3 Big Mistakes People Make with the Law of Attraction

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The Law of Attraction (LOA) can be a difficult thing to get your head around – it certainly was for me! But after two years of putting it into practice and now getting great results, I have discovered three big mistakes people make when interpreting the LOA:

  1. They think all they have to do is think positively and they will get what they desire.
  2. They think that if they don’t get good things in their life instantly, that it “doesn’t work”.
  3. They get angry because they feel the LOA puts blame on them for all the negativity in their life

I thought I’d take a look at them and explain what has worked for me when it comes to reversing these common mistakes which I see people making all across the internet.

There is one answer which encompasses all three;

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Psychic Teal Swan Reveals How She is Able to Read People’s Future

Ever wondered how a psychic/seer can read people’s future? Some of you may know Teal Swan, she’s a bit of a YouTube sensation (incredible life story!) and describes herself as a “spiritual catalyst”. She’s also a seer. This is my fave video of hers.

This blew my mind when I saw it a year ago, so much that I decided to see a psychic for the first time. As I have written a lot about my experience going to a seer/psychic and how what was predicted has mostly come true, I felt it would be interesting to show exactly how this person was able to know so much about my future.

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How Going Celibate Has MASSIVELY Improved My Productivity and Life

Man alone in desolate landscape

I’ve been celibate for almost 2 years. Now I know what you’re thinking;

“You aren’t actually celibate Tim, you just haven’t pulled in ages!”

Well, I’ll admit, it wasn’t a choice at first! I had been single for much longer than 2 years but for a long time, my focus had been on getting a girlfriend way too much.

It got to the point, around the time of my awakening, that I started to think I should actually stop even trying to meet someone. After all, it had only caused me stress and frustration for most of my life. I realised that if I could put all the energy I spent trying to meet women into something more productive, I would improve my life much quicker.

Part of the problem was that I had spent most of my life trying to get women to like me. Trying to get a girlfriend. And failing miserably! I’ve only had one serious relationship and even that didn’t last long. Anxiety was a key factor in that but I can’t put the blame entirely there.

There came a point where I did actually say to myself;

“Tim, you are going to remain single for the forseeable future. You are not going to date. You are not spending any more time on dating sites. You do not need or indeed, want, a girlfriend in your life right now.”

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Interview with Doctor with 93% Cancer Cure Record!

The more I go down this journey of awakening, questioning our world, our reality, the more I realise how messed up it is. We, especially in Western society, have got so much completely backwards. Healthcare is the best example of this.

I’m the kind of man who likes to keep things simple. Us humans always try to over-complicate things. We have a natural tendency to look too deeply for answers, because we think that if the solution sounds too simple, it can’t work – it can’t be true. What I’ve learnt in recent times, is that our health boils down to 2 basic things:

What we put into our body

What we put into our mind

That’s it.

Feed your mind with negative thoughts or your mouth with unnatural products, and you become ill.

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2018: The Year My Dream Life Becomes Reality?

Light patterns

It’s been a difficult yet fantastical year for me. Things have happened that have left my jaw wedged to the floor. My faith in the universe and that there is a higher power has increased to levels which I now consider solid and unbreakable. But my outer world……..still the same! I’m still living in a town and a house that I don’t want to be in. I’m still lonely and I’m still not doing the kind of work that will truly satisfy me. Oh yeah, and I have no money!

But 2017 saw a few budding shoots. They have enabled me to see a pathway clearly, towards what I deem will be an incredible future. And I believe 2018 will be the first of many amazing years in my life; years that I have waited my whole time on this planet to experience. Full of joy, love, adventure, abundance and peace.

What makes me so confident 2018 will be the first year where my dreams start to come true? Well, there are three  reasons: Read more