3 Amazing People That Have Crashed into My Life!

The Law of Attraction has really stepped up this past month! Remember in my very first post, when I asked if I could create my dream life in one year? Or my 3 Law of Attraction posts where I discussed whether it could be bullshit? Or the 3 posts about my psychic reading? Well these 3 people could provide answers to all of them. Because let there be no mistake; if these relationships lead onto what I think they might, they are going to change my life in unbelievable ways.

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Video Blog: How My Dream Life is Starting to Manifest!

Hola! Today I thought I’d mix things up with with my first ever video blog. I wanted to update you on a few fantastic things that have been happening in my life which I believe are going to lead to it turning into that dream life I’ve been banging on about!

In my first blog post 3 months ago, I asked if  could create my dream life in 1 year. A month or two ago, it was still looking unlikely. Now, things have suddenly and drastically changed! But it all began with me making a simple choice. Learn about this in my video below!

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5 Amazing Coincidences: Or Are They? You Decide! (part 2)

In part one, I mentioned 5 anecdotes, seemingly amazing coincidences that happened during my spiritual awakening. But were they just coincidences? Or were they signs from an unseen force? The most amazing of these coincidences was the appearance of 333 on my gym locker – the day after I’d asked the universe for a numerological sign!

The number 3 apparently signifies growth, with 333 representing the trinity of mind, body and spirit. If you see 333, it means that you need to reconnect with what is in your soul. Your mind, body and spirit need working on but 333 is there to show that you are on the right path – it is a sign of encouragement and assistance. All of this makes perfect sense to where I was at the time. I was really struggling some days, unsure of what I was learning and if it could all be true. Other days, I was high as a kite, rejuvenated, grateful to be learning about the truth, and had faith that I could do anything.

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5 Amazing Coincidences: Or Are They? You Decide!


During my spiritual awakening last year, I experienced 5 really weird things that were so unusual, I thought that they possibly could be more than just coincidence. They appeared to be signs, deliberately brought to me for a reason. Let’s check them out and see if you agree!


This was my first experience of what may or may not be, a spiritual manifestation. It was about a year ago and I was about halfway through my year-long spiritual awakening. I’d learnt about the law of attraction and so decided to try my hand at visualising things into existence. The very first time I tried this, I pictured myself living in a lovely apartment in London, earning lots of money as a trader and driving a silver BMW Z4. The very next morning, I opened my curtains and what was the first thing I saw staring back at me from the street?

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My Hour With a Psychic (Part 2)

After 20 minutes, I was really shaken up. I’d heard from my deceased friend and grandfather, and the psychic knew things about me that she couldn’t possibly have known beforehand. And I’ll say this; she was a lovely woman but not the sharpest tool in the box. She was really humble and down to earth and it was obvious from certain things she said and her whole demeanour, that this was no trickster. She came across as extremely confident in her ability too. Which on the one hand made me believe her but on the other hand, some of the things she was guessing about me were just plain wrong! For example, she sort of said or rather half-asked, that I had no siblings. Which isn’t true! I replied “No”. She came back with “You have a brother?”. Again, completely wrong! “Ah that’s right, a sister” she commented. So immediately now, I’m wondering “Does she really know what she’s doing?” I mean, how can she get such  a basic thing wrong? I’d expect even a clever trickster with an ability to read the mind based on physical tells and a grasp of psychology, to be able to guess who my immediate family was.

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Why I Sometimes Feel Like Giving Up


You guys kinda know me by now. I try to live a positive, disciplined, healthy, heart-based and hard-working life. Everything I do, from the moment I wake up till the moment my head hits the pillow, is geared towards maintaining as a high a vibration as possible. In non-spiritual terms, that means I try to keep the negativity dragons at bay! But that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Some days, it can be really tough to batten down the hatches and stop getting burned by the flames. Yesterday was such a day.

Most days, I just hustle. That gets me through the day without even having the time to dwell on the past, feel sorry about the present or worry about the future. But sometimes, no matter how grateful I am just to be alive, just to be able to live in a free and democratic country, just to have food in my stomach, clean clothes on my back and a warm bed to sleep in, I lose that battle. I don’t lose the war. I’ll never lose the war and that’s what’s crucial. I am too mentally strong to ever lose that war again. But sometimes, the smoke from the dragon’s flames chokes me. Causes me to drop to my knees in weakness for a few hours. Yesterday was such  a day.

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Is The Law of Attraction Bullshit? (Part 3)

As I mentioned in part 2, following my recovery from social anxiety, everything seemed to be going right for me. I could do no wrong in almost every area of my life; relationships, money, health, career, socially, adventure. Even when something out of my control lead a to a negative, every single time, it lead directly onto something positive and often beyond my wildest expectations! At the pinnacle of this high-life, I was backpacking through Asia and The Pacific by myself – something the anxious me would never have dared to do.


Little Timmy Phoenix was at the Taj Mahal! Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge! Riding camels and elephants! Climbing glaciers and Mount Doom from The Lord of the Rings! Sitting on a totally secluded beach on a Pacific Island on Christmas Day! This was never in the plan!


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Is The Law Of Attraction Bullshit? (Part 2)

As I established in my previous post, I’m not 100% convinced in the law of attraction. Quantum physics is very real and appears to back it up scientifically. The research I’d done every day throughout 2016, studying people who were sharing their knowledge of the LOA and how it had turned their lives around, also proved a compelling argument. But one crucial thing was missing; I hadn’t experienced anything decisive personally. Despite attempting to live that mantra over the past year, being positive, grateful and living life from my heart, taking action towards gaining a life I truly desire, I haven’t made great strides. Nothing major I’m trying to manifest has appeared. However, when I look back over my past and deconstruct how my life has panned out, it does seem to back up the whole LOA theory.

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Is The Law of Attraction Bullshit?

Before I start to talk about this most controversial of subjects, I want you to know this. I only discovered the Law of Attraction (LOA) 12 months ago. Before that, I’d seen the phrase knocking around the internet but just assumed it was some cheesy dating thing and ignored it. Up to that point in my life, I was the kind of guy who mocked things like the LOA. Anything remotely spiritual I would automatically rail against and look for ways of disproving. If it wasn’t backed up by mainstream science, I didn’t want to know. I would actually enjoy picking holes in the arguments. I considered myself a normal, straight-talking, down to earth, pragmatic man. Liberal and open-minded, yet at the same time, realistic.

But after reading “Think and Grow Rich” and then learning about quantum physics, I was starting to realise that I wasn’t as open-minded and didn’t know as much as I’d thought. When famous scientists, writers, psychologists, wealthy business men, politicians (Einstein, Jung, Tesla, Napoleon Hill etc) were talking about a different way of thinking an entire century ago, a reality which appeared so incongruent to what I believed, I began to sit up and take it seriously. It was at this point, that I decided to find out just what the LOA actually was. And it had nothing to do with Tinder…..

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