Welcome! I’m Timothy Phoenix and life hasn’t quite panned out how I expected. No close friends. No career. Single since….forever. Wealthy since……never. Yet I’m the happiest I’ve been in years. You see, I have finally crushed social anxiety – and this year (with YOUR help!) I’m going to attempt to turn my life into something special. Something SEXY!

Have you ever thought “Surely there must be more to life? Surely there’s a better, simpler, easier way to live?” Last year, I began to delve into those questions for the first time and the answers I got have changed me profoundly.  2016 was a year of awakening.




For 12 months, I studied literally every day: books, videos, courses, websites, whatever info I could find, I devoured it. From quantum physics to ancient history, Japanese reiki to global conspiracies, vegan diets to neuroscience, the law of attraction to Buddhism. Did it change my situation? Fuck no! A year on from these eye-popping revelations about life, I’m still stuck exactly where I was when I was blissfully ignorant.

So 2017 will be the year of ACTION. It’s time to take all that theory and knowledge and put it to the test. So I’ve started this blog as a record to (hopefully!) show that anyone can change their life if they take decisive action, eliminate all the bullshit and focus on the important stuff – just a few simple things.

But I need you to come along for the ride. I’m gonna need the support. Going through an awakening can be a lonely time when you don’t have your tribe. But I’m hoping that I can maybe help you out too. Give you some inspiration to take action and go for your dreams. I believe it’s possible to turn your life around in less than one year. Why? Because I’ve done it before.



In my early 20s, I went from having severe social anxiety, a crappy low-paid office job, no true friends, definitely no girlfriend, living with my parents, to my dream job as a DJ (playing in front of CROWDS!), teaching English as a foreign language (in front of a CLASS!), moving to London and living in a half a million pound flat, with a stunning  girlfriend (A REAL GIRL!) and travelling the world (BY MYSELF!) for a whole year.

How did I do it? And perhaps more importantly, how the hell did I end up from there to where I am now!? Check out my free ebook which you can find by clicking this link which will take you to the relevant page:

“How I Crushed Anxiety TWICE!! The easy way and the hard way”

Then follow me on this blog and see if I can create my dream, sexy life. Or fall flat on my face!

Oh and by the way – you can call me Tim 🙂