Book Review: “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

Think and grow rich book cover

The turning point for me, the moment I began my spiritual awakening, was when I read the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

This was written way back in the 1930s following the American depression and was one of the world’s first “self help” books, going on to sell millions of copies worldwide.

Originally intended to help Americans find a way out of the appalling economic mess caused by the Wall Street crash, which left millions of Americans homeless, penniless or in dire straights, it has become the grand-daddy of all self development books and is touted by many of the big names in the self development field today as one of the key aids in their success.

The over-riding principle of this book is that the power lies within any person, no matter what their circumstances, to build the life they want and achieve absolutely anything they put their mind too.

In essence, by thinking in the right manner, you can become rich.

Rich doesn’t necessarily mean in monetary terms (although that is possible and a top reason why people are attracted to the book) but also rich in terms of every aspect in life; relationships, health, work etc.

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