Hola! I’m Timothy Phoenix……..and life hasn’t quite panned out how I expected!

10 years ago, I was struggling with social anxiety.

5 years ago, I was suicidal, battling post-traumatic anxiety.

2 years ago, I had no career. No money. Moved back home with parents. Barely left the house. Rarely spoke to anyone.

Yet I was the happiest I’ve been in years!

You see, I finally crushed anxiety after many years and my inner world was going through an exciting period of transformation.


My Awakening

Have you ever thought;

“Surely there must be more to life?”

“Surely there’s a healthier, happier, more fulfilling way to live?”

I began to delve into those questions for the first time and the answers I got have changed me profoundly.  2016 was a year of awakening.

For 12 months, I studied literally every day: books, videos, courses, websites, whatever info I could find, I devoured it. From:

  • Quantum physics to ancient history
  • Japanese reiki to global conspiracies
  • Vegan diets to neuroscience
  • The Law of Attraction to Buddhism

Did it change my situation?

Hell no!

A year on from these eye-popping revelations about life, I was still stuck exactly where I was when I was blissfully ignorant.

So 2017 became the year of ACTION.


This Blog

It was time to take all that theory and knowledge and put it to the test. So I started this blog as a record to (hopefully!) show that anyone can create their dream life if they take decisive action, work on themselves and learn from others who have been down a similar path of transformation.

Going through an awakening can be a lonely time when you don’t have your tribe. So I’m hoping I can help others out too. Give some inspiration to take action and go for your dreams.

But it was also very cathartic for me – being able to get all my thoughts and emotions out via my favourite medium, the written word. A medium I have long neglected, due to life issues and limiting beliefs about what was my passion, even at the age of 6.


The Law of Attraction

Just the very action of getting back into alignment with my true calling, has led to incredible people, experiences and opportunities being drawn to me over this past year.

The biggest was being invited by a mentor to live and work with him on a tropical island, spending my days at a yoga resort where I am constantly attracting beautiful souls into my life.

This magnetism, I now realise, is the Law of Attraction in action; and my blog has since shifted away from purely anxiety and self development, towards a more spiritual aspect.


The Future

My primary goal still remains to help others selflessly, so they can realise their true power and rise from the flames of adversity like a phoenix – and go on to life life to its fullest.

That’s why I will never sell anything on this blog, and only ask you to subscribe so you can receive my latest blog posts as swiftly as possible.

Video seems to be the way forward to reach, help and awaken as many people as possible, so I now vlog regularly too – though writing remains my most comfortable mode of communication!



Anxiety Help

If you’re struggling with anxiety or depression, please check out my free ebook:

How I Crushed Anxiety Twice!! The Easy Way & The Hard Way

Then follow me on this blog and see if I can create my dream life and show you along the way that anyone (that includes YOU!) can transform once you understand how to play the game!

Oh and by the way – you can call me Tim 🙂

Video Comparison – How I’ve Changed in One Year!

This was my first intro video for the blog! Check out the difference in me between then and my latest video below, from Thailand…………….I’m sure you can see the difference in my confidence, the tone of my voice, my body language, my energy!