so time consuming. One of the things I’ve not even had time to write about much is my day to day activities. In my very first post, I told you that I wanted to create my dream life. In a previous post, I told you about my daily routines which are in place to help achieve that. I’ve also posted about my long term goals. But I haven’t had a chance to reveal what I’m doing on a daily basis specifically to attain those goals, work-wise. That is what will dig me out of the trench I’m in now and enable me to move to London, create a new circle of friends, multiple streams of income and more freedom to travel and do what I love. Here’s what I do now:

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Is The Law of Attraction Bullshit?

Before I start to talk about this most controversial of subjects, I want you to know this. I only discovered the Law of Attraction (LOA) 12 months ago. Before that, I’d seen the phrase knocking around the internet but just assumed it was some cheesy dating thing and ignored it. Up to that point in my life, I was the kind of guy who mocked things like the LOA. Anything remotely spiritual I would automatically rail against and look for ways of disproving. If it wasn’t backed up by mainstream science, I didn’t want to know. I would actually enjoy picking holes in the arguments. I considered myself a normal, straight-talking, down to earth, pragmatic man. Liberal and open-minded, yet at the same time, realistic.

But after reading “Think and Grow Rich” and then learning about quantum physics, I was starting to realise that I wasn’t as open-minded and didn’t know as much as I’d thought. When famous scientists, writers, psychologists, wealthy business men, politicians (Einstein, Jung, Tesla, Napoleon Hill etc) were talking about a different way of thinking an entire century ago, a reality which appeared so incongruent to what I believed, I began to sit up and take it seriously. It was at this point, that I decided to find out just what the LOA actually was. And it had nothing to do with Tinder…..

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Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

Today, I’m going to show you a list of all the main ingrained habits I had in my life before my spiritual awakening and all the new ones I’ve tried to implement afterwards:



Eye exercises

High fibre cereal

Watch Frasier repeats, news and politics shows

Face moisturise with commercial product

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Why Reaching Out to Others Online is SO Important


It might well seem as though I have my shit together. That I’m always relentlessly bouncy and uplifted with the positive mantra I try to express. I certainly believe that the only way to live a happy life with true inner peace, is to live with gratitude and always with the glass half full. But as my post “Why Loneliness is my Biggest Motivation” shows, it’s not always the case.

I actually never intended to write that post. But sometimes, you have to go with your heart. Writing for me, is as much a cathartic process as it is to inform or to create. I want to help others; those with anxiety in particular but also anyone who is at rock-bottom or in a rut.  But I now realise that I have a lot of stuff I need to get off my chest. Things that I’ve never opened up to anyone else about. Being lonely is one of them. It wasn’t easy for me to write that post because, more than anything, it’s embarrassing to admit you have no close friends. I think part of me also, if I’m honest, felt a little anger and jealousy.

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10 Important Things I Learned During My Spiritual Awakening

So here’s a few things you need to know about me going through a  spiritual awakening:

  • I’m not going crazy!
  • I’m not part of some weird cult!
  • I haven’t become a born again Christian!
  • I’m not a conspiracy theorist!

The information that I’ve taken in is widely available and much of it was known and recorded by the early human civilisations (such as the ancient Egyptians) going back over 4000 years. It’s only becoming more widely known now because of the internet.

Up to 2016, I was not at all open to much of this. I was a staunch atheist who believed that when you’re dead, you’re dead. I didn’t believe in anything remotely spiritual. I laughed at people who thought that “everything happens for a reason” and there are no coincidences. That if science couldn’t prove something beyond all doubt, then it didn’t exist. That eastern medicine was weird and not to be trusted, unlike western medicine. But what this awakening did for me, was make me question why I had those beliefs. I soon realised that the majority of the beliefs I had were not based on any research on my behalf and in some cases, with very little knowledge of the subject. I had merely appropriated them from other people; from “society” in general. And this is true for an alarming number of self-held beliefs that almost all of us have.

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